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  • 18 Apr 2023 6:46 PM | Anonymous

    The most powerful all-electric BMW model: BMW M is introducing an all-electric performance model to spearhead the new BMW 7 Series range. The BMW i7 M70 xDrive (electric power consumption combined: 23.8 – 20.8 kWh/100 km in the WLTP cycle) is the most powerful model with an all-electric drive system in the overall BMW Group portfolio. Equipped with an electric motor at both the front and rear axle generating a maximum system output of 485 kW/660 hp* and an M-specific chassis, the new BMW i7 M70 xDrive delivers the perfect combination of electric mobility and performance, resulting in a driving experience unique in the luxury segment. The range-topping model of the new BMW 7 Series line-up accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.7 seconds, making it the fastest all-electric BMW model. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph).

    Producing the highest output ever for an all-electric car from the BMW Group, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive marks another milestone for BMW M GmbH in its electric mobility transformation. Following the launch of the BMW i4 M50 – BMW M GmbH’s best-selling model worldwide in 2022 – and the BMW iX M60, this is now the company’s third performance model to have an all-electric drive system. The success of electric propulsion among BMW M brand enthusiasts, the consistent expansion of the product offering and the repeated increases in drive system output clearly highlight the huge potential of electric tech to deliver performance that captures the imagination.

    The new all-electric performance model from BMW M will make its global debut at the Auto Shanghai international motor show (18–27 April 2023) in China. It will be built at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, together with all other model variants of the luxury sedan. As well as being the lead plant for luxury models, the production facility in Lower Bavaria is also home to the competence centre for electric drive system production, which manufactures both the electric motors and the high-voltage batteries for all variants of the BMW i7 on site. The worldwide launch of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive will start in the second half of 2023.

    when M Launch Control or the M Sport Boost function is activated.

    All-electric BMW M Performance in the luxury segment.

    The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology installed in the BMW i7 is being constantly developed in order to further improve both power output and efficiency. This applies not only to the powertrain and power electronics, but also to the high-voltage battery and charging technology.

    The BMW i7 M70 xDrive is equipped with highly integrated drive units at the front and rear axles, which bring together the electric motor, power electronics and transmission within a single, very compact housing. The two motors work according to the principle of an electrically excited synchronous motor. This type of design makes it possible to completely avoid the use of rare earth metals (required for magnetic components) in the manufacture of the rotor.

    The most powerful BMW electric motor.

    An M-specific configuration of the drive system enables the BMW i7 M70 xDrive’s rear-axle motor, in particular, to achieve unprecedented levels of power density. The drive unit has a six-phase design with a dual inverter. This forms the basis for a very substantial increase in peak output that remains on tap up to high speeds, endowing the BMW i7 M70 xDrive with the power delivery characteristic of M models. The motor’s power density of 2.41 kW/kg represents an increase of 25.5 per cent over the unit that drives the rear axle of the BMW i7 xDrive60 and means that the BMW i7 M70 xDrive is fitted with what is currently the company’s most powerful electric motor.

    This new standard-setting figure can be attributed to a BMW Group-patented innovation developed under the umbrella of BMW EfficientDynamics, which uses six excitation windings in the motor’s stator instead of the customary three. The resulting “double excitation” compared with conventional units allows the electric motor to generate an extremely high output, despite its exceptionally light and compact design, and to maintain it continuously into the higher echelons of the speed range. This solution is also far superior to a drive configuration using two motors at the rear axle in terms of both power density and efficiency.

    Developing maximum power with the M Sport Boost function and M Launch Control.

    The motor powering the rear axle generates peak output of 360 kW/489 hp. Its precisely coordinated interaction with the 190 kW/258 hp motor at the front axle creates an electric all-wheel-drive set-up generating system torque of 1,015 Nm (748 lb-ft) in Sport mode and as much as 1,100 Nm (811 lb-ft) when M Launch Control or the M Sport Boost function is activated. The drive system in the BMW i7 M70 xDrive therefore offers outstanding pulling power. Capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in an impressive 3.7 seconds, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive is the fastest purely electrically powered BMW model. Top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph). The performance characteristics of the drive system are also characterised by sustained power delivery, which ensures rapid speed increases even in higher speed ranges.

    With the M Launch Control function, both drive and traction control are integrated into the engine control unit. This ensures the power generated by the electric motors is metered extremely precisely, allowing the drive system’s M-typical performance characteristics to be instantly converted into stunning acceleration without any loss of traction.

    The M Sport Boost function is activated with the shift paddle on the left of the steering wheel and is visualised by Performance-specific graphics in the instrument cluster. At the same time, the standard BMW IconicSounds Electric by Hans Zimmer provides a fitting acoustic accompaniment by switching to a particularly exhilarating, M Performance-specific note.

    The soundtrack’s character varies according to the vehicle setting selected, with a clearly perceptible acoustic distinction between the My Mode Personal and Sport. In Sport Mode, the spectrum of sound is particularly dominant and powerful. The drive sound composed specifically for fully electrically powered BMW M models therefore helps to give an even more intense experience of the performance characteristics.

    Extremely dynamic performance, excellent long-distance capabilities.

    The extremely dynamic performance of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive is allied to excellent long-distance capabilities. Credit here goes not just to the efficiency of the highly integrated drive units, but also a wealth of measures for reducing power consumption. These include adaptive recuperation of braking energy and the heat pump technology used in the integrated heating and cooling system for the cabin and powertrain. The BMW i7 M70 xDrive posts a combined electric power consumption of 23.8 – 20.8 kWh per 100 kilometres in the WLTP test cycle.

    Another factor alongside this optimised efficiency is the high-voltage battery’s impressive energy density. Located in the vehicle’s underbody, the battery provides 101.7 kWh of usable energy. This gives the BMW i7 M70 xDrive a range of 488 – 560 kilometres (303 – 348 miles, WLTP cycle), making it eminently suitable for everyday use. The Combined Charging Unit features exceptionally advanced charging software designed for charging the high-voltage battery faster and more efficiently. The BMW i7 M70 xDrive is capable of AC charging at up to 22 kW as standard, while DC power can be taken on board at a rate of up to 195 kW. This means the range can be extended by as much as 170 kilometres (106 miles, WLTP) in just ten minutes during a mid-journey stop at a high-power charging station.

    MAX RANGE operating mode: extra range at the push of a button.

    The car’s range can be extended while on the move by activating a new drive system setting. The launch of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive marks the introduction of a MAX RANGE mode for the all-electric models in the new BMW 7 Series range. In this mode, drive power and top speed are carefully restricted and comfort functions scaled back, allowing range to be increased by some 15 to 25 per cent.

    The MAX RANGE mode was mainly devised for situations where drivers are unable to recharge mid-journey as originally planned because, for example, the charging station they were heading for is out of service. Switching to the My Mode Efficient and activating the MAX RANGE setting extends the range by a comfortable margin for the journey to an alternative charging point for the high-voltage battery. To this end, the vehicle’s top speed is limited to 90 km/h (56 mph). At the same time, the climate control system for the cabin is deactivated and the rear window heating switches to a lower setting, while seat heating, seat ventilation and the steering wheel heating are all disabled too in MAX RANGE mode. A popup window appears in the control display indicating the resulting gain in range as a distance. The information display also blanks out the section of the speed gauge beyond 90 km/h (56 mph) and shows the extra range.

    The MAX Range mode can be triggered using the control display’s touchscreen functionality, the Controller or voice commands to the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. It can also be deactivated by hard in-gear acceleration (kickdown), engaging the M Sport Boost function or switching windscreen ventilation to maximum.

    Powertrain and chassis technology in an M-specific application.

    In addition to the extreme power of the drive system, chassis technology tuned precisely to deliver M-specific performance characteristics contributes to a unique performance experience in the luxury segment.

    The electric all-wheel drive, the steering, the dampers and the driving stability systems are each underpinned by the M-specific application of all control systems, ensuring superbly judged driving characteristics in all situations. The overall package of measures was fine-tuned during an exhaustive programme of testing and produces exceptionally sporty handling for a model in this class, accompanied by high comfort over long distances. Helped by the almost silent drive system, passengers in the rear seats, in particular, can enjoy sumptuous levels of comfort. On the other hand, when the driver is exploring their sportier side, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive unveils the blend of dynamism, agility and precision with which BMW M models are synonymous and which is without parallel in this class. The My Mode Sport activates powertrain and chassis settings that are all geared purely to dynamic performance for an exhilarating driving experience.

    Standard specification for the BMW i7 M70 xDrive includes M‑specific adaptive two-axle air suspension with electronically controlled dampers and automatic self-levelling. M-specific air springs with reduced volume and an adapted rolling contour increase the number of vibrations on the front and rear axles by six in each case and provide a noticeably direct connection to the vehicle body. M-specific hydraulics are also used to optimise damper response.

    An additional shear panel between the bulkhead and spring strut towers produces a substantial increase in body rigidity at the front end of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive. Also to be found on the standard equipment list are Integral Active Steering and the Executive Drive Pro chassis package including active roll stabilisation with Active Roll Comfort. As well as helping to increase comfort, these two systems – together with the stiffer body – hone the car’s handling dynamics. This translates into an appetite for corners, which are taken with sharp and precise turn-in characteristics.

    The blue M Sport brakes with M logo fitted as standard come with large brake discs for increased stopping power. Brake callipers painted in black are available as part of the optional M Performance package. This is also the first time that sport tyres have been offered as an option for a purely electrically powered BMW 7 Series model. The standard 21-inch M light-alloy wheels on the new BMW i7 M70 xDrive feature an exclusive, aerodynamically optimised design with a Jet Black solid finish and high-gloss metal inserts.

    Sporting presence, luxurious elegance, stylish individuality.

    The superior performance of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive, which results from the most powerful drive system ever developed with BMW eDrive technology and from M-specific chassis technology, is authentically reflected in its confident design. Fronted by M-specific design features like the M exterior mirrors with distinctive twin-stalk design, the BMW kidney grille with M badging, bespoke inlays in the rear bumper and M logos on the front side panels, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive flies the flag for a new era of all-electric mobility in the luxury segment. At the same time, its extravagant appearance marks another milestone in the electrification of the BMW M brand.

    The new top-of-the-range-model of the BMW 7 Series brings extra sporting potency and the expressive aura of a BMW M model to the captivating visual presence of the latest model generation. In combination with the luxurious elegance generated by the sedan´s proportions, this creates a stylish individuality that corresponds to the exclusive character of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive.

    Like all members of the new BMW 7 Series model line-up, the BMW i7 M70 xDrive embodies the outstanding innovative power of the brand. Helping the car set new standards in the luxury segment – alongside its pioneering drive system technology and revolutionary design – is an array of innovative equipment features. Among the highlights also bringing a sense of progressive luxury to the range-topping model and enhancing the feeling of wellbeing over long journeys are the BMW Interaction Bar in the cockpit and the Executive Lounge with optimised reclining function in the rear. The unique BMW Theatre Screen and Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System with optional in-seat exciters turn the rear compartment into an exclusive personal cinema on wheels. Comfort and safety are elevated another notch by advanced systems for automated driving and parking. For example, the Parking Assistant and Manoeuvre Assistant can now also be controlled remotely using the My BMW App. This allows customers to enter and exit tight parking spaces with significantly greater ease.

    Opening and closing the doors automatically using the My BMW App and BMW Digital Key Plus.

    Since March 2023 it has been possible in some countries to open and close the optional automatic doors of the new BMW 7 Series individually from outside the car and at a distance of up to six metres using the My BMW App – by pressing the relevant buttons on the smartphone display. The BMW Digital Key Plus, a smartphone-based digital vehicle key, ensures that getting into and out of the new BMW i7 M70 xDrive is now even more comfortable. Making the difference here is an extended lock/unlock function for the automatic unlocking of the doors when approaching the car and the automatic locking process when walking away. It now also includes a contact-free opening and closing function for the driver’s door.

    The driver’s dooropens automatically when the smartphone on which the BMW Digital Key Plus is installed comes within a certain distance of the car. After getting into the car, the driver can close the door again by pressing the brake pedal. Additionally, the BMW Digital Key Plus links up with the integrated collision protection functions for the automatic doors in order to stop the movement of the door if an obstacle is detected. The extended BMW Digital Key Plus is expected to be available from summer 2023 for all new BMW 7 Series cars fitted with automatic doors.

    Distinctive front-end design signals superlative dynamism.

    Exclusive accents and M-typical design elements reflecting the technical requirements of a car when driven with sporting commitment ensure that the BMW i7 M70 xDrive stands apart from the other models in the 7 Series model line-up with its exterior looks. Its distinctive aura signals the cars dynamism and highlights at first glance the performance potential of the most powerful electrically powered model in the BMW Group product range.

    At the heart of the front-end design for the new flagship model is the new interpretation of the hallmark BMW twin circular headlights and kidney grille. The light functions are divided into two separate areas. The extremely slim strip of lights set higher up in the front end brings together the daytime driving lights, sidelights and turn indicators. Available as an option, the BMW crystal headlights Iconic Glow create a unique light effect. The low-beam and high-beam headlights are positioned in the dark lower units chiselled deep into the front apron.

    An extra touch of exclusivity: illuminated BMW kidney Iconic Glow available for the first time together with the M Performance package.

    The imposing presence of the front end gains additional visual impact with the contour lighting for the BMW kidney grille. On cars specified with the optional M Performance package, it combines with a grille surround in Black high-gloss for the first time on the BMW i7 M70 xDrive. This creates an unmistakable light signature, and the front end of the car is additionally showcased to impressive effect by the richly contrasting visual interplay between the brightly illuminated contouring and the dark shimmer of the grille surround.

    Another eye-catching feature of the performance model’s front-end design is the surfacing above the BMW kidney grille. The indented sweep running down the centre of the bonnet extends to the upper edge of the BMW kidney grille, providing an eye-catching border for the BMW badge.

    The BMW kidney grille – which sports an M logo, underlining the range-topping model’s dynamic character – is bordered by Black high-gloss surfaces, giving it even greater visual prominence. Large air guide elements painted in body colour jut out from the outer sections of the front apron, framing the black centre section, and steer the onrushing air to the air curtains positioned at the extreme left- and right-hand edges of the apron.

    Flanks and rear with M-specific design features.

    M-specific design features along the flanks and at the rear of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive clearly showcase the performance character of the top-of-the-range model variant. Eye-catching M side skirts, M logos with embellished borders on the front side panels, M High-gloss Shadowline trim and black M exterior mirrors with twin-stalk design add sporting flourishes.

    A model-specific rear apron with diffuser insert rounds off the expressive appearance of this fully electric M Performance model. Cars specified with the optional M Performance package feature a black M rear spoiler, a black accent strip between the rear lights and an inlay – also in black – for the rear apron.

    New variants of the BMW Individual two-tone paint finish.

    A large selection of exterior paint shades is available for the BMW i7 M70 xDrive, including variants of striking matt-sheen Frozen paint finishes. Owners can add an extra layer of visual extravagance with BMW Individual two-tone paintwork, which can now include BMW Individual special paintwork colours. Available from the launch of the BMW i7 M70 xDrive is the combination of BMW Individual Liquid Copper metallic for the lower section of the body and Saphire Black metallic for the upper section. An exquisite, precisely drawn coach line separates the two colour zones from one another like a delicate signature.

    In addition, the range of exterior colours offers customers extra scope for giving their car a bespoke look. For example, eight two-tone variants and well over 100 BMW Individual special paintwork colours allow them to find a variant that precisely matches their tastes and therefore brings a very personal touch to the appearance of their BMW i7 M70 xDrive. All BMW Individual special paintwork colours are applied in a separate manufacturing process, with a higher proportion of the work carried out by hand.

    Sustainably produced Frozen paint finishes based on biomass.

    The BMW Group is the first automotive manufacturer worldwide to use matt paints made from biomass instead of crude oil at its European plants. The Frozen paint finishes available for the BMW i7 M70 xDrive are produced using this innovative process. Renewable raw materials such as bio-waste or waste from sewage treatment plants, which can replace the organic components of paint, serve as the starting material for these “biomass balance” paints.

    The biomass balance process does not involve changing the formulation of the product; instead, it is about procuring the raw materials from carefully calculated sustainable sources. In fact, these sustainable paints are chemically identical to equivalents using fossil raw materials and meet the same high quality standards that the BMW Group applies for all the materials it uses. The use of sustainable paints made with biowaste not only reduces consumption of fossil resources, but also avoids the CO2 emissions associated with the production, transport and processing of crude oil.

    Sporting aura and maximum interior individualisation.

    Customers wishing to customise the ambience inside the BMW i7 M70 xDrive as well as the looks of the outside can do so in a variety of ways. The i7 M70 xDrive comes as standard with M-specific equipment details that accentuate its sporting flair and enhance its concentrated sense of driving pleasure. These include illuminated M door sills, M Merino leather trim in Black/Atlas Grey, an M leather steering wheel, M-specific content on the BMW Curved Display and an M driver’s footrest.

    Among the items on the options list are the BMW Individual interior with and without exclusives in a total of nine color variants as well as the BMW Individual leather merino/wool-cashmere combination with exclusive features in two variants, which is also offered in Black/Dark Grey. As an option for the i7 M70 xDrive a Carbon Fibre M interior trim with Silver Threads, in conjunction with surfaces in Piano Black is offered.

    BMW Individual Manufaktur produces bespoke one-off creations.

    For the ultimate in customer focus, products made to measure and a razor-sharp eye for quality, BMW Individual Manufaktur should be your first port of call. The BMW Individual Manufaktur specialists develop and produce exclusive one-off creations with design and equipment details for the exterior and interior that precisely reflect the customer’s desires. These include bespoke upholstery options, e.g. in a bi-colour variant, embroidery on the head restraints, and customised door sill plates and interior trim elements.

    Individual solutions conjured with creativity, precision and masterful craftsmanship produce designs that faithfully reflect the owner’s personal style. In order to ensure that the BMW Group’s standards of quality and safety are maintained, every component from BMW Individual Manufaktur is put through the same testing procedure as standard parts.

    Updated BMW iDrive with QuickSelect and BMW OperatingSystem 8.5.

    The BMW i7 M70 xDrive is one of the brand’s first models to feature the updated version of the control/operation system BMW iDrive with QuickSelect and BMW Operating System 8.5. In order to make selecting and operating numerous functions and digital services even more intuitive and comfortable, the latest generation of BMW iDrive offers a newly designed home screen and QuickSelect functionality. This brings an improved menu structure that takes its cues from consumer electronics devices. By showing the right information in the right place, the new BMW iDrive helps to deliver a focused, assured driving experience.

    The BMW iDrive update also enables a broader offering of digital content for information and entertainment, shorter function update cycles, better information on charging points for electric vehicles and improved access to a host of specific online services. BMW iDrive with QuickSelect also teams up with the BMW Curved Display and BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, and so focuses squarely on operation using the touchscreen and natural language.

    BMW iDrive with QuickSelect is based on BMW Operating System 8.5, which is making its debut in a series-produced model. The BMW i7 M70 xDrive therefore not only represents a new dimension in driving pleasure with an all-electric drive system, it also ushers in the latest digital display and control/operation concept and infotainment.

    Functions are shown on a single level and can be activated using rapid-access tech.

    The new home screen displays the navigation system’s map view or other individually configurable graphics at all times. On the same level, function icons appearing in a vertical arrangement on the driver’s side of the user interface can be selected with a swipe of the finger. QuickSelect allows the associated functions to be accessed directly and without having to pass through a submenu. And once the relevant settings have been chosen, a quick tap on the home icon at the lower edge of the display is all it takes to return to the home screen.

    The new menu structure makes activating functions and settings much faster and simpler. The on-board digital content – just like the hardware, in the form of the BMW Curved Display – is designed to enhance the driver focus for which BMW is renowned. BMW iDrive provides the right information in the right place and at the right time. To ensure intuitive operation while on the move, the graphical interface and menu structure feature a layout developed by BMW Group Design that is both consistent and characteristic of the brand.

    M-specific content in the BMW Curved Display.

    The emotionally engaging performance experience on board the new BMW i7 M70 xDrive is further enhanced by M-specific content in the BMW Curved Display. In key areas, the typography and presentation of graphics reflect those in the cockpit of high-performance models from BMW M GmbH. The numbers in the speed read-out on the information display appear in a platinum/silver colour. Plus, activating the M Sport Boost function triggers a typically M visual accompaniment.

    The BMW iDrive with QuickSelect is underpinned by an upgraded version of BMW Operating System 8, as employed in current BMW models with the BMW Curved Display. BMW Operating System 8.5 uses the latest generation of the infotainment head unit, which takes care of graphics processing, among other things.

    BMW Maps with new charging-optimised route guidance.

    Other highlights of the new BMW iDrive include the extended functionality of the cloud-based navigation system BMW Maps. It now offers not only Augmented View on the information display behind the steering wheel, but also improved functions for even more precise charging-optimised route planning. This helps to make long journeys in the BMW i7 M70 xDrive particularly comfortable, efficient and swift.

    Added to which, the services and apps already introduced in the new BMW 7 Series are also available with BMW Operating System 8.5. For example, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and other voice-controlled assistants, BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades, BMW Remote Software Upgrades, video streaming on the control display, smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, My Modes and the Personal eSIM can also be used in the BMW i7 M70 xDrive.


  • 14 Apr 2023 12:01 PM | Anonymous

  • 9 Apr 2023 12:07 PM | Anonymous

    Event date: 30 March - 2 April 2023

    Between the 30 March and 2 April I walked 41km and lost over a kilo. I’d not started a new exercise program but was a volunteer at the Australian Grand Prix. Along with 950 other volunteers I was at Albert Park before dawn and didn’t leave until after dusk to help deliver an unforgettable experience for over 440,000 fans (and millions around the world).

    The Australian Grand Prix weekend Began under gloomy skies with highly prepared cars, a credit to their owners driving to Albert Park in the rain to bump in at the appointed time. The display area was part of the Albert Park Golf course and as we mustered inside the gate in preparation to moving to the allocated area. A number of other cars had already bumped in so it quickly became apparent that some cars may spin their wheels as there was minimal traction. Some of the other groups that bumped in later had a lot of mud over them and under the wheel arches. The cars were arranged and backed into place, then a quick clean up before heading off. I was fortunate to get a ride back with Shannon straight away so headed back.

    I worked Thursday & Friday so missed the initial days of practice and setting up around the circuit before Saturday.

    Being my first attendance at the AGP I thought that I would get there early and have a look around before heading to our allocated site. It was interesting seeing how it was all set up at the entrance and where the drivers and crew walked through and also the Shannon’s display of a wide range of vehicles was a highlight.

    Moving off I came to the merchandising area and the wide range available but more so the price. It was evident that the crowd was supporting their local driver with a significant queue at the McLaren area with the Oscar Piastri merchandise. If you are wondering the price, a cap any driver $90 and t shirts in the region of $220.

    The racing had started and you could either watch on the screens or gather along the fence and watch the cars pass. The sound was outstanding with the v8 supercars as they ran. Then there was FP3 which gave me the first look at the F1 cars live and after the porches and V8 Supercars the level of sound was underwhelming as I perched near the Lauda stand peering through the marshals area it became apparent that it is a lot better and a lot easier to identify cars travelling towards you rather than away from you particularly in DRS areas where the flap was open.

    After a while I started to move around the circuit and passed several gates. These gates tended to be congregation areas with food, toilets, merchandise and first aid. I took seat on the concrete block outside gate 10  to watch the F2 race hoping that Jack Doohan would put on a good showing but unfortunately is race was a short one and there were no point for Jack out of that race.

    Speaking to the staff at the Customer Service centre they suggested that our car display was just around the corner so I stopped for highway robbery otherwise known as lunch. A very basic Schnitzel burger was $20 and a 600ml drink $6 but it was cold and damp so had lunch before moving on.

    There was the Mercedes area and then started getting in the MGs and Porsches but it was apparent that there was still a long way to go. Moving past the Golf rooms I arrived at the display area in time for qualifying and see a Red Bull in the kitty litter early on which would lead to a shake-up in starting places the following day. Oscar did not fare a lot better and did not get out of Q3.

    Lawrence was greeting passers-by and the isetta was the star attraction drawing a lot of people to at least take a picture if not to talk. The display area had no amenities which seemed unusual considering the number of spectators on the bank at the top of the straight area as well as the number of people taking their time to view the cars. It was starting to get really cold and as racing finished, we headed off through gate 5 and into the evening.

    After an early start I tried a different approach on Sunday getting the train to Flinders St and heading to gate 8 to reduce the distance to our display area. The day started off reasonably warm and under clear skies I arrived in time to see the Porsches run looking forward to a good day.

    As different events came and went our crew either moved to the track or viewed the events on the big screen. It was quieter than on Saturday.

    Jack did better in his F2 race and we were treated to spitfire display initially and then the roulettes put on a lengthy show of precision flying. I thought that the display on Sunday was tighter than the day before.

    The Grand Prix got underway under ideal conditions at 3.00 and it was not long before we had a red flag after Alex Albon landscaped the corner with stones out of the kitty litter.

    Some cars had pitted under safety car before the red flag was shown and this had a significant impact on Russell who was leading and some of the mid field teams.

    The race recommenced with Perez working his way towards the front but with 3 laps to go there was another red flag due to a wheel shattering putting carbon fibre on the track which needed to be cleared.

    At this point Sainz was 3rd and Piastri was in 11th so out of the points.

    This quickly changed in the first couple of corners on restart.

    I would like to thank everyone that participated in the event as an official or participant in our club display as the display was a credit to the club knowing that the club has many more quality that weren’t shown.

    Adrian White | Member #606
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

  • 7 Apr 2023 11:32 AM | Anonymous

    Event date: 30 March - 2 April 2023

    Between the 30 March and 2 April I walked 41km and lost over a kilo. I’d not started a new exercise program but was a volunteer at the Australian Grand Prix. Along with 950 other volunteers I was at Albert Park before dawn and didn’t leave until after dusk to help deliver an unforgettable experience for over 440,000 fans (and millions around the world).

    BMWDCM members were represented across numerous roles at the event, including our own Graeme Bell. I was part of the 50 strong “Team 28” – Pit Lane and Grid – a role you’ll possibly have seen me in at events at Phillip Island, Sandown, and Broadford. It was great catching up with international and interstate friends I’ve not seen since last year, and making new ones.

    Our job is to help control vehicles and people along the 500 metres of Pit Lane, and manage Pit Entry and Exit for both the F1 and Support lanes. We also set up the starting grid before each race, and manage the green and yellow flags, and grid light boards. We also man the radar to monitor speed in the lane, have a dedicated Safety officer, and when the F1 cars are out have people on standby wearing insulating gloves in case of problems. While we are literally everywhere in the lane, we also must be very careful to remain in the background, not distract the teams or drivers, and help ensure visitors to the lane have a great, but safe, experience. While it may sound glamorous, you’ve got to stay motivated and focused right to the end of very long, sometimes cold, or wet, days.

    At the Support end of the lane are the Supercars garages, and this year the space was shared with the Porsche Carrera Cup teams so there was a fair amount of traffic and movement of cars, people, and support buggies to take care of. At the F1 end of the Lane, as well as the teams in garages we had to work closely with the F2 and F3 Paddock Team to manage those cars and their support in and out of the lane.

    Just like at any Club or State event it’s still important to remember the basics – keeping the fast lane clear and ensuring a safe and fair environment – just with a lot more people, and higher speed limits! With three fires, a Formula 3 car stopping at Pit Entry, and of course the drama of the F1 race there was plenty of excitement!

    If you’re interested in applying to any of the teams at the Grand Prix, the best starting point is and between now and next year get as much experience as you can to help your application stand out.

    Jeremy Cath 
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

    Photo credit: Bec, Revved Photography

  • 6 Apr 2023 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    Event date: Wednesday, 17-21 March 2023

    With a click of your fingers here we are at the BMW Clubs Australia Nationals 2023; hosted by BMW Club Gold Coast in sunny Coolangatta.

    My trip begun really smoothly as I was met by Paul Holliday at checkin and given VIP treatment and given express walk through security as he works at the airport. We sat down and had a great chat before he sent me off at the gate.

    Wow, Gold Coast weather was hot and humid; after checking in to my hotel room at the mantra resort and having a rest, it was time to catch up with everyone at the Meet and Greet party, which was conveniently held at the Horizon function room inside the Twin Towns clubs hotel complex in which both the Mantra and Sebel hotels were situated. This was the accomodation all of us attending the nationals were given special rates for.

    It was great to catch up with a few familiar faces I'd met last year at the Canberra nationals and also nice to meet some new people from other BMW clubs from around Australia. We were served a nice selection of cocktail food snacks, as well as some alcoholic beverages.

    Saturday was the Show & Shine at Queen Elizabeth Park not too far from the hotel. Ann and Rob from Queensland were nice enough to offer me a ride in their M2 to the show. It was a very sunny and warm day for it. There was a great showing of cars3 from old to new; M2 to M3; Z cars to M5 cars. My highlight was definitely the handful of E36’s.

    NSW police also had one of their BMW highway patrol cars come down and the officer driving it took the time to chat to us.

    It was lunchtime by the time the show and shine finished; Rob and Ann invited me to join them, so off we went to Club Tweed for a meal with a few others.

    In the evening we were picked up by bus and taken to Currumbin Beach surf club for a buffet meal, I reckon dessert was the best part

    On Sunday a few of us decided to be a bit of a rebel and go on our own drive and visit a gin distillery. I was passenger with Ian from the Gold Coast BMW club in his beautiful E24 635CSI. His car just glided across the road; no squeaks, rattles or clunky noises a older car normally makes. Husk Distillery was about 25 minutes from the hotel, but we took a bit of a scenic route, so we took a little longer to get there, but when you're travelling in such a nice car, especially when it's a BMW, time doesn't matter!

    Along on our trip was Rainer, Phillip and Leonie, who are also from the Gold Coast BMW club. Husk Distillery was a trendy, upmarket place that was also a nice stop for us to enjoy a lunch meal. We then started slowly making our way back towards Tweed Heads (where the hotel is). Ian was kind enough to let me drive his E24. What a treat that was! It may be an older car, but it drove so smoothly; not a squeak or any other sound to be heard that older cars make. It was such a beautiful ride, I really enjoyed driving it. We stopped long the way for gelato and enjoyed a nice scenic drive along the twisty roads.

    A bit of a rest was next before we got glammed up again for the Presentation/farewell dinner back in the Horizon room at the Mantra. Today was like a meat free day for me because at lunch I had fish and now for dinner I was given a nice mushroom risotto for entree and if I remember correctly; mains was a fish dish as well!

    The awards for the show and shine were also presented; it brought a smile to my face seeing so many E36's receiving awards, I counted at least half a dozen! and the people's choice award going to Rod Campbell and his E9 3.0 CS Alpina B2 Replica and Ian Farrell's E24 635CSI ( the very car I had the privilege of riding in that day!).

    Another important part of tonights proceedings was passing the 'baton' (the flag of the BMW Nationals) to the next host club for 2025 and that was our club, BMWDCM! after seeing Jo's presentation for BMW Driver's Club Melbourne's 2025 Nationals I'm super excited and can't wait. Now that I've also made more new friends in the clubs Australia community, I look forward to seeing them all in 2 years time.

    But Nationals Gold Coast 2023 has been a lot of fun with many memories made, Congratulations to Sandra and Roger Way from BMW Club Gold Coast with assistance from Garry and BMW Club Queensland on putting on such a fabulous 2023 nationals. All your hard work has really paid off.

    Tim Oh | Member #538
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

  • 2 Apr 2023 3:00 PM | Anonymous

    Event date: Sunday, 2 April 2023

    A few members are enjoying a fabulous day at Winton. The weather is perfect with clear skies and a dry track.

    Due to the AGP there is only about 55 vehicles in attendance which means plenty of track time!

    Along with a smattering of BMW’s there are some nice Alfas, MX5’s and Lotus enjoying the perfect conditions.

    Tim Trainor | Member #745
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

  • 1 Apr 2023 5:06 PM | Anonymous

     Month in review.

    Dear members, 

    March kicked off with the BMW Clubs Australia AGM and on the same weekend, the first round of the E30 Racing championship at Phillip Island, where a number of our members competed.

    Be sure to follow E30 Racing this year for some of the best and most exciting grass roots racing there is to see.  


    7 March was our first official club event for the month, the Shannons Sim Challenge. We had a changing of the guard this round, with Peter Williams winning, and James and Mark finishing second and third respectively. 


    11-12 March was our display at the Phillip Island Historics, where many members were treated to some of the best historics racing there is on offer. Our display was filled with many old and new BMWs, and some of our attendees also got to do some parade laps on the Saturday. Thanks very much to the team at Shannons Insurance for inviting our members to participate. 


    17-20 March was the BMW Clubs Australia Nationals hosted by BMW Club Gold Coast. We had a small group of members head up for the event, which you will read more about in the next edition of idrive.

    BMWDCM will be holding the next BMW Clubs Australia Nationals in 2025 and we can't wait to share with you what our plans are. 


    On 19 March a group of members attended the HMAS Cerberus open day as part of a display at the request of the Base Command. It's always great to be part of these events, particularly to take a close look at the base down at Cerberus.


    23 March was our final twilight drive until the days are longer again.  We started with a sausage sizzle at Westerfolds Park in Templestowe, with 20 cars then taking off on another of Peter Williams' fantastic drives. We finished our drive in Coldstream just near the distillery where a few went in for a night cap and others headed home. 


    We finished our month with our annual display at the Formula 1 Grand Prix. If you are heading down over the weekend, be sure to pop past and say hi to some of the other members!



    How you are allowed to use electronic devices while driving has changed. The new rules apply to portable, mounted, inbuilt and wearable devices.

    Specifically, for all device types you must not, while driving:

    • enter text, numbers or symbols;

    • scroll (such as on websites, social media, playlists);

    • play videos or games or take video calls;

    • display text messages, social media, emails, or photos; or

    • rest a device on any part of the body, or pass a device to a passenger.

    You can read more about these rules on the VicRoads website.



    Welcome to our new members David Pye, Andrew Cameron, Joel Smith, Conroy Cheers, James Woodlock, Peter Cairncross, Brian Pickersgill, Tim Boydle, Linda Boydle, Clinton Snell and Robert Dunstan. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!


    Don't forget to catch up with this month's update from our President, Graeme Bell here.

    The month ahead.

    Here's what we've got planned for April:

    Tuesday, 4 April
    April Members Meeting at Melbourne BMW

    Melbourne BMW is the one of the first Melbourne BMW dealerships to have the new BMW corporate identity fit out and wow does it looks spectacular. Come and take a look around this state of the art dealership and enjoy a guided tour by one of their dedicated staff members. 

    Friday, 7 April
    Royal Children's Hospital Appeal Good Friday Coffee & Wheels Morning
    This year we will be holding our Coffee & Wheels morning in Beaumaris at our favourite coffee shop in Melbourne. Join us in support of a wonderful cause.

    Friday-Tuesday, 22 - 25 April
    ANZAC Weekend Silo Tour
    We will spend our weekend in North West Victoria enjoying the best silo art the state has to offer, finishing with the dawn service on ANZAC Day.

    Friday, 28 April
    BMW Club Community Management Team live from Munich
    The April BCCM live session will feature a presentation on topics suggested by BMW Clubs. 

    An event for later in the year to put in your calendar now is German Auto Show. Those that attended last year will remember the huge success of the event, which we aim to repeat again in 2023. The 2023 German Auto Show will be held on 27 August at Calder Park. Click here for full details and registration.

    Be sure to keep an eye on our calendar to stay up to date with more of our events.

    If you're attending a social drive or weekend away, we recommend checking out our event tips to help you get the best out of the event.



    If you attend any of our events and take high resolution photos that you would like to share with other members and for use on our website and in our newsletter and magazine, please send a link to your photos to so we can add them to our photo gallery.

    News & Blog.

    Our blog page on the website is constantly being updated with not just club news, but everything BMW from all around the world!  We welcome you to submit any articles of your own. 


    Have you seen our classifieds page

    Want to sell something?  Looking for a specific item?  Email us today to list your car/parts/anything BMW related!

    idrive magazine.

    Everyone has their own BMW story - we'd love to share yours.

    Email us to feature in our very own idrive magazine.

    Club partners.

    Members are welcome to submit their business to be shared on the Club Partners page on our website and idrive magazine. 

    We believe in supporting those who support us.  If you would like your business listed email us with your details.


    As always - thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

    President | Graeme Bell 0407 186 296
    Vice President | 
    Jo Mawson 0412 661 900
    Secretary | 
    Lawrence Glynn 0414 563 290null 
    Treasurer |
    Shaaron Glynn

    Cover photo: Jess Bell

    Proudly supported by:

    All Commercial / All Residential Real Estate
    Berwick BMW
    Bill Lowe Events
    BM Tech
    German Auto Haus
    Kalus Kenny Intelex
    Melbourne BMW
    Mornington BMW
    Shannons Insurance
    Shepparton BMW
    South Yarra BMW

    Southern BM
    Traction Tyres
    Waverley BMW

  • 31 Mar 2023 5:00 PM | Anonymous

    Dear members,  

    And just like that we are in Autumn, but in my opinion, this is the best time of the year in Victoria.

    The first weekend in March was very busy for Jo and I, being the BMW Clubs Australia AGM and also Jo’s birthday. There are some interesting things coming out of the annual meeting of BMW Clubs. Some of you may not know that we are a part of a world-wide network of official BMW Clubs, over 800 of them in fact.

    On the same weekend some of our members were at the first round of E30 Racing at Phillip Island, which all went well with lots of close and exciting racing and three different race winners over the weekend. It was great to see some new members join the grid too, with some more to follow later this year. Be sure to follow E30 Racing this year for some of the best and most exciting grass roots racing there is to see.   

    7 March was our first official club event for the month, the Shannons Sim Challenge. We had a changing of the guard this round, with Peter Williams winning, and James and Mark finishing second and third respectively.

    11-12 March was our display at the Phillip Island Historics and as usual, this was a fantastic event.  Our display was even better than previous years with a great show of old and new BMWs. Thanks to Shannons Insurance, some of our members were lucky to have the opportunity of doing parade laps at lunchtime on Saturday. It was also great to see some DCM members out on flag points helping the organisers run this great event too.  Remember without volunteers these events don’t happen.  Thank you to all who helped Lawrence and I over the weekend as both Jo and Shaaron were sidelined due to having new parts installed in various parts of their bodies.  I’m happy to report both are out of hospital and doing remarkably well.

    17-20 March was the BMW Clubs Australia Nationals hosted by BMW Club Gold Coast.  We had a group of members travel up, but sadly due to Jo’s health and time factor we had to fly. Thankfully we were still able to take part in all of the events we wanted. It was great to catch up with so many of our friends from other states and also make new friends. 

    At the end of each Nationals there is a hand over of the Clubs Australia Banner to the next state to be holding this event and I am very happy and proud to say that the next BMW Clubs Australia Nationals will be held in Melbourne by BMWDCM in 2025.  If you have never experienced a Nationals now you have no excuse, as it is being hosted in your home state by your own club. Stay tuned for updates on this, which we’ll have very soon.

    We will need a lot of helpers for this event, so watch out for emails for help over the next two years. It might seem like a long way away, but we have already started organising and booking venues, it will be here before you know it, and being such a large event spread over four days there will be plenty to do between now and then.

    On 19 March we had a group of club members attend the HMAS Cerberus open day and put on a display of cars at the request of the Base Command.  The open day is an event we all love but sadly it conflicted with the Nationals so some of us missed out. Those who did attend had a ball and their cars looked great on display.  We are hoping to make this an annual event so watch out for an invitation to the next one.

    23 March was our last twilight drive until daylight saving resumes.  Starting with a sausage sizzle at Westerfolds Park in Templestowe, we had a brilliant turn out on an evening which quite possibly could have been cancelled if we had listened to the weather forecast, but fortunately it turned into a warm balmy evening. 20 cars all took off on what was (I say this all the time) possibly one of Peter’s best shorter drives.  The roads were stunning and so was the scenery.  We managed to all keep together with no one getting lost which was brilliant.  It is great to have both Peter and Jo on the UHF radios relaying instructions, as sometimes to pack does get a little spread out.  We finished in Coldstream just near the distillery where a few went in for a night cap and others headed home.   It was great to see families out on the drive and even a couple of corgis.

    Don’t have a UHF radio? Click here to purchase one before the next run.

    Watch out, as we will be doing a few midweek day time drives for those of us who are not working or able to take time off when needed. As the midweek drives are popular, we will just move them to during the day until the evenings get longer again.

    On 25 March a few of us met out at Calder Park for a site visit for our upcoming joint event with VW Club, the German Auto Show, returning to it’s original date on 27 August.  This is going to be a great event again and there is plenty of space for all marques to be displayed with heaps of room for spectators to move around. 

    This year is the 100th anniversary of the BMW R32 Motorcycle, so we will be having a display of BMW motorcycles at German Auto Show from the BMW Motorcycle Club Victoria to help them celebrate the milestone. So if you have a BMW motorcycle bring it along too!

    Remember this event is about all things German - bikes, cars, trucks, buses, micro cars, anything German.  Tell a friend and let’s raise even more money this year for our charity, Beyond Blue.

    This event will be even bigger than last year, so we need your help put this together.  If you are available to help with marshalling on the day, please email Jo at

    On 29 March we had 30 BMWs bump in to the Australian Grand Prix, alongside E30 Racing with another 9 racing cars on display.  If you are at the Grand Prix, come along and see our beautiful display and say hi to all the members who have done a great job to get their cars here again this year. 

    There will be few of our members volunteering again at this year’s Grand Prix at different points of the track and in different areas, such as flagging, sector marshalling and pit lane. This will be my first at the Grand Prix as a Senior Scrutineer for the F2 and F3. I’m not enjoying the very early starts but it is very interesting being involved in the top level of our sport.

    Our last event for the month is a Zoom hook up with Munich tonight, it’s always a lot of fun and full of great information. Just remember when you sign in, make sure the you have BMWDCM as part of you name so they know where we are all signing in from.

    Now we look ahead to April and of course the first event is our Display at the Grand Prix.

    On 4 April will be our members meeting at Melbourne BMW, which is has been open now since the full rebuild.  Come and join us, this will be a great night.

    7 April will be our Coffee and Wheels morning in Beaumaris to raise fund for the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal.  Get behind this great event, we will have raffles on the day and also our friend and fellow member Christopher will be opening Flavours Patisserie for us all to grab a coffee and something really yummy to eat on the day.

    Some of us will also be displaying our cars at Flinders Motoring Heritage event, on Easter Sunday. For anyone wanting to attend, this is a great event and you can still register via their website. The Club isn’t doing an official display this year, but you are still welcome to go along and support the event.

    On 22 April we are heading off for a 4-day break on a Silo tour for ANZAC Day long weekend.  We did a silo tour four years ago which was great, so if you haven’t registered yet, there is still time!  There are more Silos to see this time, plus some other attractions, so come along and join us. For those who have already registered, have you placed your lunch orders yet?  If not, please refer back to your confirmation email for the links.

    6 May is our black-tie Fifth Birthday Celebration and Presentation Dinner.  We’re had lots of interest, with only a few seats left.  Please ensure you register as soon as possible to avoid missing out.  We have some great auction items on the night as well as raffle prizes and of course all the presentation of awards and trophies from the year past. 

    Other events to mark in you calendar:

    Challenge Bathurst this year is going to be amazing, and we have 55 spots to fill.  Don’t miss out, tell a friend, anyone is welcome. You only need a Motorsport Australia Level 2 Speed licence – it’s definitely a bucket list item for all car enthusiasts.  Don’t have a car but still want to be part of the fun?  We need flag marshals to help out for the two days we are on track. All volunteer flaggies will receive either free camp group spots or accommodation in the university.  Don’t leave it too late to register for these volunteer spots as accommodation and campgrounds fill up fast.

    For those who want to attend and camp but don’t have anything to use, go to and they will get you a van to your campsite (you will still need to book a campsite through Challenge Bathurst) all set up ready for your stay, then pick up and take it away once you have left. 

    Some other fantastic news - we now have an association with the Accor Group of Hotels and Resorts, and for members booking accommodation you can get a discount by using the discount code found in the member benefits area of our website. This is great news for anyone that travels or wants to stay at an Accor or Mecure hotel when attending any of our events.

    Our membership continues to grow steadily, we passed 750 members at the end of last year and it is great to see so many people joining us to enjoy our passion and everything our club has to offer. Welcome to all of our new members, we hope you enjoy what we put on for you. Of course, if you have an idea for an event and you think others might enjoy it too, let us know and we will see if we can do an event or help you set it up and run it.

    As always, take care out there, if you need anything don’t hesitate to drop us a line or if you need help get in touch with our Welfare Team.

    Graeme Bell | President
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc.

    PO Box 81, Tyabb VIC 3913
    Incorporated in Victoria #A0102695G
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc is a member of: BMW Clubs Australia and the BMW Clubs International Council
    Motorsport Australia Affiliated Motorsport Club

  • 30 Mar 2023 11:08 AM | Anonymous

    One-year testing phase of all drive and chassis control systems under wintry weather conditions +++ Fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology displays high level of maturity +++ Unique torque control optimises traction, dynamism and driving stability of the first-ever all-electric BMW 5 Series Sedan

    The first-ever BMW 5 Series with a fully electric drive system has yet to make its global debut, but it has already come through the ultimate endurance test. The new BMW i5 repeatedly demonstrated both the stability of its electric powertrain and its dynamic performance qualities over the course of arduous test drives in wintry conditions. The programme of testing on ice and snow lasted about a year in all, from the initial test runs to the final stages of fine-tuning. During the extensive testing on country roads, motorways and specially prepared test tracks, the development engineers mainly focused their attention on the car’s ability to drive at low temperatures and on surfaces offering little grip.

    The innovative powertrain and chassis control systems on board the new BMW i5 do a great deal to optimise its traction, dynamism and driving stability, and nowhere is this more apparent than on a solid blanket of snow, icy mountain roads or frozen lakes. It was only right that the dynamic winter testing of the purely electrically powered sedan recently finished exactly where it began: in the biting cold of the BMW Group’s winter test centre at Arjeplog, northern Sweden.

    Endurance test for BMW eDrive technology, operating continuously at extreme sub-zero temperatures.

    As part of the production development process, the new BMW i5 first had to prove its mettle back in February 2022, when it completed a road trip from Munich to the BMW test centre at Arjeplog. A prototype model of the all-electric BMW 5 Series fully camouflaged with a special wrap, plastic attachments, grilles and provisional headlights and rear lights set off on a five-day test drive from the foothills of the Bavarian Alps up to Denmark, then on to the edge of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland.

    The journey of around 3,000 kilometres (1,850 miles) provided an early opportunity for the motors, power electronics, high-voltage battery and integrated heating and cooling system for the cabin and battery pack to demonstrate their advanced level of readiness on a long-distance journey. Featuring cutting-edge battery cell technology and intelligently controlled thermal management, the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology – further upgraded for the new BMW i5 – forms the basis for long ranges and short charging times during breaks in the journey, even in extreme sub-zero ambient temperatures.

    The final destination of Arjeplog provided the team of development and test engineers with the ideal venue for their test programme. The snow-covered roads and frozen lakes of northern Sweden, with their vast expanses of ice, create the perfect setting for exploring how the chassis components, steering and braking systems, and driving dynamic and driving stability systems all interact with one another in extreme outdoor conditions. As a result, the groundwork for the authoritative, assured and characteristically sporty handling of the new BMW i5 were already laid in the first test drives in Arjeplog.

    Testing in everyday driving and on wintry roads in the foothills of the Alps.

    This was followed by more testing over the course of 2022, both at other BMW Group test facilities and in everyday driving in and around Munich as well as in the vicinity of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. The task here was to continue refining the car’s chassis technology and acoustic properties under a wide variety of conditions, as well as honing the drive unit’s power delivery, in order to produce a well-resolved driving experience at all times.

    Here again, part of the development work was deliberately carried out during the colder months on icy and snowy roads in the Alpine foothills. This last winter, BMW i5 prototypes – now sporting less camouflage and near-production headlights – were regularly sent out for testing to verify the functionality and reliability of their powertrain and chassis control systems in extremely demanding road and weather conditions. The BMW engineers involved in the vehicle project were able to directly inspect the current state of development through testing in the BMW brand’s native Bavaria before it was time to return to endurance testing near the Arctic Circle in February 2023.

    BMW i5 thrills with its unrivalled handling on ice and snow.

    The purpose of this second round of testing in Sweden was to fine-tune all powertrain and chassis control systems. Thanks to their low-grip surfaces, the test areas sited on frozen lakes around Arjeplog were particularly well suited for delicately adjusting the drive torque control system in the BMW i5 under precisely reproducible conditions. In the new BMW i5, the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system, the near-actuator wheel slip limitation function and the drive torque control system are interlinked so that they can interact and complement each other flexibly in any driving situation. As a result, the all-electric sedan performs at least as proficiently as any conventionally powered model on ice and snow.

    The integrated application of all powertrain and chassis systems underpins the outstanding handling abilities displayed by the BMW i5 in winter testing. The more challenging the conditions, the more impressive were the speed and precision of the control systems in the fully electric version of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan. The BMW i5 serves up a harmonious blend of optimum traction when pulling away and supreme driving stability when cornering or braking, which is unique in the competitive environment.


  • 26 Mar 2023 7:25 PM | Anonymous

    On a cloudy, mild Melbourne day 17 BMW E36s gathered at Heart and Soul Coffee Lounge for our long-awaited cruise.

    We were going to head up to Redwood Forrest, but Marcus said we'll go to Mount Donna Buang because Redwood was closed. It was in the same direction as Redwood Forrest anyway. None the less it was still going to be a great drive. My E36 was surrounded by friends! it was amazing seeing so many E36's in the one place, I hadn't seen this many in well.. since the Gold Coast Nationals; which I was still reminiscing over. It was nice to put names and faces to the people from our E36 group chat and in turn match them up with the cars they drive. I dunno about others, but I sometimes tend to remember people by their car!

    After a much-needed coffee and some breakfast from Billy Goat Hill Brasserie or Harry's Bakehouse across the road plus admiring each other's cars and getting ideas from another car on what additional bits and pieces can be added to our own cars and having long discussions concerning all things BMW we decided it was time to hit the road.

    Two cars had to head off elsewhere, so 15 E36's begun the trek towards . Our convoy of E36's ended up in two groups as half of us got stopped at a red light. But keeping in contact with UHF radios we caught up to the first group when er stopped for a short while at Warburton to regroup. 

    The temperature dropped as we made our way through the windy roads with tall trees on either side of us.

    But what a backdrop it was to park up against a backdrop of tall greenery to enjoy open space and fresh but cold air of Mount Donna Buang.

    There was even natural forest water for those game enough to try it!

    Thank you to Marcus Mimmo for organising our E36 cruise; with so many attending it was a fun day.

    Tim Oh | Member #538
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

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