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Werribee Zoo Family Day

21 Mar 2021 12:01 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 14 March 2021

My favourite part of Werribee Zoo was the safari tour.  We had our own carriage.  My favourite thing I saw on the safari tour was the big lumps of Rhino poo.  We also saw the male onyx who had 26 girlfriends.

Before that I went to the Australian Trail and walked through all the dinosaurs.  I loved them because they could move.  My favourite dinosaur was one meat eating dinosaur because they have sharp and shiny teeth.

I also liked seeing Olivia and the other children and I got a unicorn Beanie Boo in the shop. Thank you Jo for organising this day out.

Eliza Piera (6 years) | Member #564, granddaugter of Shaaron and Lawrence Glynn
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