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Drive to Point Nepean National Park

28 Jun 2021 8:46 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 27 June 2021

We left from McDonalds Mornington with the burble of Graeme's X5 our good group of mixed series cars headed down and around the winery trail on a fine but brisk morning heading towards Sorrento. Although the weather was fine it had rained overnight and the roads were wet with water running across the road in places and avoiding debris that had come off trees in the recent storms.

After some slight deviations enhancing our trip we pulled into Sorrento for a coffee break and I was surprised at the way Sorrento had been set out with plenty of parking and automated conveniences. After refreshing we headed down to point Nepean stopping at the Quarantine centre for 1.5 hours to take in the complex or enjoy watching the ships pass by. The Quarantine centre was set up in 1852 and ran through until 1980. There was a lot of speed humps in this area that would have challenged some of the lower cars. There is also a picnic area and walks for those so inclined.

After Point Nepean we headed back to the Pig & Whistle for lunch. We had a separate area and enjoyed the basic English style meals although I suspect the highlight was the desert for those that partook. After good food and good company we headed off gradually.

A good day was had by all and thank you to the organisers. Along the way it was mentioned that there is a winery with a sculpture garden and a maze at Arthurs Seat that may feature in an upcoming trip when the weather is warmer. 

Adrian White | Member #606
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