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Otway Fly Drive

31 May 2022 3:18 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 2 May 2022

Weather conditions in Victoria are notoriously unpredictable and glorious days can emerge from unlikely beginnings.

Such was the case for our one day to the Otway Fly, which started with low level fog rolling in with bright sunshine over the top. Although the fog did deepen as we started the drive it dissipated to a lovely day, sunny enough but not too much.

Once the highway stage from out meeting point to just outside Colac was complete we enjoyed the wonders of driving through the bewitching canopy of trees of the Otway Forest and the open bends contained therein until we reached the Otway Fly.

The name of which can be a bit confusing but it now refers to a tree top walkway (as if flying through trees) and a zip line/flying fox adventure experience where you really are flying through the trees. Or, at least, more nearly!

The construction of the metal walkways at dizzying heights about the ground is quite a marvel, especially as it appears that no vegetation was damaged in the process. Quite how it was done without ripping up all the trees I do not know.

The end result is a very satisfying walk looking at nature in a quite unique way in total tranquillity, equally ideal for family groups or the solo explorer alike.

Our return trip initially headed West, ie the wrong way, to Lavers Hill before joining the Great Ocean Road to head East to Skenes Creek.

Whilst the Great Ocean Road lives up to its name along just about all of its length (it is consistently great in varying ways, it is close to the ocean most of the time and it is undoubtedly a road), this section is probably one of the more satisfying from a driver’s perspective. There tends to be less traffic, adequate supply of not too tight bends, and there are ocean views and other nice scenic elements. Not as pretty as the sections between Lorne and Torquay but generally emptier.

We did, however, encounter a very particular type of road hazard – moss on the road.  The foliage tells you that this area is very damp much, or even most, of the time and this can result in excellent moss growing conditions.  The road appears to be a very suitable location for moss in sheltered areas, although the wheel tracks are clear. The hazard comes in driving in a slightly more, shall we say, spirited fashion when one would like to use a bit more of the lane’s width through corners which may mean straying onto moss, whose coefficient of friction I am unsure of but I presume to be low. Just where there might be moss is all part of the challenge and not unlike the “sport” of black ice spotting from my English upbringing.

No mishaps ensued and we all hade an enjoyable day.

Lawrence Glynn | Member #3
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