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BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

  • 19 May 2023 4:53 PM | Anonymous

    Munich/Cernobbio. The BMW Group is presenting the world premiere of its BMW Concept Touring Coupé at the opening of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2023.

    The BMW Group is presenting the world premiere of its BMW Concept Touring Coupé at the opening of the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2023. The closed two-seater, which was developed for one-off production, continues the tradition of legendary BMW classics: a timeless symbol of freedom on four wheels and the joy of travelling together.

    BMW Design has reimagined the traditional body shape of an elegant sports car, giving the vehicle a shooting brake concept. In the interior, precisely crafted leather surfaces from Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau create a luxurious ambience. The compartment behind the seats provides ample room to stow luggage for spontaneous trips; the luggage itself was also exclusively custom-made at the Schedoni leather workshop in Modena.

    One-of-a-kind model pays tribute to the timeless fascination of the car.

    The world premiere of the BMW Concept Touring Coupé at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2023 places the vehicle in a historical context. Surrounded by classic motors from automotive history that have brought joy to their owners and observers alike for decades, this unique car will be presented in Cernobbio, Italy, as a tribute to the timeless fascination of the automobile. “The BMW Concept Touring Coupé celebrates the original Sheer Driving Pleasure,” says Domagoj Dukec, head of BMW Design. “A highly emotional vehicle like this shows that the passion for everything that goes into driving pleasure has been essential through the ages and will be for the future.”

    The hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind BMW Concept Touring Coupé unites a body concept steeped in tradition with the technology of a purist modern-day sports car. Its proportions and name are reminiscent of the BMW 328 Touring Coupé that won the Mille Miglia endurance race back in 1940. The functionality of the shooting-brake concept is a nod to the BMW 02 Series model variants of the early 1970s, which featured “Touring” in their name to distinguish them from sedans. The styling of the signets on the rear and inside this unique vehicle was inspired by the model inscription of this historic predecessor. The BMW Concept Touring Coupé is powered by the brand's hallmark six-cylinder in-line engine, with performance characteristics and refinement that confirm its status as a symbol of pure, unadulterated Sheer Driving Pleasure.

    Exterior design: Striking proportions, exclusive details.

    The design highlight of the BMW Concept Touring Coupé is its sculpted rear end. Created from the flowing contours of the roof, which merge seamlessly with the rear side panels, the shape accentuates the car's athletic shoulders, while the flat rear window and clearly defined body surfaces emphasise the vehicle’s solid stance.

    Viewed from the side, the BMW-typical interpretation of the shooting-brake proportions is clearly recognisable. The long bonnet, streamlined roof contours and powerful rear section form a distinctive two-box design, while the elongated side window graphic with the Hofmeister kink and flared rear wheel arches underline its sporty elegance.

    The Sparkling Lario exterior paintwork was specially created for the BMW Concept Touring Coupé. With embedded flakes of blue glass, its grey-brown hues achieve a unique impression of depth. The effect is completed by silver-bronze accents and the specially designed BMW kidney grille with longitudinal bars. The exclusive light-alloy wheels, measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear axle, provide a logical continuation of these colour accents in the 20-spoke radial design. The intricate implementation and discreet gold-coloured surfaces underline the vehicle’s elegant sporty character.

    Interior design: Craftsmanship at the highest level.

    The interior ambience of the BMW Concept Touring Coupé is defined by the brand’s usual driver orientation in the cockpit, with maximum attention to the choice of materials, colour scheme and workmanship. The exclusive bi-colour option from Italian leather workshop Poltrona Frau divides the interior horizontally into two distinct colour segments: In the upper section, a dark brown tone aids concentration while driving; in the lower section, a light saddle brown brings comfort and warmth into the interior.

    Precise perforations, as well as braided leather straps for the seat valences and slide bar, highlight the artisan character of the interior, which combines traditional craftsmanship at the highest level with modern design principles.

    High-quality workmanship and attention to detail also characterise the luggage designed exclusively for the BMW Concept Touring Coupé by the long-established Schedoni leather workshop in Modena. The custom-made set consists of two large and one small weekender bags, plus a garment bag, all of which are perfectly coordinated with the vehicle.


  • 15 May 2023 8:58 PM | Anonymous

    +++ Dingolfing Plant 02.10 takes electrically heated hardening furnace into series operation +++ Site uses innovative power-to-heat technology for the first time +++ Furnace saves some 300 tonnes CO2 a year +++

    For the first time, chassis and drive component production in Plant 02.10 at the BMW Group site in Dingolfing is operating an electrically heated ring hearth furnace. Compared with its conventional gas-powered equivalent, the latest electric furnace currently saves some 300 tonnes of CO2 a year.

    “The new furnace has a planned service life of over 40 years, so it’s a future-focused piece of equipment that sets the course for our journey to net zero,” said Marc Sielemann, responsible for quality and production of powertrains, chassis and brakes with Purchasing, and director of the Dingolfing component plant 02.10. The BMW Group has set itself the target of being climate neutral along the entire value chain by 2050 at the latest.

    With its innovative power-to-heat technology, the hardening furnace came at an investment of approx. €7 million.

    New hardening furnace for e-drive components

    Plant 02.10 in Dingolfing produces chassis and drive components for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles. To make them more hard-wearing, the parts are hardened in special furnaces. As electric mobility ramps up, more and more components are being manufactured, including for electric drives. Existing systems are gradually reaching the limits of their capacity, so a new ring hearth furnace with a fixture hardening press was needed.

    Used to harden gear wheels for electric transmissions, the innovative system has production capacity of approx. 960,000 spur gears a year. What’s special about it is that unlike the two existing furnaces, which are powered by gas, a fossil fuel, this new solution is for the first time powered by electricity.  Rather than using 33 gas flames in ceramic-jacketed pipes, as the older model does, the new furnace uses the same number of electric heating elements to heat up to 900 degrees Celsius.

    Lower CO2 emissions

    Electric heat generation – or power-to-heat technology, as it is called – saves vast amounts of greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the climate. By running on electricity, the new hardening oven emits approx. 300 tonnes less CO2 a year than its gas-powered equivalent.

    “Energy-intensive power-to-heat systems like this new electric ring hearth furnace support the decarbonisation of heat generation – an essential aspect of climate protection. They generate heat by climate-friendly means and can be powered among other things with excess energy from renewables,” said Sielemann. So, the new power-to-heat furnace not only reduces gas consumption at Plant Dingolfing but also supports the integration of renewable energies into the electricity grid. It is another component in BMW Group Plant Dingolfing’s transformation to a sustainable BMW iFACTORY. “For the future,” said Sielemann, “we are looking into converting the remaining hardening furnaces to electricity as well.”


  • 12 May 2023 5:04 PM | Anonymous

    The new BMW R 18 Roctane is the fifth member of the R 18 family - cruising and touring in custom bagger style.

    The new BMW R 18 Roctane is the fifth member of the R 18 family - cruising and touring in custom bagger style.

    The new R 18 Roctane joins the R 18, R 18 Classic, R 18 B and R 18 Transcontinental as the fifth member of the R 18 family. Once again, it harks back to the history and tradition of BMW Motorrad and combines state-of-the-art motorcycle technology with the design and charm of times gone by.

    Both technically and visually, the BMW R 18 borrows from famous BMW models such as the BMW R 5 and puts the focus back on the essentials of motorcycling: Purist, no-frills technology and the boxer engine as the epicentre of riding pleasure. Classic design and clear, yet contemporary technology merge to form a fascinating overall concept. This combination delivers a unique emotional riding experience and the model is characterised by skilfully staged design language with a rear section in so-called “streamlining design”.

    The most powerful BMW boxer engine of all time delivers beefy torque in black metallic matt finish and features black high-gloss covers as well as exhaust system and star counter nuts in dark chrome.

    The heart of the new BMW R 18 Roctane is the familiar 2-cylinder flat twin engine, the “big boxer”. Not only thanks to its impressive looks, but also its technical specifications, the engine of the new R 18 Roctane, finished in Avus black metallic matt and with black high-gloss covers, harks back to the traditional air-cooled boxer engines that have provided an exhilarating riding experience for more than seven decades since BMW Motorrad began manufacturing motorcycles in 1923. The most powerful 2-cylinder boxer engine ever built in motorcycle series production boasts an engine capacity of 1,802 cc. It generates an output of 67 kW (91 hp) at 4,750 rpm. In the 2,000 to 4,000 rpm range, it delivers more than 150 Nm of torque at all times as well as elemental pulling power and sonorous sound. The black engine is perfectly matched by the dark chrome exhaust system and the star counter nuts.

    Double-loop tube frame made of steel and rear swinging arm with enclosed axle drive in rigid-frame design.

    A double-loop tubular steel frame is at the heart of the chassis of the new R 18 Roctane. Its design perpetuates the longstanding BMW Motorrad tradition of this frame type. The particularly high manufacturing quality and attention to detail are also evident in barely perceptible details such as the welded joints between steel tubes and cast or forged parts. Like the legendary BMW R 5, the rear swinging arm, which is manufactured in a similar design, encloses the rear axle drive in the same style using bolted connections.

    Telescopic forks with fork tubes, cantilever suspension strut and alloy wheels sizes 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear as well as disc brakes.

    The suspension elements of the new BMW R 18 Roctane deliberately feature no electronic adjustment options. Instead, telescopic forks and a directly linked central sprint strut with travel-dependent damping and adjustable spring preload ensure superior wheel guidance and responsive suspension comfort. As in the legendary BMW R 5, the fixed tubes of the telescopic forks are encased in fork sleeves. The fixed fork tube diameter is 49 mm, suspension travel is 120 mm at the front and 90 mm at the rear. The new BMW R 18 Roctance is decelerated by a twin disc brake at the front and a single disc brake at the rear in conjunction with four-piston fixed calipers. The alloy wheels give the bike a stylish look. 3.5 x 21" at the front with 120/70 B 21 tyres as and 5.5 x 18" at the rear with 180/55 B 18 tyres.

    Well-balanced ergonomics with two-level seat, footboards, gearshift paddle and high handlebars.

    The new BMW R 18 Roctance features a casual, so-called “mid-mounted footpeg” position of the footrests, entirely in keeping with the BMW Motorrad philosophy. This classic position behind the cylinders is not only typical of BMW, it also allows a relaxed and active riding position for optimally controlling the motorcycle. The R 18 Roctane features a two-level seat that tapers slimly towards the rear, with rear passenger straps, and is equipped with running boards in conjunction with a gearshift paddle. The high, black-coated handlebars ensure an upright and relaxed riding position.

    Cases in the respective motorcycle paintwork and windshield as Original BMW Motorrad Accessories. Three attractive paintwork finishes.

    The new R 18 Roctane is ideally equipped for laid-back cruising and touring thanks to cases painted in the colour of the bike. The cases offer 27 litres of luggage space each. For longer tours, the new R 18 Roctane can be equipped with a windshield with auxiliary headlights and suspended turn indicator lights from the Original BMW Motorrad Accessories range.

    The new R 18 Roctane features black paintwork as standard. Mineral grey metallic matt and Manhattan metallic matt paint finishes are available as optional equipment.

    Three riding modes as well as ASC and engine drag control are standard equipment and ensure high-level riding fun and safety.  Reversing aid, Hillstart Control and heated grips are available as optional equipment ex factory.

    In order to meet individual customer needs, the new R 18 Roctane also features the three riding modes “Rain”, “Roll” and “Rock” as standard, which is unusual in this segment. The standard equipment also includes ASC (Automatic Stability Control), which ensures a high level of riding safety. In addition, the new R 18 Roctane is equipped with engine drag torque control as standard. In addition to other options, a reversing aid makes manoeuvring a comfortable affair and the Hill Start Control function makes starting off uphill easy. The heated grips, which are also available as optional equipment ex factory, keep your hands warm on cold days.

    The new R 18 Roctane: The “big boxer” with rigid frame look, modern technology and authentic materials in custom bagger style. Headlight with integrated, classic-design round instrument.

    The R 18 Roctane skilfully reinterprets the iconic styling of past eras in custom bagger style and many details reflect the purist design that was primarily shaped by classics such as the BMW R 5. Functional and style-defining elements such as the double-loop tube frame, the pear-drop fuel tank or the open propeller shaft drive are reminiscent of the legendary 1936 boxer. The classic body parts of the R 18 Roctane, such as the fuel tank, front and rear wheel covers or headlight housing, are also made of metal - just as befits an authentic classic. The suspension is likewise aptly reminiscent of the legendary R 5. Together with the double-sided swinging arm and a cantilever suspension strut, the rigid frame layout of the R 5 has been perfectly transferred to modern times.

    Wherever the eye wanders, lovingly designed technology can be seen in every detail. This also applies to the headlight with the integrated, classically designed round instrument. The legendary BMW R 5 from 1936 and from then on almost all BMW motorcycles until the early 1970s featured this characteristic combination. The new BMW R 18 Roctane now revives this tradition - with state-of-the-art technology but contemporary design. The “BERLIN BUILT” lettering on the dial is a reference to the bike’s origin. The new R 18 Roctane is also manufactured at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin-Spandau.

    Conversion-friendly architecture for easy customising and optimal individualisation.

    Like all other R 18 family members, the new R 18 Roctane offers a very conversion-friendly architecture, which was already the focus when the basic design of the R 18 series was being conceived. In addition the visible valve covers (cylinder head covers) and the chest cover (engine housing cover) are designed in such a way that they are located outside the oil chamber, making them very easy to change.

    The highlights of the new BMW R 18 Roctane:

    • Iconic style thanks to the use of modern technology and authentic materials.
    • Biggest ever BMW boxer engine with a capacity of 1,802 cc.
    • Output 67 kW (91 hp) at 4, 750 rpm, maximum torque 158 Nm at 3,000 rpm.
    • More than 150 Nm available at all times from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm.
    • Open propeller shaft drive based on the classic role model.
    • Exhaust system and star counter nuts in Dark Chrome.
    • Elaborately manufactured double loop tubular steel frame.
    • Rear swinging arm with enclosed axle drive in rigid-frame design.
    • Telescopic forks with sleeves and cantilever suspension strut featuring travel-dependent damping.
    • Well-balanced ergonomics with high handlebars ensure relaxed riding and optimum control.
    • Front and rear disc brakes and cast alloy wheels, 21-inch at front and 18-inch at rear.
    • Side covers with emblem.
    • Headlight housing with integrated classic round instrument.
    • State-of-the-art LED lighting technology, classically interpreted.
    • Adaptive headlight for even better illumination of the road when cornering as optional equipment ex-factory.
    • Keyless Ride for convenient activation pf functions remotely (ignition on/off).
    • Manual steering lock (with key): Locking on the right-hand side of the handlebar tube.
    • Cases locked manually (with key).
    • Three riding modes as well as ASC and engine drag control as standard.
    • Reversing aid for convenient manoeuvring and Hill Start Control for easy hill starts as
    • optional equipment ex factory.
    • Heated grips, anti-theft alarm, TPM and 35 kW version as optional equipment ex factory.
    • Extensive range of optional equipment and Original BMW Motorrad Accessories as well as a laid-back Ride & Style Collection.


  • 11 May 2023 9:01 PM | Anonymous

    Purist Classic Roadster. Ready to customize.

    The new R 12 nineT is being presented for the "100 years of BMW Motorrad” anniversary and is thus the successor to the R nineT, which was launched exactly ten years ago on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of BMW Motorrad.

    The new BMW R 12 nineT continues 100 years of BMW Motorrad fascination and tradition seamlessly.

    Like the BMW R nineT in 2013, the new BMW R 12 nineT is a purist, powerful classic roadster which offers a wealth of conceptual options for almost unlimited customizing and personal individualisation.

    Dr. Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad: "The R nineT and its customising concept established the new Heritage experience for BMW Motorrad's 90th birthday and has become an indispensable cornerstone of our model range. The new R 12 nineT consistently continues the successful heritage story surrounding the legendary BMW boxer engines with an even more classic, reduced design language, even greater degrees of freedom when it comes to customizing and, last but not least, new and innovative technology.”

    Original 1200 boxer engine with redesigned airbox and exhaust system delivers classic riding pleasure.

    100 years ago, the very first BMW motorcycle - the R 32 - was already based on the flat-twin engine. The boxer's unmistakable design, powerful acceleration, unique power delivery, hallmark sound and smooth running quickly made it a legendary synonym for BMW motorcycles. With its air/oil-cooled boxer engine, the new R 12 nineT continues this great tradition. The number 12 in the model designation refers to the engine capacity as with many models in the history of BMW Motorrad - such as the current R 18.

    Even more classic, purist design, great attention to detail and even more customizing options.

    Even more than its predecessor, the new R 12 nineT combines the beefy character of the boxer engine and the design language of traditional motorcycle eras with innovative technology and a modular concept that offers the rider a maximum of customisation options. Reduced even more to the essentials, it delivers high emotional appeal. A purist, classic look and the attention to detail were at the top of the agenda when it came to designing the bike.

    Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad: "The purist design language is dominated by the clear tank/seat/rear line, in the style of the traditional /5 or the legendary R 90 S of the 70s. At first glance, the tank itself is a classic BMW boxer tank, with a typical bend in the lower edge and classic knee contact. The new R 12 NineT also features side covers in the area of the frame triangle in the authentic Roadster look - another reminiscence of BMW motorcycles of the 1970s."

    Particular attention to detail is also evident in the redesigned front mudguard, the LED main headlamp with black-surround light guide element and the two round instruments in the traditional style of days gone by. As is tradition, attractive customization options are offered as part of the the original BMW Motorrad accessory range. With customizing in mind, the new R 12 nineT also features an LED rear light unit integrated into the seat, which now makes it easy to realise a "short tail".

    The highlights of the new BMW R 12 nineT:

    • Classic, purist design.
    • Workmanship with great attention to detail.
    • Air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine.
    • Designed for customizing.
    • One-piece tubular space frame with bolted-on rear frame.
    • Classic wheel guides with high-quality upside-down telescopic forks at the front and Paralever at the rear.
    • Left-side exhaust system with double silencer and conical end pieces.
    • Radially mounted 4-piston monobloc calipers, steel braided brake lines.
    • Tailor-made, high-quality original BMW Motorrad accessory range. 

    BMW Motorrad will publish further information on the new BMW R 12 nineT in the second half of 2023.


  • 11 May 2023 5:48 PM | Anonymous

    Event date: 10 May 2023

    On 10 May the club held its first mid-week drive for those who were available for a Wednesday morning drive followed by lunch.  We met at Lillydale Lake then headed east on a relaxed, scenic tour of the Yarra Valley taking in Woori Yallock, Yarra Junction and Powelltown.  The weather cleared and we were treated to some stunning scenery.  Our last section was a loop around Neerim with the finish in Noojee where we were treated to a fine lunch at the Toolshed bistro.

    The Toolshed was a fantastic venue decorated in a rural theme of timber and corrugated iron.  Native birds were visible outside the windows and captured our interest.  We were amazed by the very sizable meals, particularly the largest steak sandwich ever witnessed.  A variety of participating vehicles included 2 series, 3 series, X5s and an Alpina.  Thanks to Peter Williams for organising a great event.

    Guy Nutting | Member #669
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

  • 10 May 2023 5:19 PM | Anonymous

  • 8 May 2023 9:33 PM | Anonymous

    Event date: 6 May 2023

    The events on Saturday night were absolutely fantastic! Thank you to the team for creating such a good night. Just being there re-lit the flame of wanting to be a part of the club more often and has also made me think about possibly getting into a cheap banger to start motorsport racing. I know it would be fun!!

    Aaron Sharman | Member #809
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

    What a fantastic night it was. I simply cannot express how delighted I was to finally make it to such a well organised and fabulous event song with the stay.

    I'm so glad that I was able to make it this year. Thank you for hosting and inviting us to such a joyous occasion. Loved everything about the night, right from the melodious songs sung and your dance floor moves. Such a delightful experience to be able to meet and be a part of this family.

    Thank you again !!

    Sudesh Tarkar | Member #624
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

    Some people are a member of our Club because they like talking cars and racing.  I am not one of those people – and my partner Brett owns a (ahem -  Mercedes).  I am a member of our club for the terrific trips and social events and Brett is joining after now attending three Club events and having a great time with new friends. 

    This year’s Annual Dinner (the Club’s Fifth Birthday) and Awards night was held at the Park Royal in Clayton in May and was an absolutely sensational evening.

    It was a Black-Tie event which we were excited about as we love nothing more than a chance to dress up (well Nicole does) and let’s face it, none of us have had much chance to do this in the past few years.  We are going to lobby the Club Executive to introduce a new Award next year – best dressed – as everyone just looked terrific in their evening wear.  It was lovely to see friends all glammed up after just a few weeks ago some of us were in our dusty country clothes driving around silos in the Mallee for the ANZAC Day weekend tour. 

    The whole event was classy and glamorous – and the fact the Coronation was happening at the same time made it feel a bit special too.  We really liked the singing of God Save the King and our National Anthem to mark the occasion.  We also really respected that some people chose not to stand for God Save the King – and that was ok. Our club is inclusive, apolitical and accepts everyone.  There was no judgement for those who did and those who didn’t.  Live and let live – until it comes to bad parking, then we will have a go at anyone in jest.

    The evening started off with pre-dinner drinks before the 80 guests moved into the function room, complete with photo booth, fun historic BMW videos and photos on the screen, a silent auction, raffle ticket sales and entertainment by Matt and Heather Little who sang classic songs from the 1930’s – 1950’s – perfect for romantic dancing with your partner. 

    The Awards were also a highlight.  It showed the depth of our Club and the passion that people have in being part of this group with the various classes of vehicles and participation in events.  

    We were also happy to meet some more new people – we reflected after the night that everyone we meet in our club is interesting, has a great story to tell and is so friendly. If you are wondering about going to any event please be assured you will always be made to feel welcome, supported and regardless of your age, gender, kids in tow or no kids.  You are going to have a good time, have a few laughs and quickly make new friends regardless of your car knowledge. 

    All too soon the formalities were over but in true Club fashion there was more fun to be had with a random after party complete with whiskey sampling (although we bought along a salted caramel liqueur which we don’t think anyone wanted to taste), a late night Maccas run lots of laughs and stories - isn't there always at every event???

    Thanks to Jo and Graeme, our sponsors and everyone who made the night so special.  We hear next year’s event will be a Karaoke Ho Down so we will have a wonderful excuse to hit the shops to search for that costume.  We hope to see you there next year.

    Nicole Laurie | Member #690
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

  • 4 May 2023 3:09 PM | Anonymous

    Following successful test runs in the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS) and RCN in the 2022 and 2023 racing season, Bulldog Racing takes up the challenge at the Nürburgring with two MINI John Cooper Works.

    A completely new MINI John Cooper Works with a 6-speed manual transmission will complement Bulldog Racing's line-up, competing with Start Number #126 in the VT2-FWD class at this year's 24-hour race at the Nürburgring.

    In addition to that, the crowd favorite red MINI John Cooper Works #112 from last years’ 50th anniversary 24-hour race at the Nürburgring was continuously developed during the winter break in Nürburg and will again start in the SP3T class.

    "On our path to becoming an all-electric brand, we are working very intensively on concepts for John Cooper Works models with an electrified drivetrain. We are delighted that two MINI John Cooper Works race cars from Bulldog Racing are flying the flag for us in this 24-hour race at the Nürburgring” says Stefanie Wurst, Head of the MINI Brand.

    Charlie Cooper (GBR), whose grandfather John Cooper invented the Mini Cooper in 1961, will be making his 24-hour race debut after having already completed two NLS races in 2023. Prior to that, the Englishman had successfully qualified for his DMSB Permit Nordschleife. The rest of the driver line-up, as well as technical details of the race cars, will be announced at a later date.


  • 3 May 2023 5:00 PM | Anonymous

     Month in review.

    Dear members, 

    Looking back at April we started the month with our display at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. We can't believe it's already been a month since F1 was in Melbourne! We had a great display with a mix of cars from all eras. 


    On 4 April we held our April members meeting at Melbourne BMW where we were given a private tour around the impressive facility comprising of not just BMW, but MINI and Motorrad. Dealer Principal, Daniel Odman and his team put on a lovely evening, delicious snacks and had discounted merchandise available for those who attended. 


    On Good Friday we held our annual Good Appeal Coffee and Cars morning supported by Flavours Patisserie in Beaumaris. It was great to see such a large turnout despite the weather forecast. We had over 60 cars attend and collected over $2,000 in support of the Good Friday Appeal. Thank you to those who attended and gave so generously.


    22-25 April was our annual Anzac long weekend away. Our weekend started at Calder, where we headed for Bendigo then Swan Hill for the night.  Our drive took us past many new silos covered in artwork. We also saw one being painted as we drove by. On Anzac morning most of us attended a Dawn Service, where we also donated over $300 to the Horsham RSL. The donation was raised with a raffle of photo portraits kindly donated by Ben Potter.


    28 April was our monthly catch up with Munich. We sadly said goodbye to our contact Eva, who is moving to another department within BMW. We wish her all the best for her new adventure. For those of you that don’t know, Eva was a huge support in helping us form BMWDCM and has been a wonderful host to anyone visiting Munich, arranging tours of the BMW museum and Classic.


    We finished our month with round 2 of the E30 Racing championship where we saw quite a few members compete, some of which were returning to the track for the first time in quite a while. It was great to see so much close racing and battle packs over the weekend. 



    Welcome to our new members Dev Raj, Nick Mavrikos, Riyan Nurhadi, James Marmarou, John Szwede, Andrew Batty and Joel Bumpstead. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!


    Don't forget to catch up with this month's update from our President, Graeme Bell here.

    The month ahead.

    Here's what we've got planned for May:

    Saturday, 6 May
    Presentation Dinner & Fifth Birthday Celebration presented by Kalus Kenny Intelex

    We are celebrating our fifth birthday at Park Royal, Monash where we will start the evening with complimentary drinks in the foyer before entering the elegant ballroom for a two course dinner, entertainment and prizes. This is a formal black tie event. 

    Tuesday, 9 May
    Simulator Challenge Round 3 sponsored by Shannons
    All competition spaces have been filled, but feel free to come and join in the fun in support of those competing! 

    Wednesday, 10 May
    Mid-week drive - Lilydale Lake - Jindivic
    Join us for our first mid week lunch time drive for those of us who find they have a little more time on their hands. This will be a relaxed drive, taking in some of the beautiful scenery to end up at the Jini Cafe for lunch.

    Saturday-Sunday, 13-14 May
    Shannons Speed Series
    Shannons have shared with us a special offer for Shannons Club members to receive free entry, click the title of the event for more information. 

    Saturday, 13 May

    Round 3 of the Traction Tyres/Yokohama Drivers Championship at Sandown
    Limited entries remaining. Get in quick to secure your spot!

    Sunday 21, May
    National Motoring Heritage Day Drive and Show
    A day to celebrate and showcase our motoring heritage on the move and on display. It doesn't have to be "old" (yet) or even BMW. Other brands and clubs welcome. Join us for a bayside drive to the National Steam Centre where we will join a road vehicle display.

    Saturday-Sunday, 27-28 May
    VIP Display at Historic Winton

    We have been invited to put member's cars and bikes (BMWs), 25 years or older, on display in the indoor carpeted VIP display area at this year's Historic Winton race meeting.

    An event for later in the year to put in your calendar now is German Auto Show. Those that attended last year will remember the huge success of the event, which we aim to repeat again in 2023. The 2023 German Auto Show will be held on 27 August at Calder Park. Click here for full details and registration.

    Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar to stay up to date with more of our events.

    If you're attending a social drive or weekend away, we recommend checking out our event tips to help you get the best out of the event.



    If you attend any of our events and take high resolution photos that you would like to share with other members and for use on our website and in our newsletter and magazine, please send a link to your photos to so we can add them to our photo gallery.

    2025 BMW Clubs Australia Nationals.

    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne is proud to be hosting the 2025 BMW Clubs Australia Nationals over Anzac weekend. Events will include a welcome meet and greet event, super sprints at Calder Park, a show and shine, a presentation dinner and scenic drives.

    If you are interested in attending or getting involved as a helper, click here for more details.

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      We believe in supporting those who support us.  If you would like your business listed email us with your details.


      As always - thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

      President | Graeme Bell 0407 186 296
      Vice President | 
      Jo Mawson 0412 661 900
      Secretary | 
      Lawrence Glynn 0414 563 290null 
      Treasurer |
      Shaaron Glynn

      Cover photo: Jess Bell

      Proudly supported by:

      All Commercial / All Residential Real Estate
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    • 30 Apr 2023 5:00 PM | Anonymous

      Dear members,  

      What a huge month April has been, with the AGP finishing on the first weekend of April and so many other things happening.  Lots of members attending this event and lots of members also officiating over the weekend.   Great fun had by all.

      4 April was our members meeting at Melbourne BMW, this was a great night with a private tour of the showrooms and also behind the scenes, great facility and great to have them back on board with their new showroom.

      7 April was our Good Friday Appeal Coffee and Cars morning supported by Flavours Patisserie in Beaumaris.  We had an amazing turn out despite the weather forecast scaring a few people that the weather was turning wild.  It was a mild morning of around 23c and we had over 60 cars turn up and managed to collect over $2000 for the RCH Good Friday Appeal.  This is such a fantastic charity and we are always trying to raise more funds for them each year. Thank you to all who came and gave so generously and to those who just volunteer and help us with this event.

      22-25 April was our Anzac long weekend away with a large group of our members attending.  We started in Calder an headed up to Bendigo then Swan Hill for the night.  With another great drive route from Peter and great venues to visit organised by Jo we had a great time.  The new silos were spectacular and we even got to see one being painted which was a great treat.   Anzac morning most of us attended the Dawn Service and the club donated over $300 to the Horsham RSL, which was raised with a raffle of photo portraits kindly donated by Ben Potter, won by the Taylor family and the Masotti family.  Congratulations guys.

      28 April was our monthly catch up with Munich and it was sad to say goodbye to Eva who is moving on to another department with BMW. We wish her all the best for her new adventure.  As per normal we had a great turn out and another fantastic informative video link with them. For those of you that don’t know, Eva was a great help to us in forming the Club and has been a great help to anyone visiting Munich with tours of the Museum and Classic, which we can still arrange for you if you are going to Munich, will just be with Matias instead.

      28-30 April was round 2 of the E30 Racing championship and it was great to have some new drivers out on the track.  We were lucky with the weather and only one small incident but great racing all weekend. 

      Our first event for May is our Fifth Birthday Presentation dinner proudly presented by Kalus Kenny Intelex.  This is going to be a fantastic night with over 80 members attending and some amazing prizes for auction and raffle.  We will be raising money for The Smith Family with the raffle and auction, so we are hoping for great total on the night.

      9 May is is our Simulator Challenge round 3 proudly sponsored by Shannons Insurance and we are looking for a good turnout.  We still have spots left for this event so please register to make it a fun evening.  If you are not wanting to compete, come along and support those who are. It is an informal club meeting night, not just the Sim Challenge, so come along and have a chat and catch up with everything going on in the club.

      10 May will be our first midweek drive, leaving from Lilydale Lake then having Lunch at Jini café.  Always a good feed there.  Come along and join those who have a bit more free time on their hands.

      13 May is round 3 of the Traction Tyres/Yokohama Drivers Championship at Sandown.  Registrations are going well.  Make sure when you call Brendan for a garage booking you mention you are part of the BMWDCM group as we have reserved a block of garages to keep everyone together.

      That same weekend Shannons Speed Series is at Phillip Island. They are offering free entry to spectators and are also looking for officials, if you’d like to get really close to the action, you can see the flyer here.

      On 21 May we are doing a drive from Brighton Beach for National Motoring Heritage Day. The drive will take us to assemble at the National Steam Heritage Centre for a display and a look around. 

      26 May is a VIP display at the Winton Historics.  We have been invited to an indoor display area, and this entitles you to free entry each day.

      Other dates to take note of:

      Keep an eye on the calendar as it is changing and being updated all the time!

      Very soon you will be receiving edition 5 of our fantastic annual, idrive.  We are very excited about this and I am sure you will have many hours of great reading ahead of you.  It is great to see that we have more sponsors on board this year with more dealerships supporting us, offering our members great deals.   Make sure when you pop into any of our sponsors, mention that you are a BMWDCM member.

      Challenge Bathurst is a great event, and we will need officials to help out on the Thursday and Friday flagging.  Don’t worry if you are not experienced, they will give you training prior to going out.  Free camp ground will be offered to anyone officiating and there are limited Uni rooms also available for volunteers as well.  Be sure to contact Jo Mawson on 0412661900 to let her know your availability. 

      We have a sale on at the moment with some of our summer merchandise, go to our store to purchase some stock.

      Remember if you have taken photos at an event and they are hi resolution, please send them or a link to and we will share them on our photo gallery.

      Our welfare team are working hard in the background looking after members who are bereaved, sick or just not coping with life atm.  Thank you guys your work is not seen by us all but appreciated by those lives you touch. This has been a great initiative, and whilst most of what they do is in confidence, I can tell you that some of the people we help are very appreciative, and it’s great to see we make a difference to some of our members days.

      The Club rooms are coming along great, and thanks to one member, Killean, we now have some lovely timber Honour Boards to hang on the wall. These will be unveiled at the Presentation Night and then be on display with other awards and certificates etc the Club receives. The Club Rooms at 213 Marine Pde Hastings are there for anyone to drop in for a chat, get your Club Permit forms signed or purchase merchandise, so if you are in the area drop in and say hi. Jo is there most days and always happy to chat. If you are coming down for something specific though, possibly call ahead to make sure Jo is there on 0412 661 900.

      Thank you for reading, thank you for joining us on our journey that is now 5 years old and welcome to our Club family to all of you that have joined or come on board as supporters. We really appreciate your support and love seeing the club grow as it continues to.

      As always, take care out there, I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

      Graeme Bell | President
      BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc.

      PO Box 81, Tyabb VIC 3913
      Incorporated in Victoria #A0102695G
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