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BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

BMWDCM Privacy Policy

Last updated: 27 April 2018


The confidentiality and integrity of your personal data is important to us.  We will, therefore, process and use your data carefully and in accordance with the legal provisions on data protection and, in particular, not pass them on to third parties without your consent.


  1. The BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Incorporated (BMWDCM, the Club) collects personal information from members and contacts. The type of information collected includes:
    a.  Your Name.
    b.  Contact information, including but not limited to physical address, email address, telephone numbers. 
    c.  Specific information used in a generic format for event planning.
  2. You consent to the Club collecting, retaining and using this information by joining the club (financial member) or registering for an event (contact).

Access to, Collection of and Storage of Personal Information

  1. Member and contact information is collected electronically via the BMWDCM club website  (Club Website) and hosted by a separate the entity, Wild Apricot ( membership database, who has their own Privacy Policy.
  2. Member and contact information can be collected by other means, for example paper based record at a specific event or single purpose. The Club does not keep this information after the event or purpose.
  3. A member can access their member profile and information by logging on to the Club Website using their email and password information at any time.
  4. A contact can access their information by logging on to the Club Website and event they have registered for. Online access to this information is only available for the duration of that particular event.
  5. Member and contact information is made available to committee members, Club Website administrators and designated event organisers in a form and to the extent and for the duration required.
  6. The Club does not provide member or contact personal information externally:
    a.  Unless there is a legal requirement to do so;
    b.  Without the members consent; and
    c.  Having notified the member or contact by email that that the information has been provided or requested as applicable.


  1. A member or contact can request a copy of his or her personal information from the Club by emailing the Membership Secretary at The requested information will be provided within 14 working days.
  2. A member or contact wanting to make a complaint about the collection of personal information can email the President at and must provide a real name and contact details. Anonymous, alias and unverifiable contact emails will not be responded to.

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