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13 Aug 2021 7:14 PM | Anonymous

Today I enjoyed some of the extra benefits that being a member of the BMWDCM brings.  I will start by letting you all know that I am that 50+ year old that loves these cars, doesn't need a GPS (it's in my head), will have a go at fixing most things, and suffers from very high testosterone levels which leads to male pattern baldness, so no blonde moments here.

Anyway I was at my local service station this morning and taking my red rocket for a run to stretch her legs as the day was what can only be described as a beautiful spring day in winter.  Removing the nozzle from the pump housing I attempted to open the fuel latch but it would not budge.  I spent 15 embarrassing minutes trying to open the bloody thing.  I ended up giving up my manhood and made a call to those that should know. 

Firstly I went right to the top to ask some troubleshooting advice from our president.  I think he must have my number in his phone and when I call it comes up with "pest".  He chose not to answer.  Not letting this deter me I made a call to the V.P who answered my mayday call.  Jo made "the pres" talk to me after I explained my predicament.  The conversations that transpired and instructions following I have been asked to tone down to a "G rating" for the wider reading group. 

Anyway, the solution was to manually override the locking mechanism for the fuel flap.  To do this, I was advised to open the boot, look for a small cut out on the drivers side boot liner at the rear of the wheel arch just behind the line of the fuel flap.  Anyway,  so I merely had to insert my finger into the hole and press the magic little button (the override button) which resulted in "the release of the flap".  

Success and a beautiful day cruising around.

Thank you both very much.

Andrew Dickson | Member #248
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