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Geelong March Twilight Drive

31 Mar 2021 9:21 AM | Anonymous

Event date: 28 March 2021

Many of us do not need much of an excuse to take our cars out for a drive but sometimes a little encouragement is required. Taking the long way to have something to eat and meet up with fellow members is reason a plenty.

So that’s what we did on Sunday evening, making a 10 minute drive from Ceres to Grill’d take about 1 hour.

Finding twisty roads around Geelong is something of a challenge as the terrain is largely flat and the road engineers have taken a leaf from the Roman’s civil engineering book and made the roads as straight and flat as they can. Fortunately there are rivers which roads cross and they throw up a few bends and elevation changes to make things a bit more interesting. The route had some of these elements but the views made up for the lack of g-force excitement.

What was interesting was the nice mix of cars and the great company. So we all had a good time and enjoyed the evening. As an added bonus we helped to try and boost the fund raising for The Smith Family via Geelong Evening View Club (whose secretary is my wife Shaaron!). Two birds and all that.

Lawrence Glynn | Member #3
BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

It was a lovely evening for a drive around the country back roads of Geelong and a fantastic opportunity to raise money for such a worthwhile organisation Smith Family via Geelong Evening View Club.

We met at Ceres and set off together, Jenny and Mark nominated to be our “tail end Charlie” for the evening, well done top job guys.

Weather was perfect and the roads had some curve and there is just about no greater feeling behind the wheel of our beautiful BMWs of such vast array.

Company was also lovely back at Grill’d with Burgers, chit chat and laughs had by all, especially with Peter’s witty commentary.

Cate Unsworth | Member #490
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