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Mates with 8s Observation Run

24 Jan 2021 9:52 PM | Anonymous

Event date: 23 January 2021

Saturday the 23rd arrived as a perfect morning as members and others met at Corio for the start of the Mates With 8s Observation Tour.

While the concept was that each car would leave at set intervals with the crews navigating the route with the aid of their trip odometer and a set of instructions, the start was delayed due to Westgate Freeway road works and an unreliable Google holding people up.  To save time, the outcome was that all 13 cars left together like a Congo Line and the first time the lead car took a wrong turn everyone else followed (BMW Lemmings)!

After reverting to the normal club run format of a leader (me) we proceeded at pace only to be told later that it was too fast to spot the answers to the questions! The lesson to be learned from putting an ex-racing driver in the lead is that at least I enjoyed the drive – so there!

Reading out the answers to the really easy clues resulted in such comments as “That’s a bit cryptic” from Barry Powell and “Oh, I see what you did there” from Nella Santisi when told that the big green African animal hiding in the bush was a Rhino brand water tank. Nella also went on to say that the dog ate her instructions.

The champion of the day however was the observant Marcela Zamora. Well done. I hope the chocolates weren’t melted.

Trevor Ryan | Member #595
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