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Members Meeting at Revolution Racegear

5 Feb 2021 8:30 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 3 February 2021

Fun Fact Time:

  • Did you know that if you are competing in a Sprint event you need a Fire Extinguisher in your car, but if you are in a racing event, you don’t?
  • What about the fact that it’s a good idea to turn your seat heaters off before you arrive at a track?
  • Or that some metal valve caps sold in some retail stores aren’t in fact ‘metal’?
  • How about the fact that it is useful to eat snakes and jelly babies on the drive home after a track day?
  • What about this one: You can get some amazing discounts on a massive range of racing gear and equipment from our wonderful new sponsors at Revolution Racegear?

These fun facts and more were shared with a group of enthusiastic Club members during a wonderful evening hosted by the aforementioned new BMWDCM Sponsors, Revolution Racegear on Wednesday 3 February - “Preparing for a Motorsport Event”.

So if you missed it, you also missed some wonderfully comprehensive and helpful information shared by Jo and Graeme about how to go about getting yourself and your car ready for the racetrack.  The discussions and presentation covered everything from how to purchase the best drivers kit, and essential safety items through to licencing, insurance and how to avoid NASCAR like confrontations in pitlane.

It reminded us all that you can’t just rock up to a track day with your car, a stack-hat and a Posca Pen ready to scribble a number on your window and expect to go racing.  Preparing for a motorsport event requires proper equipment, preparation and an understanding of regulations and rules- all designed to ensure that you (and fellow competitors/participants) have an amazing and safe day enjoying the power and precision of you car on a proper track.

The team at Revolution were wonderful hosts, extending their expertise, passion and a warm welcome to all of us.  The range of gear they stock is amazing, and you could easily spend hours with the team at the counter bench-racing or exploring everything from helmets to harnesses, fire systems to fuel tanks through to seats, suits and steering wheels. The great news is that your Credit Card will be better off owing to the generous discounts on offer to BMWDCM Members.

A big thanks to Aaron and Mark from Revolution and Jo and Graeme for organising another wonderful event for us.

(Oh, and in case you are having FOMO, you can access and download the presentation right here on the BMWDCM website)

Shannon Cooper | Member #599
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