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Jindivick Cruise

5 Aug 2018 10:00 AM | Anonymous
Jindivick Cruise 
4 August 2018

So thrilled to be able to join this BMW club!

We have two BMW’s in the USA, I was glad to be able to ride with Jo and Graeme - great hosts!

I met a lot of lovely people, especially Sam, I think we share the same humour!

We started bright and early at McDonalds to listen to the brief of the days events. It was nice to meet and greet to familiarize.

We drove through some beautiful areas, I especially loved the mountainous area at BawBaw (I think it was!). The natural beauty was unsurpassed, the winding roads made for a fun drive.

We had lunch at Jindy Cafe in Jindervick, which was so nice! The family run environment was a welcome change, they were very accommodating.

The lake at Blue Rock dam was picturesque and I took some pretty pictures there.

All around a great day and would love to attend again, when we are in Australia!

Holly Laine Parsons  Guest
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