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Sandown Driver Training & Come & Try Day

21 Jun 2021 9:25 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 19 June 2021

I thought I would drop you a quick line to congratulate BMWDCM for a great Come Try Day on Saturday. It is events like this that keeps not only the competitors enthusiasm but also those officials that would not normally get an opportunity to enjoy a day out doing something different in officiating. I for one enjoyed my day immensely at Pit Entry, working with Adam and Michael as a back up certainly made it an interesting and engaging day for us all.

We were able to speak with the competitors as they came off the track as well as they were heading down to dummy grid, their happy faces looking forward to the event ahead and sharing their top speeds and braking issues, Adam was very happy to be on the radio, something he had not done before and real confidence booster for his experience trackside.  Jo, Graeme, Lawrence and Meg are to be congratulated on a fantastic day and a job well done, especially in these challenging times, well all know its not easy to run an event like this in these uncertain days and I'm sure your perseverance has paid off, with comments like "you have gotta love this BMW Club for what they do" being over heard repeatedly.

The breakfast and Pizza lunch together with the goodies pack provided were surely welcomed by all the officials I spoke to and plenty of comments about coming back to do another of you Come & Try Days.

So thanks again, It was a great day.

Mark Thompson | Vice President
Victorian Flagmarshalling Team

Thanks again to the awesome BMWDCM team for a great day at Sandown - I can’t believe how much Dad and I learned- from Graeme, Alex, Jess, Simon and others… it was a great day.  So chilled and relaxed and wonderful people as always.

Shannon Cooper | Member #672
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

A huge thanks to Jo and Graeme and the whole team for a great day out at Sandown.  It was very well organised all day and I had a ball.  Looking forward to the next one already.

Ben Fenwick | Member #547
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

Thank you to the committee members and volunteers for another first class event.

Every step is carried out with the utmost care, professionalism and your passion for fun and success is reflected by the enthusiasm shown by both members and friends. We had a beautiful day on the track and great company in the garage when we were off the track. 

Congratulations and keep up the great work. 

Michael Mimmo | Member #515
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

I just want to thank you all for a great day.  Your organisation was fantastic.  I look forward to doing another day with you once I fix all the things I discovered during the runs.  Would you especially pass on my thanks to whoever arranged the weather?

Stephen Corneille | Non-member
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

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