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24 Oct 2021 9:42 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 24 October 2021

My partner Lucy and I have just experienced our first day out with the BMWDCM. Having only joined the club some months ago and looking forward to some involvement, of the already planned adventures.

It was disappointing to see the lockdown imposed and take away the Christmas in July, the whale watching weekend as well as other planned future drive days and track events. However, that being in the past it was nice to leave the house this morning with a new-found sense of freedom.

It was quite wet when we left home but as we travelled down along Eastlink the weather soon cleared and we enjoyed the sunshine. Arriving at the Hastings Marina carpark shortly before 9am we met Graeme and Jo, after checking in with the club QR code, Graeme assisted me with the setup of my newly purchased CB radio. Once the radio was up and running I quickly gave the handset to the conversationalist of the duo, Lucy.

The rest of the attendees arrived gradually over the next hour in a wide variety of BMW models and not forgetting the Monaro and Porsche drivers (apologies if I missed any other participating types).  Soon, we all convened for the drivers briefing under Jo’s megaphone guidance, which concluded conveniently as the rain began to fall.

Leaving the carpark just after 10am in two groups of each around fifteen cars we soon were threading our way around the interesting mix of roads that traverse the Mornington Peninsula. The scenery was as usual for the area quite spectacular, a mix of flat runs, twisting tree lined hills and valleys not that you can spend too much time gazing at the distant ocean between the trees or you’ll end up wrapped around one.  Lucy and I have travelled some of these roads in the past but it was a real pleasure to play follow the leader and not worry about where we were going and which way to turn (thanks to Lead Navigator Jo).

Lucy at one stage was worried that Jo had been so quiet on the communication of instructions until she realised that she had turned the volume down on our hand set. Soon enough we were up and running, and world order had returned.

When we stopped at Flinders to have a toilet and coffee break Lucy commented that this is not a long drive, when I told her that we had been moving for about for an hour and twenty minutes she was surprised that the time has passed so quickly.

The driving groups were at times split up due to stop, give way signs and roundabouts and other intruding vehicles but with a bit of manoeuvring Jo managed to keep nearly all of us together except a few lost souls who eventually found their way to the Seawinds picnic and playground park on their own. We had not been to this park before but it will be on our list to bring the grandkids to when the weather is a little warmer. Lots of seats and picnic fold out tables appeared as we set up out lunches.

I think from what I could see amongst all the other picnic tables Michael and Ushi probably set the bench mark, with fresh fruit and Moet Shandon. Quite a step up from my sourdough roll and warm tea, because, as it turned out our thermos was not really a thermos LOL.

An enjoyable return to our normal life, lovely to meet new people and Lucy and I are looking forward to more of the same. Lucy has expressed interest in doing a track day. It would be great to see her on the track and see the inner hoon appear.

A satisfying day all round and thank you to all the organisers and participants that we met and didn’t get a chance to meet this time round.

Alex Baxter | Member #740
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