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BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

BMWDCM Social Media Policy

Last updated: 25 June 2020


The BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc (BMWDCM) recognises the significant benefits of Social Media and its widespread use in many ways.  However when used incorrectly, social media can cause damage and create risk for those who use it. BMWDCM has a legitimate interest to make sure that social media is used responsibly within the club.

This BMWDCM Social Media Policy (Policy) aims to regulate how social media is used in relation to BMWDCM and each event associated with BMWDCM (Event), as well as stating the potential consequences if social media is not used correctly.


This Policy applies to:

(a) BMWDCM committee members; and

(b) individuals who hold a BMWDCM membership;  

(c) individuals who are a member of the facebook group of BMWDCM,
(together, You)

when using Social Media in relation to BMWDCM or an Event.

Social Media in this Policy means any type of electronic public forum that enables people to create and share content or engage in social networking. Common examples include Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums, content sharing and uploading, etc.

This Policy does not apply to the use of Social Media in personal and other areas of life which are not related to BMWDCM or an Event.

Keeping safe with Social Media

When using social media You must:

(a)    remember that the internet is not anonymous, anything shared on social media can be seen by others and that You may not be able to change what You have written or said once it has been shared;

(b)    not use social media in any way which affects the safety of You or those around You.

When at an Event, You must

(a)  always make sure that You act safely and take personal responsibility for the safety of those around You;

(b)  except as necessary in Your role, not use social media or Your phone when on duty

(c)  comply with all signage, barriers and other markers noting where individuals should be;

(d)  follow all directions; and

(e)  be careful in recording and sharing images of children at an Event. At a minimum You must comply with the guidelines issued in relation to images of children by the Australian Sports Commission.  These can be found here.

Prohibited use of Social Media

Using Social Media in relation to BMWDCM or an Event in the following ways is prohibited:

(a)  acting in a way which is unlawful or in breach of BMWDCM’ rules, policies or procedures;

(b)  sharing confidential information obtained in confidence through Your interactions with BMWDCM (such as in relation to BMWDCM’ judicial proceedings or commercial dealings);

(c)  sharing anything of a private, indecent, illegal, voyeuristic, pornographic or sensitive nature;

(d)  sharing any sensitive images or explicit or personal details of any serious or critical accidents;

(e)  acting in a way which may be reasonably seen as bullying, harassing, offensive, discriminatory, threatening or damaging to others;

(f)   associating Yourself with groups on social media in a way which brings BMWDCM into disrepute;

(g)  unlawfully taking images and sharing content on social media without obtaining necessary consents. It is Your responsibility to ensure at all times that You have all necessary consents as required at law from individuals before sharing any images, text, recordings, etc. of a person.

Situations where extra vigilance should be used include:

    (a)    recording and sharing images of those under 18;

    (b)    sharing recordings or images where an Event is also being broadcast;  

    (c)    using trademarks and other people’s material over which they have copyright;

    (d)    sharing images of sensitive or private areas (i.e. pit garages, stewards rooms, rest rooms, etc.);  

    (e)    where it interferes with Your role at an Event or creates a safety risk; or

    (f)     any other manner which brings BMWDCM into disrepute.

    Motorsport Australia 

    As a Motorsport Australia affiliated club, all members, whether holding a Motorsport Australia licence or not, are subject to the Motorsport Australia social media policy which can be found here.

    What BMWDCM can do

    BMWDCM may take disciplinary action against You where You are in breach of this Policy. Disciplinary action may include but not be limited to cancellation of a licence or membership, exclusion from an Event or imposition of a penalty under the BMWDCM Constitution. BMWDCM will give You reasons as a result of any disciplinary action it takes and a reasonable opportunity to respond.

    BMWDCM may monitor social media from time to time. It may also look into allegations that social media has been abused from time to time and take action under this Policy or elsewhere.


    If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Policy or a breach of this Policy, please contact the President at


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