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BMWDCM 2021 Annual General Meeting

22 Sep 2021 2:12 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 21 September 2021

With our extended lockdown, the BMWDCM Annual General Meeting via Zoom held on evening of 21 September 2021 was well attended with 39 club members, following the week after with our September extended lockdown Zoom monthly meetings.

In the comfort with the warmth in our own homes, an introduction to the night by the standing Vice President, Jo Mawson, it was good to see other club members and talk live to each other to break to the new routine of being restricted our homes of night.

The conversation before any formalities and voting was quite relaxed, with the standing President, Graeme Bell, asking how we are all going with the current lockdown and general chat, as well as thanking those contributing to the clubs success for the past twelve months, especially in current circumstances, the welfare team.

As the formality of the BMWDCM Annual General Meeting began, the standing Secretary, Lawrence Glynn, along with the standing Treasurer, Sharron Glynn, presented the BMWDCM 2020/2021 financials, taking us through the fiscal particulars.

Next on the agenda, nominations and voting on the four BMWDCM committee positions for 2021/2022. Being only four nominations, one for each position, being President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, each standing member removed themselves from their current roles, to be re-voted by those in attendance of this meeting back into their previous roles for the following year. Congratulations to all four committee members.

With this formality completed, two proposed amendments were made to the BMWDCM charter that were second regarding membership pricing and future AGM formal voting.

Upon completion and the formal part of the meeting being behind us, general discussion was back in hand, discussing future events and their postponement, new purchases, AFL grand final and for some reason, members cats, dogs and kittens wanted to intrude on in the meeting, probably being confused on what we are all doing up so late.

Compliments to our BMWDCM Committee members in retaining their roles. I mentioned to one of the committee members last night, the BMWDCM may be the product and business, but Graeme, Jo, Lawrence and Shaaron, you four are the club. Again congratulations.

Paul Holliday | Member #296
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