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BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

Alex Baxter Memorial Driver Training and Come & Try Day

10 Sep 2023 3:20 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 24 June 2023

The day starts a little nervously. I roll slowly down the entrance and then wait. Will I be embarrassingly slow? Will I be too fast and end up 'mowing the lawn' after coming off at a tight corner?

Beginners and pros are given track briefings, and a run through of flag colours and safety protocols. More reassuringly, beginners do their first laps with a coach in the passenger seat. When I say coach I don't mean nanny. Far from it, with plenty of encouragement and advice, with the aim of teaching how to move swiftly (fast) down the straights, with enough breaking time for the corner. And it's not simply speed and brakes. Some corners should be taken tight, others out wide so as to set your line up for the next corner.

Enough of the backgrounding. This is no country jaunt. As soon as you finish one corner, get ready for the next, and the one after that. The corners are relentless, requiring constant attention, an increased heartbeat and occasional panting. With increasing confidence, the corners and the straight become thrilling and rousing. The focus is intense and absorbing.  My times were average but the thrills were extreme. Fun, fear, and exhilaration wrapped into one day.

Flat out fast is not the only way increase your skills. Due to the 'no overtaking on corners' rule, beginners wanting to dip their toes in the water (put rubber on the track) can do so safely. 'Come and have fun' days are for everyone, including soccer mums and dads in a Kia. Kids also welcome.

Remember the coaches? They get you started and for the more keen, pro lessons are available for later in the day. Pick you own pace, learn more about your car, and be guaranteed a great high. Advice I received changed entirely the way I read corners.

One more thing. We're a friendly bunch and welcome company. Come on your own or bring the tribe. I found the day addictive and look forward to another day at Broadford. Thanks to all the volunteers who make this possible.

John Shreeve | Member #579
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