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1 Minute Review | Jay Leno’s Garage Car Drying Towel

30 Dec 2021 4:45 PM | Anonymous

What is it? Jay Leno’s Garage Car Drying Towel

What does it do? Err, it, well, dries your car. Replaces the long established chamois.

Does it work?  Yes, very well.  It is softer than a chamois, easier to keep clean and soaks up more water needing less wringing out. Unlike a chamois it does not need to be “conditioning” by getting it a little bit wet and softened up.

Is there a snag?  The only drawback is towards the end of drying a larger car it can get properly wet and can not be wrung out to be properly dry again. It will still work but just not quite as well – still as good or better than a chamois by this stage. But if you want to go and dry another car, best get two towels.

In fact, I would suggest two towels anyway and use the second one to dry up any traces left behind, get the water out of crevices, behind trim etc which is almost impossible with a chamois. And you can use this second one for a final buff.

What does it cost?  $33.96 with club discount.

Where can I get it? Online at

Anything else?  They’re a club sponsor and great people mad keen on cars.

Lawrence Glynn | Member #3
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