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Healesville Saturday Morning Cruise

11 Sep 2023 3:09 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 9 September 2023

At about 9.30am we arrived at the back of Sophia’s in Croydon on a cold yet lovely spring day with promising glimpses of blue sky.

After a short impromptu chat and show and tell about our cars we were gathered together by Peter to discuss the plans for the mornings drive.  Everyone was organised with us all having our radios and once we were briefed the 18 or so cars were split into two groups.  

I was placed in group two and we let the first group have a 10 minute head start! Just before we started the clouds separated to get bigger patches of blue and we were on our way.

There were a few little hiccups at the start with cars getting separated by red lights we eventually all joined up together just before getting into being surrounded by magnificent green acreage.

The tight winding roads made for a spectacular and exhilarating drive with chitter chatter on the UHF radio about favourite wineries and restaurants that we passed.

The pleasant chitter chatter continued to the point where we were all together at a turning point and we couldn’t get a word in to advise our lead car that we were all together, so we had to beep our horn to get a move on!

With a couple of breaks to stretch our legs we continued through the ever-green undulating hills near Healesville and wound in and out of roads that I’d driven past heaps of times but never ventured down.  On one break I was asked if I was the one with the AK47 for an exhaust, which made my day.  Popping and crackling all the way in my 440i was just pure joy.

After what felt like a very quick 2 hours the journey ended at the Beechworth Bakery and whilst my family and I had to dart off to another event many of the BMW club members stayed to have a bite to eat.

What a great selector of roads our Peter is, the drive was truly fantastic and a very enjoyable day.

Luke Devlin | Member #738
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