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My Unplanned Weekend of Racing at Winton

31 Mar 2021 12:19 PM | Anonymous

My Friday started off normal, working away with the goal of finishing early, having a pub lunch and a POETS day. I got a call from a friend who was doing Friday practice at Winton, Alex Jory, he asked me if I was free on the weekend to race in the E30s as another friend, Rod Martin, had to work and had pulled out of the weekends racing. 

Rod was happy for me to race his car if I was free, but I turned the offer down as it was my son's birthday party on Saturday morning.  The thought of racing grew more and more on me so I rang back and said I’d have to get permission from my son to get the all clear to go racing and miss his party. He said he knows I love racing and that will all of his friends around he wouldn’t notice I wasn’t there, so late Friday night I loaded up Rod's car and headed up to the house where team Bell Motorsport were staying.

I woke Saturday to the sound of drizzle, thinking it will make qualifying interesting and it did. It was the first time I’d driven Rod's car and it wasn’t handling as well as some of the E30 race cars that I’ve been lucky enough to drive but I'm always up for a challenge. I managed to qualify fifth and was within six tenths of second (Chris Bell smashed the field by 1.1 seconds!).

It rained just before race 1 which made things tricky for the field but the track was drying each lap and was almost completely dry by the end, I finished where I started.

Race 2 was early Sunday morning, I got a great start and made a couple of positions on the opening lap and got to third, which I held on to for the rest of the race.

Race 3 I lost a couple of spots on the opening lap and then had a epic battle with Brian Bourke for the whole race with him passing me just before the last lap.

I had a great weekend racing with a great bunch of guys and girls, I hope they do the two driver enduro races again later in the year so I can get another steer.

A huge thanks to Rod Martin for the car and Bell Motorsport for helping to get me strapped  in for each race.

Thank you also the BMW Drivers Club Melbourne for sponsoring the Blend Line coverage for the weekend.

Anton Bergman | Member #66
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