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Motorsport Australia and MG Car Club Festival at Sandown

14 Dec 2020 9:06 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 11-13 December 2020

For those of you that haven't met me, not only am I a BMWDCM member, but I'm also a member of the VFT (Victorian Flag Marshalling Team). So, I attended the Motorsport Australia and MG Car Club Festival as a flag marshal and a part of the trackside team.

It has been a good nine months since I was last trackside as a flaggie, although I did attend Island Magic at Phillip Island, in much cooler conditions in November. So, three days trackside in hot conditions after such a long layoff was a bit of a wakeup call on the body, but still very enjoyable.

The whole event was a mashup of the Shannon's Nationals and the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship categories with Excels, BMW E30's, MG & Invited British and Formula cars as well as a few prototype cars thrown in.  But there was a bigger emphasis on the Porsche's with the Porsche Payce and Michelin Cup, plus Porsche sprints.

Because I'm involved with the VFT induction team, which is to do with new trainees, I had to check in with a few of the newer people we had with the trackside team over the weekend and make sure they had everything they needed.  We also had a couple of trainees who had finished their training and moved up to being a flaggie like the rest of us, so I also presented them with their VFT starter kit, which all new grade 4 flaggie's get on completion of their training.

The whole event brought long days with them, but it was great to finish up Saturday and Sunday with the E30's racing! 

Tim Oh | Member #538
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