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ANZAC Weekend Away

29 Apr 2021 9:08 AM | Anonymous

Event date: 24-25 April 2021

Jenny and I joined the BMWDCM trip to Mansfield over ANZAC weekend... we'll be back. We had a calendar clash on Saturday, so we visited a winery and joined the group for dinner on Saturday evening.  Jo had picked a local restaurant (The Old Fire Station), which was an immediate win. The great atmosphere in there was matched by the welcome from the others and the great food. 

Most of the group attended the Mansfield ANZAC day dawn service and laid a wreath on behalf of BMWDCM on Sunday. This gave us a strong positive inclination of the personalities in BMWDCM.

We then had a casual start to the Sunday drive, with the driver's briefing commencing at a leisurely 10am (my kind of Sunday start).  The team rolled out of Mansfield with Jo, co-pilot for Graeme at the front and Shaaron co-piloting for Lawrence (Tail-end-Charlie). 

We took a great route, accommodating various “driving styles” along winding and undulating terrain. Jo kept up entertaining commentary on the UHF of turns, as well as sights and legends of the area. Jo’s advanced notice of oncoming vehicles was also great on these narrow, often single vehicle, roads.  Lawrence kept the group together with comms to confirm that we’d all reached a turn/milestone. That’s a thankless task, so “well done Lawrence”.

Bonnie Doon “lit up” the UHFs with some The Castle quotes, then we stopped for morning tea in Yea. A chance for me to talk cars, mods, upgrades and octane with the like minded in the group.

The trip concluded at Glen Yarra with an option for a sugar fix at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery - that was a popular choice.

So, thanks to Jo & the gang for a great first outing for us. We’ll certainly be pencilling in the next trip.

Martin Taylor | Member #598
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

On the drive the trees were beautiful. Me and Harper climbed the sand hills, it was fun. [Sim: Sand bank at the top of Mount Buller, it was very cold, and Tilly took her shoes off.] Harper's dad stopped and we got to touch snow. On the drive, I got to make calls on the radio. We got up really really early to go to the Anzac Dawn service. It was very cold and dark. Afterwards we had early breakfast and I had an iced chocolate with ice cream. I couldn't finish it.

We went to a chocolate shop on the way home. And me and Harper hanged upside down on the statue out the front.

Matilda Taylor (8), daughter of Simeon Taylor | Member #168
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

Whilst the remainder of the Mansfield/ANZAC group headed back to Melbourne, I booked another night and after the ANZAC 6am service, yawn, shiver, we breakfasted at Coffee Merchants.  Some members holding executive positions decided that their imaginations were bigger than their appetites and ordered a side of two hash browns.  Such waste!

Peter's drive instructions took me on a short but great drive to Tolmie.  A nice smattering of deciduous trees broke up the grey-green of the eucalypts on the flat section heading out of Mansfield.  Time to take photos with the sun shining and low cloud clinging to the mountain tops.

After Sawpit Gully Rd, it was a gentle climb through mostly sweeping corners, a couple of not-so-tight hairpins thrown in for good measure.  An enjoyable drive cruising, a bit more exhilarating if you cane it.

After arriving in the metropolis of Tolmie; which consists of a well-ventilated with .22s shed, which you'd sleep in at your peril, it was across the hill and down into Barwite, which consists of a difficult to locate winery before a quick spin back into Mansfield.

A worthwhile 90 min drive, if you take your time

Graham Thomas | Member #534
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