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August Members Meeting at Ringwood BMW

10 Sep 2023 3:24 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 8 August 2023

Our club together with The BMW Motrorcycle Club of Victoria recently organised a visit to the new Ringwood BMW Dealership and it was a thrilling experience for all members from both clubs.  As we walked into the dealership we were immediately greeted by the sleek and stylish BMW models showcased on the showroom floor.

The dealership staff welcomed us warmly offering their expertise and knowledge about the different BMW models. They provided us with a brief overview of the BMW brand and its commitment to luxury performance and innovative technology. The club members were excited to learn about the various features and advancements that make BMW cars and bikes stand out in the market place. 

As we explored the showroom and service area, our attention was immediately drawn to a beautiful E21 in for service, great to see a classic like this at a dealership, not sure who it belongs to but it was just stunning. This behind-the-scenes tour of the service area we witnessed the meticulous care given to each BMW vehicle. We learned about the rigorous testing procedures and attention to detail that goes into ensuring the quality of every vehicle that leaves the dealership.

The powerful design and sporty aesthetics of the new generation M cars in particular, captivated our imaginations leaving us dreaming of the exhilarating experience of driving these high-performance machines. We also experienced a tour of the new R & K Series Motorad offerings on the upper level of the dealership.  We were told it is apparently the largest BMW Motorad showroom in Australia, certainly tempted me to get on a bike again (hope the wife does not read this). 

The dealership staff didn't just limit our experience to the showroom. They arranged drinks and light snacks during the visit, the donuts were sensational, I had to stop myself eating too many. 

In addition to the M series we also got the opportunity to discover the elegant luxury of the BMW 7 Series. Its plush interior cutting-edge technology and attention to detail left us in awe. The advanced driver-assistance systems showcased the high level of safety and convenience BMW prioritizes for its drivers.

Throughout our visit the dealership staff patiently answered our questions and shared insights on BMW's commitment to sustainable mobility. They highlighted the brand's efforts to incorporate electric and hybrid vehicles into their lineup emphasizing their dedication to reducing emissions while maintaining performance standards.

Our club members left the BMW dealership feeling inspired and fascinated by the experience. The visit not only allowed us to indulge in our passion for cars but also deepened our understanding of BMW's craftsmanship and dedication to innovation.

Overall our visit to the Ringwood BMW dealership was a memorable adventure that brought us closer to the unparalleled engineering and design of BMW vehicles. We left with a newfound appreciation for the brand's commitment to luxury performance and cutting-edge technology.

John Ritsell | Member #812
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