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Christmas in July

11 Sep 2023 3:06 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 19 July 2023

On the 9th of July we joined the BMW drivers club on a drive to Rhyll for the annual Xmas in July function. 

I started planning the outfits for myself and my husband as soon as we booked. I found a fantastic T-shirt for hubby with a very cool looking Santa with tattoos and attitude, I wore a glow in the dark dress with very bright Xmas pictures of candy canes, snowmen, stars etc, and an Elf hat to top it all off. 

Then I moved on to decorating the car, an E30 convertible (not ideal for the conditions on the day but still lots of fun). I started with big red velvet bows which I hung off the head rests, tinsel and lights for the back parcel shelf and a Santa decal in the side window (looked like we were escorting Santa to lunch). Then I moved to the exterior of the car, elf legs hung out of the boot and magnetic ‘lights’ which were on the back and sides of the car to finish the decorating. 

The trip started at Caldermeade on a very wet and cold Sunday morning, we travelled the beautiful Gippsland, occasionally getting a little off track but we always regroup quickly with lots of information over the UHF radio. It was a fun drive with a few windies through the countryside till we arrived at Kilcunda then on to the chocolate factory in Phillip island, we were all dressed up creating quite a stir with the children especially Mr and Mrs Claus! 

Next stop was Rhyll for a beautiful Xmas lunch. I was lucky enough to score a prize in the raffle I could choose between a box of chocolates or an umbrella, the umbrella seemed very fitting for the day and extremely useful. After lunch we had a parade for best dressed in different categories with the staff deciding the winners. After a quick check from the children at my table that my Elf ears were on correctly I joined the women’s category and much to my surprise I won! I got to take home delicious chocolates from the chocolate factory for my brightly coloured Xmas dress. 

The day ended with a flat battery from leaving our headlights on, but its handy belonging to a drivers  club we were jump started and, on our way, home in no time with big smiles and talk of what event we’ll be attending next.

Wendy and Darren Alexander | Member #1023
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

With Phillip Island on our doorstep step it is often our Go To location on a sunny weekend, who doesn't like the smell of sea air and the feel of soft sand underfoot, then of course the chance to take out your pride and joy from the stable to stretch it's legs.

The South Gippsland Hwy gets us their in less than 50 minutes or if it's a more leisurely drive we seek we hit the Princes Hwy into Drouin then on thru towards Poowong and Korumburra, taking in some seriously rolling green countryside, excellent road testing territory for car enthusiasts and their rides.

Sunday, 9th September was a bonus run to the Island as we joined the club for the Christmas in July lunch at the Foreshore Restaurant in Rhyll, another favourite of ours.  

It was great opportunity to catch up with many familiar faces and their extended families enjoying some early Christmas festivity whilst feasting on the delicious 3 course  menu. Some, not us, really put in an effort, adding a little magic and colour to the occassion dressing in their best Christmas wraps.  

Next year, we promise.

Mr & Mrs S. 

Richard and Bev Sherman | Member #843 and #852
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

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