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8 Fest at Geelong Revival

27 Nov 2019 4:13 PM | Anonymous

In 2018 the concept of gathering as many of the surviving 8 series BMWs, was kicked around by Theo Hoffs and a small group of 8 series owners.  Shortly after Theo and Jo decided tog run the “8 Fest” in conjunction with the Geelong Revivalevent.

Over the next 10 months, Theo contacted as many ‘8’ owners as he could locate. These were from all over Australia and New Zealand.  Organising this event was done pretty much single handily by Theo, with a little help from Jo. Thanks to Theo's enormous drive and persuasive personality, 27 “8 series” BMWs arrived at the event.

Some of these cars came from QLD, NSW and one was driven over from WA.  Peter, an 850csi owner from NZ, even crossed the ditch to join us.

Day 1 | Friday

Owners and cars met at Theo and Robyn’s house in Donvale.  We greeted the interstate guests and had an early BBQ lunch.  In order to beat the peak hour traffic, we left from Donvale in convoy at around midday.  Once we arrived at Geelong, we went to our respective accommodation and many of us met up for tea and drinks Friday evening.

Day 2 | Saturday

It was an early gathering at Rippleside Park with some other clubs and then onto the venue at Eastern Beach.  The weather was excellent, and a great day was had by all.  Jo & Graeme presented awards and fittingly, Theo was applauded by all for his tremendous effort in getting such a successful show together.

Later we adjourned to the Torquay Pub for dinner and a catch up with all the other members who displayed their cars along side the 8 Fest.

In total we had 45 cars on display for Saturday - great effort everyone!

Day 3 | Sunday

Another early start and we made our way along the coast road as far as Aireys inlet.  We all had a good time at the “chocolatier”, in fact we had too good a time there because we overstayed and missed the 12-noon ferry back at Queenscliffe.

We crossed to Sorento on the next ferry voyage and met at the Portsea Pub, then checked out the disappearing Portsea beach.

Next, we moved to the Portsea Back Beach for a photo shoot.  By co-incidence, every car in the photo was a different colour.

The scenic drive which followed took us along the waterfront at Rosebud, Dromana, Mt Martha and ended at the Royal Hotel in Mornington.

The local 8 series owners had a great weekend and rolled out the red carpet for our interstate visitors.  Everybody involved agreed that the event was a great success and promised to attend the next one – whenever that may be.


Bruce Paris |  Member #46
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