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BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

Kaos Custom Bikes

Come and Try / Driver Training

Our 2024 Driver Training and Come and Try days are proudly sponsored by Kaos Custom Bikes.  

KAOS Custom Bikes sponsorship of the Driver Training Days was and easy choice. As a keen driver and instructor, with a long history with BMW and the BMW Drivers Club, I have been supporting the Driver Training Days as for a long time. It’s a buzz to give other Drivers the opportunity to try their car out on the track, reaching the full potential of the driver and the car.  The opportunity to help other drivers to put so many cars through their paces and being able to play a bigger role in these events is an honour and hopefully we will give more drivers the confidence in their own ability and the responsiveness of their vehicle. - Andy Oosterweghel, Kaos Custom Bikes

17 March

11 August

A key focus of the BMW Drivers Club Melbourne is Driver Training – at all levels of experience.  

We provide training for all drivers, the younger ones in particular, in the safe use of a motor vehicle at all times, whether on the road or on the track.  This is as much about skills as it is about attitude and awareness behind the wheel.  Our Driver Training program also addresses the skills required to participate in motorkhanas and sprint days on racing circuits, all the way through to competitive racing.

At BMWDCM we don't encourage hoon behaviour or speeding on the roads.  With our affordable prices, we're much cheaper than a speeding ticket and a whole lot more fun!

Our Driver Training events are the perfect place for you to experience your vehicle's limits in a safe environment.  We welcome all vehicles – new, old, high or low powered, you also don't need to own a BMW to attend.

All of our events are run by a number of senior CAMS/Motorsport Australia Officials, who are all members of our club, and who all have experience in instructing.  We must stress that our Driver Training events are not timed and they are NOT racing days. 

Have in mind what you'd like to get out of the day before you come and when you meet your instructor, let them know.  Whether it be for a bit of fun or even to learn how to drive a manual, our team will work with you one on one to ensure that you get what you want out of the day.  Our instructors will work with you to identify any weaknesses in your driving and reinstate good driving habits.

Our driver training days aren't just for the inexperienced – we encourage all drivers to come along and have a fun day on track without the pressure of any competition.  You may even learn a thing or two about your own driving or your car.

We offer two levels of Driver Training:

  • Level 1.
    Level 1 of our Driver Training is done on a skid pan to teach advance driving skills at low speeds.   You will learn how to correctly place yourself in the driver's seat, control skidding, experience ABS (if you have it) and ESP, the correct following and stopping distance and experience understeer and oversteer.
    In some facilities we are also able to offer training under wet conditions as well as dry.
  • Level 2.
    Level 2 of our Driver Training is done on a race track.  As a newcomer, you will be accompanied by an instructor on your first sessions on track.  You will learn how your car handles at high speed, through corners and under heavy breaking.  We limit our groups to a small number so you are able to get out on track and feel comfortable in your surroundings.  You are encouraged to make the most of the instructors available to you and invite different instructors to accompany you in different sessions.  You may find that one will give you information the other didn't.

Things You Need (If you attend a circuit day)

If you are planning to attend a Driver Training day on track, you will need the following:

  • A Motorsport Australia Level 2 (speed) licence.  These can be purchased on the day, however we recommend organising this prior to the event to ensure a smoother check-in.  CAMS/Motorsport Australia Level 2 licences are currently $135 for 12 months.
  • You will require a helmet that is in good condition and meets Australian Standards, this includes motorbike helmets.  If you do not have a helmet and require some assistance, please let us know before attending the event.
  • A 1kg fire extinguisher is recommended.  This must be mounted within reach of the driver and have a metal strap over the extinguisher to secure it.  You can get an extinguisher from places such as Bunnings or Repco and they cost less than $100.
  • Two independent bonnet restraints (for bonnets that open from the front of the car).
  • Non-synthetic clothing that covers you from wrists to ankles i.e cotton, wool or denim.  T-shirts, shorts or leggings are not acceptable.  Closed in, flat shoes are a must.  Thongs, sandals, ballet flats or heels are not acceptable.
  • Your brakes and tyres must be in good condition, your oil and fluid levels topped up, no oil or coolant leaks and your car must be completely empty, this includes items in your boot and glove box.  Metal valve caps are also recommended, soft plastic valve caps are not acceptable.  Your car will be checked by scrutineers on the day before you are able to enter the track.
  • Ensure that you read the supplementary regulations prior to attending the event and print off all the necessary documents.
  • It is wise to prepare for all weather conditions (we are in Melbourne, notorious for 4 seasons in one day), so bring a jacket, sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water.    

In some events, freedoms are allowed for wholly unmodified cars.

If you're unsure about any of the above and need some guidance, phone us on (03) 5979 1599 prior to the event and we'll walk you through it. 

Keep an eye on the Events page for the next Driver Training event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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