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BCCM September video catch up

26 Sep 2021 8:30 PM | Anonymous

Event date: early hours of 25 September 2021

For those of us that stayed up late on Friday night, or indeed got up at 2am on Saturday morning, we had a lovely catch-up and chat with our friend Eva and her colleagues from BMW Clubs and Community Management (BCCM) live from Munich. This was the second monthly video hook up, and great to see quite a few members logging in to hear all about the new online BMW Archive that is now available via the BMW Classic web site.

We were shown through the search functions and just how much material is available for you to search. Everything from pictures to service books and workshop and parts manuals for everything you can think of. As BMW are moving their physical archives into a new building, everything is being stored digitally as well, so we can search for anything from anywhere. It's quite amazing the level of detail they have available, so go and have a look, download the BMW Museum app too and have a look at what is there! If you need a hand, let us know and we can send you directions to the web site and how to find things. 

Eva also mentioned that starting very soon, BMW Classic will be hosting twice monthly enthusiast get togethers at Classic, so once we are able to travel again and if you happen to be in Munich, you are very welcome to drop in and say hello at one of the events. So that is another reason to let us know if you are going to Munich, we can contact Eva and you will be welcomed to Munich, as we were when last we were there. Well worth the visit, as there is so much to see at Classic.

Hopefully, the next catch-up with Eva and BCCM will be at a more respectable time for us in Australia. If not we will again report on anything of interest, but I look forward to the next one regardless, as it is fantastic to be able to go to Munich and catch up on the news, without getting on a plane.

Graeme Bell | Member #1
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