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My Three Days in Heaven | Motorclassica 2018

15 Oct 2018 4:14 PM | Anonymous
My Three Days in Heaven
Motorclassica, October 2018

I have to admit I couldn’t hide my delight when the BMW Drivers Club Melbourne invited me to be a part of the club’s “Motorclassica” display.  I felt flattered to be asked to bring not just one of my Beemers, but two.

Sure, it was a slight logistical headache, to get both cars into the Exhibition Building (having to jump-start one of them just as we where due to head in added to my grey hairs) but good friends are always available to assist, and due to the timing of it, I had to enlist two helpers, one for the drive in, then and another for the return journey.

Being (practically) retired, I have a lot of spare time, so also took the opportunity to volunteer at this automotive extravaganza.  I was excited to go there each day, flash my pass, and walk around like I owned the place.

Although our display was outside, watching the owners prepare their magnificent showpieces inside, was a lesson in car detailing.  The shine on some of these precious, timeless and often irreplaceable machines was a sight to behold, with lustrous paint and shiny chrome work that you could see your face in (scary…)  The detail in the presentation of these wondrous pieces of “movable art” was as miniscule as using small, fine brushes and cotton buds.  Maybe that one small crevice that didn’t get attention was the difference between winning and losing.

The upstairs area was constantly a buzz as well, with displays limited to the smaller, (and no doubt lighter) cars such as Isetta’s and Gogomobiles, plus a large array of pristine vintage Motorcycles.  Most of the businesses pedaling their services, and food stalls and coffee stands also were housed in the second level.

Outside, there was a large marquee serving any number of refreshing beverages, both alcoholic and otherwise, coffee, ice creams and delicious meals.  The shade and the seating it provided was a welcome escape from the constant sunshine each day.

I spent roughly 5 or 6 hours on site on each of the three days.  With so much going on all the time, and people everywhere to either assist or just to talk with, I truly felt like I was in my element.

There were lots of people swarming around our collection of BMW Beauties, both old and new.  A lot of intelligent questions were asked (plus the occasional SILLY ONE!!)  notwithstanding, the comments were always complimentary, and the stares and sighs, and long loving glances at Bavaria’s finest was a constant common denominator.  Although many seemed to lust after my E9 3.0 Csi, I think the car that most couldn’t go past was the delightful Black E30 M3 parked next to me, and to be brutally honest, it constantly had my adoring glances as well. 

The days seem to fly by, and all to soon it was over, with only 361 days until it comes around again, so mark it on your calendars now.

Special thanks has to go to Lawrence Glynn for arranging our clubs inclusion, and planning the whole thing with his customary military precision.  As for me, I feel privileged to have been a part of it, and look forward to next years event, scheduled for 11-13th October 2019.

Steve Garth  Member #40
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

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