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Round 5 of the Yokohama/Traction Tyres Drivers Championship | Winton

10 Jul 2020 5:24 PM | Anonymous

Photo: Paul Holliday
Event date: 4 July 2020

When we got to the track and parked right down the back because the truck was to big to park anywhere else, and then Stan parked next to us which was good. Then it felt like 10 minutes before group 1 went out and I reckon I went to the toilets 10 times to! Lucky I was parked close to them or else I would of had to get out my little electric scooter to get to them.

Anyway I went out there and had the most fun in my life because this time I wasn’t getting lapped every second lap by PK and Stan and every other E30 racer especially Jess, because this time I was that little bit faster which really made a difference! Everyone was really fast but still getting used of the track and so was I. When I came in and found out that I did a 2.05 I was pretty surprised but I was just happy that everyone went well and had a good time.

Then I watched dad go out in group 3 with all the big M2, and M4 BMW’s and also a really nice M46 which was really fast, dad had a ball and got some really good times.  His fastest time was a 1.34.6!

When my group went out next everyone was really good, but I saw just before turn 3 a orange car had broken down on the side of the track and i didn’t know if it was Alex or PK, but other than that everything went well. As I came in I was driving down to the truck and drove straight passed dad because I didn’t know it was him and then when I got to the truck he wasn’t there so I looked back and he threw his hands up in the air because I didn’t take him in the car, I knew he wouldn't be happy about that so I cleverly distracted him with “that was awesome”!

Next session I went out with heaps of confidence and I think alot of people did because they had worked out how to go through the changes between 3 and 4, and also because they just hadn’t been on the track for a while, so when I went out I pushed the car harder and it was so much fun. Critter was in one of the race E30s and was right behind me for a few milliseconds before he passed me like I was standing still.

When we got in from that session he told me some stuff which was really good advice and the next session when I went out I picked up 2 seconds which was really good, and I could notice the difference in the car and how much better it handled the corners and that “slow in fast out” is better than “fast in and slow out”. But also when I got in I saw that team Kertes were having fuel issues but I saw Critter and Belly were straight on it and fixed the problem as usual. Alex’s car that he had to drive home also had something broken in it so he couldn't take it on track.

After all of that it was looking like a really good battle between NSW and VIC and once again NSW won and they did deserve it. Thankyou Jo, Belly, and Critter for all your help. And also all the officials because I don’t know how they can stand there all day. I can’t wait to meet everyone at Broadford!!! 

Royce Lyne | Son of Simon Lyne, member #406
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

On Saturday, 4 July we were at Winton for Round 5 of the 2020 Yokohama/Traction Tyres Drivers Championship, and man was it good to be on track again!

The weather was perfect all day, clear, cool, sunshine, and an even better sunrise across the track (did I mention how good it was to be back on track?!).

I’m sure many of you reading this will understand that feeling of walking the track at 7am, everything is still and quiet, the sun coming up over the horizon painting the race track in gold.... It’s the most amazing way to start a day, especially when you then hear the engines in the garages and paddock fire up.

Watching the mechanics and support crews getting busy in the garages, makes the place buzz, and it was just like this for our day at Winton.

There were some gorgeous cars being unloaded and rolling out of garages, and the comradery amongst participants, even amongst those across borders, as this was a VIC vs NSW battle for the cup, was epic to see.

There was such a great buzz in the air and it was a credit to Jo Mawson and Graeme Bell for this. Again they had delivered not only a polished and professional motorsport event, especially with all the added rules and restrictions due to COVID, but an event that everyone was so happy to be a part of. A great culture of mateship and friendship, no matter what you drive.

As a Motorsport official, this is why I do it - it’s the comradery of the motorsport community that I love, as well as the joy of watching some really talented drivers (that Bell family sure can drive!), the sound and smell of a track day! Absolutely love it!!

I had such an amazing day marshalling the grid and managing the pit release, there’s no greater feeling then being up close to vehicles firing up to go out on track! The drivers were all so courteous and I had a great chat to many of them about their cars and passion for driving.

Many of the drivers specifically got out of their cars once they were lined up in the pre grid to thank me for the hard work and long day. As an official, you rarely get this from drivers, and again it’s a testament to the amazing culture Jo and Graeme have created for BMWDCM.

Thanks for an awesome day guys, it was one of the best track days I’ve had in a long time!!

Job extremely well done!

Meg Boers | Member #556
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

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