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Daniel’s Donuts Geelong November Drop In

29 Nov 2021 1:15 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 25 November 2021

With 23 members in what is loosely called the “Geelong and District” group we are holding a few meetings or drives in the Geelong area – open to all now lockdowns are gone but most attractive to those living near by.

We’ve hit on a regular venue at Daniel’s Donuts as it has outdoor but sheltered seating right by the car parking area.

There is no format or agenda, just rock up and have a natter. Any car will do but BMWs are especially welcome.  The conversation is not confined to car talk, although that does tend to take up a fair bit of time.  Issues we discussed this month in a free ranging conversation went from “Do we like ABS brake?” (mostly Yes but some prefer to go native) “Should the i8 have had a much more powerful engine that the 1.5 litre one?” (mostly Yes to make a proper supercar but is that what was intended?) and “Are house painters allowed to use stilts to reach higher walls and ceilings?” (seems not, but we don’t know hay).  Don’t ask me how those topics got joined up but in the course of an hour and a half or so a lot of ground can be covered, even allowing for some car looking at time.

Lawrence Glynn | Secretary, Geelong resident and Member #3
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