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Becoming a Motorsport Official Information Evening

14 Oct 2021 7:57 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 12 October 2021

The evening was held by Zoom. Jo had a fantastic power point presentation giving an outline of what was to be discussed. Presenters spoke about different aspects of motor sport officials.

Mark Thompson from the Victorian Flagmarshalling Team (VFT), gave a comprehensive talk about all the aspects of flag marshalling including details of what each flag represented. This part of the presentation should be compulsory for all competitors as the comprehensive information would assist all racing on the tracks to understand what is seen by officials close to the track. The information would help all drivers understand how they fit onto the track.

Scrutineering was discussed by both Geoff Riddle and Graeme Bell and the talk was specific in that you did not have to be a mechanic to be able to be part of this team. An eye for detail is needed with expert help always by your side. Specialists can check the special requirements for each individual class.

Rescue and medical are the areas that require prior knowledge in their field such as medical training for medical.

There are levels of officials culminating in bronze, silver and gold. The training is recognised Internationally, and all are insured while on the job. FIA registration as an official means you can work worldwide.

The main aspect was the importance of officials and the need for new blood.  It is an area where you meet fantastic and dedicated people.

A special thanks to the organisers of the evening – their commitment and excitement at being an official stood out.

Chris Allen | Member #770
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