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Virtual event with Jay Leno's Garage

19 Aug 2020 11:45 AM | Anonymous

Event date: 18 August 2020

ZOOM, ZOOM – was not a Mazda thing Tuesday night 18 August.

I was the lucky winner of a generous gift voucher from Jay Lenos Garage Australia at the first spin of an electronic spinning wheel, laced with the names of those who connected.

The time was very well spent as I have spent years dodging the true deep cleaning of cars.  For me it normally was a quick trip to the pressure washer place close by and air-drying of the car on the way to a drive gathering.

We were shown products made in the USA over a decade under auspices of Jay Leno.  Then came a bewildering range of polishes, waxes, leather cleaners, leather conditioners, fabric cleaners, wheel cleaners, tyre cleaners (matt finish or high gloss), and odour eliminators for the interiors.  Also shown were Plush Micro fibre cloths, glass cleaners and a special glass towel and a range of cleaning cloths.

Such a range to satisfy the most ardent cleaners but best of all Jay Lenos Garage is a supporter of our club and have put in place a club member discount of a standing 15% for online orders, using the 'BMWDCM' discount code.  This is supported in these COVID-19 times, by using the internet and Startrack couriers.  Order online at Be sure to look carefully as there are many great special offers on the products.  Pay online and in two to three days your order will be delivered to your address. Checkout not only the car care products but the car collection Jay has assembled.

I’ve probably been too lazy in the past and not appreciated the sense of achievement that some physical effort can provide. I’ll be jumping online to select products that have now come to my notice.  My thanks to Evan for the presentation, enthusiasm and convincing conviction to the products.  Happy cleaning – can’t go out, so you may as well clean eh!

Peter Kelly | Member #57
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

It was Tuesday night, the 18th halfway through August, still in stage 4 and unable to travel more than 5km from home.  As human nature, our socialising ways are part of our way of life, If we can’t go out physically, what better way, than jump online in the comfort of our own homes and comfortable chairs, settle in and join our friends on ZOOM with our monthly BMWDCM members meeting.

This month, Evan from Jay Leno’s Garage Advance Vehicle Care, hosted to showcase the full products range in his personal garage that he uses on his own vehicles.

After giving a brief history on how the range come to Australia, including how other major car care products wanted Jay Leno to endorse their products, in turn Jay Leno had own products formulated to the quality he demanded for his own collection.

Evan then introduced each product in the care range and gave a description on what the product was created specifically for, including the cloth range, how to use the product and how much to use, throwing in some humour along the way. Also reminding our members of our 15% discount with our code ‘BMWDCM’ when ordering online.

While sitting there in my chair, sipping in a glass of red wine and a small cheese platter, some good questions were asked from the members about the products and based on current events the delivery times, Evan stated that after moving form a postal service that was previously reliable, they have changes to a courier that now has shown a quick turnaround to receive products within a few days from ordering.

Evan, being a classic car enthusiast himself, proudly showed of his well-kept with documented history early pale blue Cortina, while informing us of what had been replaced mechanically to keep it roadworthy.

Towards the end of the night, due to not being able to physically attend, replacing our physical barrel that we place our members cards in, our vice president, Jo, had all our names on a digital wheel. Spinning three times for three members to receive a $25 Voucher to use for Jay Leno products.

A good evening had by all that were online, once finished, no driving, but a very short walk to the bedroom and into PJ’s

Paul Holliday | Member #296
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

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