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Gokarts at Port Melbourne

30 Jun 2020 4:25 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 28 June 2020

Hi my names Royce Lyne and I’m part of the BMW Drivers Club Melbourne, and I’m going to tell you about what happened on Sunday at the Port Melbourne go kart track.

The day started out with dad and I Getting up at 7am and driving up to Port Melbourne with dad’s old phone that constantly kept on rerouting itself all the way through the city, so in the end we had to use my phone which wasn’t much better.

When we finally got there dad walked up to three strangers and said where do we go for the drivers club meeting, and they all starred at us and said what you are talking about “thinking we were weirdos” because they weren’t even in the drivers club.

Then we saw Lawrence pull up and he helped us find our way to the meeting.  When we got inside, dad and I met Chris who was new to the club and was very friendly.  After that I was looking every were for Critter and Blake so that we could race, but mostly Jo and Belly so that I could say thank you.

After waiting for everyone to get there we went into the room where we got told the rules and everything we could do and couldn’t do, then on the way to the go karts I was so excited that I had to go to the toilet quickly so I wasn’t put off my concentration on the track.

Before we went out on the track dad and I were watching what go karts were the fast ones and what ones we needed to get to before anyone else, but sadly we couldn’t choose our kart, so we had to go with what we were given.

The first session was practice to get used of the karts and see the lines that you should take.  During that session I got spun around by Alex on the fast corner of the track and it was really fun.

The second session was qualifying for all the races. Straight away I sour how fast Alex was and I couldn’t believe how fast I was catching dad.  I think he’s loosing the edge, he knew I was coming and I knew that as soon as I caught him it was going to be foul play. So I was ready for anything and there was nothing that was gonna stop me from taking him down and showing him who is the master!

It wasn’t long before I caught him and made a smooth transition from fifth to fourth place in times, of course I  got the old excuse “oh I had a slow kart and if I had a kart the same speed as yours id be lapping you” but I knew that wasn’t the case and so did he, and the fastest time was by Alex and that was a 26.989. 

The first race started and we all got pretty good starts.  All the karts were basically the same speed and it was a good race.  Then the final came and I had to go to the toilet again.  I started fourth.  Then we were of to the races for most of the race I was in third and then Alex had a crash with second place, and I wasn’t stopping so I just rammed straight through both of them and got to the lead.  Then I was pushing so hard to keep in front of Alex and then I saw I was just pulling away and that I had won the race. I was so happy that I almost threw my hands up in the air.

Thankyou Jo and Belly for everything and I can't wait for Winton.

Royce Lyne | Son of Simon Lyne, member #406
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