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Keeping up with the Richards'

29 Oct 2021 6:05 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 26 October 2021

We had a fantastic evening with Steve and Clay Richards on Tuesday night for our monthly meeting. It was a great chance to catch up with the Richards boys before they head off to Sydney for the next round of the Toyota 86 Series, supporting the Supercars round at Eastern Creek this weekend.

All that joined our Zoom meeting got to chat and ask questions of the Richards boys and hear about the past and future aspirations of Clay as he continues on his motorsport career.  It was great to see the excitement of both Steve and Clay with the announcement they will both be driving in the Toyota 86 Series at Bathurst in December too.

This was a member only meeting and just another reason to join as and enjoy the benefits of membership.  Our famous wheel of prizes was also in action and Darryl O'Neill was the lucky winner of a signed model of Steve's M6 GT3 - thanks to Tim Oh letting it be redrawn, as he already has one of Steve's models. Very kind of you Tim. 

Thanks for logging in everyone and good luck to Clay at Sydney this weekend.

Graeme Bell | Member #1
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 

This would be one of the zoom meetings in my day I actually look forward to. Always great to catch up with the best club in the world and hear what our members are up to. This meeting was very special as we got to spend a virtual night with my hero Steve Richards and his son Clay. Steve’s dad Jim, yes THE Jim Richards knew my uncle so I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Given Steve’s success at Bathurst, it’s just a pinch yourself moment being in their company – even on the screen.

They shared about Clays time in motorsport so far with his Toyota 86 campaign and Formula Ford racing - when they could race. Being fellow Victorians they have been locked in too but for them they were able to work on their cars and have them ready for the season ahead. Probably like we all have been. A great feature of the meeting was we got to ask them questions towards the end. That was amazing. They are both so approachable and love motorsport fans. My interest the in the 86 racing at Sydney on the weekend was higher due to Clay’s involvement now. Spoiler alert, he had a bit of a shunt so his car needs repairing. Dad will be busy.

Then we got to what I think is the most important part of our meetings – the lucky “door” prize. I’ve watched a few great prizes go to other members along the way (Msport luggage, brollies, clothes, hats and drive days), so it was an absolute perfect finish to a perfect night for me – I won a car! It’s 1:18 scale but I still won an M6! Thanks must got to the Richards’ for donating it but also a massive thanks to my buddy Tim Oh who won it first but as he already has one, said to redraw the prize, and my name came up. Thanks Tim – coffee on me next time we meet.

Darryl O'Neill | Member #52
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 

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