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BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

Telling My Story

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The book is an anthology of true stories told by male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As innocent children they were victims, now they are survivors. They are educated, they are business owners, they have PHDs, they are well travelled, they are loving fathers and partners, and they stand amongst you and me. The stories are real life accounts, told in their own words, of their experience following sexual abuse as a child. The men in this book share candidly the impact on their wellbeing, emotional stability, and family relationships – and the isolation, shame, guilt and resentment that can ensue throughout these experiences. They share the avenues of support and healing that have led them towards recovery. All the men chose to contribute to this book because they are prepared to make a stand for something that really matters and that has touched them personally. It is their hope to help our society understand the reality for men and to reach others that have been affected; for those boys and men to know they are not alone, that with the right support they too can define who they are. The authors and publisher of this book have donated their contributions. The proceeds of book sales will go to the Centre Against Sexual Assault (Gippsland) where they will be used to support the recovery prevention of child sexual assault victims.

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