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  • 14 Jun 2018 11:37 AM | Anonymous

    The all-new BMW X5: The Prestige SAV with the most innovative technologies. 

    The fourth generation of the BMW X5 (fuel consumption combined: 11.6 – 6.0 l/100 km [24.4 – 47.1 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 264 – 158 g/km; provisional values*) impresses with its wealth of innovations and represents the most compelling embodiment yet of the familiar Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) blueprint: the ability to venture off road combined with a talent for dynamic driving pleasure on it.

    See slideshow below for highlights: 

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    • Fourth generation of the BMW X family patriarch. New BMW X5 opens the next chapter in the success story of the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) segment’s founder, of which more than 2.2 million units have been sold so far. New edition of the BMW X5 captures the imagination with clarity of design, comfortable, sporty and authoritative driving attributes and innovative equipment features. Production at BMW Plant Spartanburg (USA). Market launch in November 2018.

    • Significantly larger than its predecessor: Length increased by 36 millimetres to 4,922 mm, width by 66 mm to 2,004 mm and height by 19 mm to 1,745 mm. Wheelbase extended by 42 mm to 2,975 millimetres.
    • Exterior employs a robust and clear design language that is new to BMW X models. Powerfully sculpted surfaces, precise lines. Large BMW kidney grille with a one-piece surround, eye-catching character line and dynamic roofline, rear lights have a three-dimensional form.
    • Interior exudes a classy and modern aura thanks to sophisticated materials, harmonious design and an innovative control concept.
    • Neatly judged individualisation with BMW xLine and M Sport lines, plus model-specific features from BMW Individual.
    • BMW Laserlight with Adaptive LED Headlights available as an option. Light sources have a striking design; lenses spread in a distinctive X shape; signature blue colour of BMW Laserlight.
    • First BMW model to be available with 22-inch light-alloy wheels (optional). M light-alloy wheels in twin-spoke design and BMW Individual light-alloy wheels available from launch in this size.
    • Market launch of the new BMW X5 with four engine variants: Newly developed V8 petrol engine with 340 kW/462 hp in the BMW X5 xDrive50i (not available in Europe), six-cylinder in-line petrol engine with 250 kW/340 hp in the BMW X5 xDrive40i (fuel consumption combined: 8.8 – 8.5 l/100 km [32.1 – 33.2 mpg imp]; CO 2 emissions combined: 200 – 193 g/km)* and two six-cylinder in-line diesel engines with 294 kW/400 hp in the BMW X5 M50d (fuel consumption combined: 7.2 – 6.8 l/100 km [39.2 – 41.5 mpg imp]; CO 2 emissions combined: 190 – 179 g/km)* and 195 kW/265 hp in the BMW X5 xDrive30d (fuel consumption combined: 6.8 – 6.0 l/100 km [41.5 – 47.1 mpg imp]; CO 2 emissions combined: 179 – 158 g/km)*. All power units feature cutting-edge exhaust gas treatment technology, including a gasoline particulate filter or SCR catalyst, and meet the EU6d-TEMP standard. Eight-speed Steptronic transmission fitted as standard.
    • BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive with new, more efficient control system and rear-wheel bias as standard. Differential lock at rear axle provides noticeably enhanced agility, traction and directional stability when accelerating out of corners and in other dynamic driving situations.
    • First BMW X model with optional Off-Road package. Two-axle air suspension, underguard at the front and rear, plus specific displays in the instrument cluster and Control Display. Choice of four driving modes available at the touch of a button. Ride height and the responses of BMW xDrive, DSC, the transmission and the accelerator are adjusted to give an optimum set-up for driving on sand, rock, gravel or snow.
    • Dynamic Damper Control with electronically controlled dampers as standard. New chassis systems available for the first time in a BMW X model: two-axle air suspension offering ride height adjustment of up to 80 millimetres. Integral Active Steering, Adaptive M suspension Professional with active roll stabilisation.
    • Debut appearance of the BMW Live Cockpit Professional display and control concept (fitted as standard). Further development of the iDrive operating system to include a fully digital instrument cluster and 12.3-inch Control Display. Clear graphics and flat menu structure designed for touch control ensure quick access to settings and functions. Situation-linked and customisable displays supply the driver with the right information at the right time.
    • Increased ease of use through multimodal use of the touchscreen display, Controller, voice control and BMW gesture control.
    • New generation of the BMW Head-Up Display with a larger projection surface (now 7 × 3.5 inch), optimised 3D graphics and additional display content.
    • Optional third row of seats (expected to be available from 12/2018) offers two additional seats; comfortable entry and exit thanks to electrically forward-tilting second-row seats.
    • Two-piece split tailgate, hands-free opening and closing of both sections with optional Comfort Access. Automatic boot cover can be lowered electrically into load compartment floor (expected to be available from 12/2018). Boot capacity can be increased from 645 litres to a maximum 1,860 litres.
    • Standard leather trim in new variant Vernasca and optional BMW Individual Merino leather trim both available in a choice of four colours.
    • New options provide the interior with exceptional creature comforts: Multifunction seats with massage function, four-zone automatic climate control, heated armrests, cooled/heated cupholders in the centre console, Panorama glass roof Sky Lounge with a 23 per cent larger glass surface, Ambient Air package for interior fragrancing, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System (expected to be available from 12/2018), Rear-seat entertainment Professional system with 10.2-inch touchscreen display (expected to be available from 12/2018).
    • First appearance of new glass applications (optional) for the newly designed transmission selector lever, the Controller, the start/stop button in the centre console and the audio system control knob.
    • Telephony with wireless charging for compatible mobile phones. BMW Display Key shows vehicle status information and allows user to control vehicle functions.
    • Updated ambient lighting (optional) with Welcome Light Carpet for the entry area to the car and Dynamic Interior Light with pulsating illumination in the instrument panel (when receiving incoming phone calls) and in the door panel and opener (when the door is opened with the engine running).
    • Innovative suite of driver assistance systems takes another step towards automated driving: Driving Assistant Professional includes further developed Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, Steering and lane control assistant, Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning, side collision protection, evasion aid, Crossing traffic warning, Priority warning and Wrong-way warning.
    • Emergency Stop Assistant available for the first time; brakes the vehicle automatically if required, and steers it to the side of the road.
    • Parking Assistant with automated longitudinal and lateral guidance. New Reversing Assistant takes over steering to manoeuvre the vehicle along a path recently negotiated forward – over a distance of up to 50 metres. Parking Assistant Plus also includes Surround View, Top View, Panorama View and Remote 3D View.
    • Complete range of services from BMW ConnectedDrive. Full connectivity between the vehicle and the customer’s digital devices via the BMW Connected personal mobility assistant. BMW Digital Key allows users to access the vehicle and start the engine using their smartphone. Hazard warning provided by connectivity with other BMW vehicles. Software upgrades “over the air”. Integration of Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business.


  • 13 Jun 2018 11:36 AM | Anonymous
    Queens Birthday drive to Skyhigh, Mount Dandenong

    When planning an event there are a lot of things to think about and to try and control..  The weather can be one of those but I haven’t found a way of controlling it yet (the Chinese Government famously controlled the raid for the Beijing Olympics but only in a very limited way in a very limited area).

    So, it was more by luck than good judgement that we enjoyed glorious views from SkyHigh at Mount Dandenong at the end of our short cruise on the Queen’s birthday.

    The photos I took with my phone do not do justice to the view.  I should, it turns out, have taken my better camera, but who carries one of those anymore?

    The service road outside Waverly BMW proved to be an ideal starting point, with the minor exception that there was no coffee on sale (surely a mandatory item in Melbourne but we seemed to survive) and no toilets (which became more of an issue for me once we actually reached SkyHigh – the transition from seated to standing seems to release something!).

    Not only were we blessed with good weather but we had a good turnout too.  It was great to see some families attend with younger children who seemed to be having a good time.

    This event was the first time we’d used the new sign in process – designed to meet all the requirements for public liability insurance from CAMS – including approved non-members as day members on the spot.  It worked well, just a signature against your name.

    There was also time to showcase some of the merchandise we now have and have a chat.

    Thanks to the numerous traffic lights our convoy got a little broken up and the climb up to Mount Dandenong was disrupted by other slower moving traffic.  Nonetheless, the views on the way up and the little villages we passed through made a very scenic and enjoyable drive. The road was twisty and very much like being well out in the countryside in the foothills of the Victorian Alps, yet so close to Melbourne.  A few brief bursts of spirited driving where the visibility and traffic permitted made it interesting and fun.

    SkyHigh is clearly very popular but we managed to find enough parking spaces close together and then set off to explore the many features.

    The view is obviously the main draw, and it was very pleasant to sit outside and admire the vista stretching across Port Phillip Bay to Geelong, the You Yangs, the Brisbane Ranges and beyond.  Some made it into, and thankfully out of, the Maze and others just strolled around the grounds.

    A coffee and a prolonged chat lead onto lunch and then people drifted off home.

    A fun way to spend some of a public holiday!

    Lawrence Glynn |  Secretary
    MW Drivers Club Melbourne 
    The Ultimate Driving Club

  • 8 Jun 2018 8:35 PM | Anonymous

    Have you ever wondered why?

    For our June members meeting I put together a few fun facts from BMW’s history.  I’m glad to say that those who attended found it interesting and entertaining!

    I will not try and write out the entire presentation, mainly because I type too slowly!

    For those who could not make it I’ll briefly cover the first of the questions - Have you ever wondered why some think the BMW logo is a spinning propeller?

    From this very question you can deduce that the “roundel” is not based on a spinning propeller, but BMW used a picture indicating that it was in some of their advertising in the 1920’s.  To make the advertising seem credible they even invented a back story to go with it.

    The story goes that a BMW engineer was watching a plane landing after a test flight (of the engine – BMW originally made aero engines) and saw the pattern made by the propeller and thought what a great logo that would make.  Just add the letters BMW in the area around the edge of the propeller and its done.

    Sadly, there are two major issues with that story.

    The first, and most obvious, is that a spinning propeller is nigh on invisible to the naked eye.  The “four quadrant” effect is a device used by artists to convey motion, you can not actually see it.  Spinning propellers on film sometimes give this effect due to the synchronisation of the camera shutter and the propeller rotation.

    The band around the end of the propeller, onto which the BMW letters are imposed, is actually there because the end of the blades are painted white to help you see the prop spin!

    So, the engineer would not have seen the 4 quadrants at all.

    The second issue is that by the time any plane took off equipped with a BMW engine, the engine would already have the roundel logo cast into the side of the block.  All BMW engines did (and do).

    The roundel logo for BMW was adapted from the roundel logo used by Rapp Motor Works, a company which was renamed by Austrian military supervisor, Franz Joseph Popp, who was sent to Rapp to supervise the manufacture of 224 Type IIIa engines to the Daimler design.

    German military engines were built to an interchangeable design, so any Type IIIa engine could be used in a Type IIIa plane.  The actual design of the engine was determined by the manufacturer.

    Rapp’s engines were of variable quality and performance, varying from bad to dreadful.  So much so that they were not even trusted to make engines to a proven good design without outside supervision.

    Ex Daimler engineer Max Friz, now at Rapp, had developed a carburettor and engine design which would fly higher (a key military advantage to this day) and use less fuel.  Tests proved this to be so, and, ignoring orders from High Command, Popp had engines to the Friz design built instead of the Daimler design.

    Popp recognised the need to distance the company from the reputation of the Rapp era so he took on the imprimatur of the regional government calling the new company Bavarian Motor Works and adopting the white and blue state colours.  It was illegal to use a national or state logo as a company logo, so the quartered white and blue fields were reversed.  This idea was applied to the existing Rapp Motor Works roundel logo to make the BMW roundel we know today.

    The name BMW and the roundel design were registered in March 1917 (not 1916 as you may have thought – have you ever wondered why that is?)

    The BMW engine went on to be the aero engine of choice for German WW1 pilots and Opel were commissioned to build engines of the BMW design.

    Popp realised that pilots not only liked the performance of this engine but the way it delivered that performance, the feeling of pleasure and confidence it gave.

    This became the company mandate, known today by the tag line from an American advertising agency as “sheer driving pleasure”.

    Lawrence Glynn |  Secretary
    MW Drivers Club Melbourne 
    The Ultimate Driving Club

  • 1 Jun 2018 9:28 PM | Anonymous

    MONTH IN REVIEW                    

    May was a fantastic month for BMW Drivers Club Melbourne!  We had a very successful launch night, which was held at the Naked Racer Bar at Antique Motorcycles in Cheltenham.  We had over 70 members attend to celebrate our launch.  

    Read more about our launch night here.

    Following our launch night, we held a display event at the Shannons Nationals at Sandown where we also sent one lucky member, Sam O’Neil, for the ride of his life with Steve Richards in his GT4 M4.  “Half way round the track Steven did the thumbs up just to check if I was still with him, and boy was I ever!” - It’s safe to say Sam enjoyed himself.  It pays to register for events!  You never know what can happen. 

    Read more about the Shannons Nationals and see photos here.

    Our friends at AROCA then invited us to attend their sprint dat at Sandown Raceway.  While we're still getting our Drivers' Championship sorted this was a great opportunity to get out on trach and we had a number of members attend.  the day started out quite wet but turned into the perfect day!  Keep an eye on our calendar for more chances to get on track.

    THE MONTH AHEAD                         

    June is set to be a busy month with a number of events coming up:

    • 3 June 2018
      On Sunday, 3 June we are off to the Shannon's Nationals at Phillip Island.  There is still time to register if you’d like to head down to put your car on display and soak up some more Shannon's Nationals action!  Registrations are here.
    • 5 June 2018
      On Tuesday, 5 June we have our next general meeting at Shannon's Insurance for a for a fun, fact filled evening with the theme “have you ever wondered why ...?”.    We’ve also got some club matters to discuss so come along to vote and have your say.  Please register here.
    • 9 June 2018
      Our friends at AROCA have invited BMWDCM members to attend their next sprint day at Winton Motor Raceway on 9 June.  Head to the event page to find out more and download the supp regs and registration forms.
    • 11 June 2018
      Unsure of what you’re going to do on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend?  Join us on a drive to SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong where we’ll meet at Waverley BMW at 10am and drive to SkyHigh to explore the grounds and try our best to find our way out of the maze.  We’ll then also grab an informal bite to eat.  If you’d like to enjoy a formal  lunch in the bistro, please ensure you book yourself a table directly with the restaurant.  Register for our drive here.

      EVENTS NOT TO MISS!                   

    Keep an eye on our calendar for events coming up, we’re always adding something new.  Click on any of the following events for more information.

     1 July  |  Christmas in July on the Peninsula
     3 July  |  July Meeting at Shannon's Insurance
    with the Victorian Flag Marshalling Team
     4 August  |

     Jindivick Cruise

     26 August  |  German Auto Day supporting
     Deaf Children Australia
     11 October  |  Motorclassica at the Royal Exhibition  
     Building, Melbourne



    Our latest review is on Bowden’s Own Snow Blow Canon.  See our blog to see what we thought of the Snow Blow Canon.     

     President | Graeme Bell 0407 186 296
    Vice President | Jo Mawson 0412 661 900
    Secretary | Lawrence Glynn 0414 563 290
    Treasurer | Shaaron Glynn 
  • 23 May 2018 10:53 AM | Anonymous

    1 Minute Review: Bowden's Own Snow Blow Cannon

    What is it?       

    Bowden’s Own Snow Blow Cannon

    What does it do?       

    Covers the car in a snow like foam blanket to soften and lift dirt – hose it off and possibly avoid the need to hand wash. Helps reduce swirl marks and cleaning effort.

    Does it work?

    Pretty well, yes.  I’ve yet to find any contactless wash which properly cleans a car – and probably never will - even with a pressure washer, which will take the clear coat off and leave some dirt behind defying all science.        

    But the car looked very clean after just a rinse which got most of the baked on bugs off – the rest were much easier to get off than normal.

    I would have been happy to drive away after the rinse for a quick wash rather than a detail clean. And the water beading afterwards was close to that from waxing afresh.        

    What else do you need?

    A pressure washer.  The cannon comes with adapters for common models.  The kit comes with enough foam solution for one application, so you’ll need a bottle of solution after that.        

    What does it cost?        

    The kit costs $99.99 and the Snow Job solution is $54.99 for 20 or more washes.

    Where can I get it?

    Online or through most auto accessory retailers. Autobarn carry most of the Bowden’s range.

    Anything else?        

    They’re an Australian company with a real interest in cars.  The family has a fantastic collection of important historic touring race cars  two beautiful JPS 635.

    Lawrence Glynn | BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 
    The Ultimate Driving Club

  • 20 May 2018 10:00 PM | Anonymous

    2018 Shannons Nationals at Sandown


    We had a cracking day's racing at the second round of the Shannons Nationals at Sandown on 13 May 2018.

    There was plenty of overtaking and enough for a BMW fan to cheer at, even if the Roundel was not first over the line in the headline Australian GT race.        

    To make the weekend even more special, one of our attendees, Sam O’Neil scored a hot lap with Steve Richards in the GT4 M4, courtesy of BMW Australia.

    Sam collected his pass from BMW Australia’s headquarters in Mulgrave on the Friday in his E30 convertible, which attracted the attention of several staff members. “Cool E30” was the remark. Despite the inclement weather they had him line the car up in front of the corporate signage for a photo or two!

    He described his hot lap as awesome. “WOW, that thing flies, the sheer force when Steven braked, I thought I would hit the screen. And the way it was gripping around the bends and hitting the apex, the car just does not slide at all. Half way around the track Steven did the thumbs up just to check if I was still with him,  and boy was I ever!”

    Needless to say he was very happy.

    The great thing about racing at this level is you can go into the pits and chat with the drivers and the crew, as long as they are not too busy or just getting ready to send the car out.

    The Steve Richards Motorsport (SRM) pit was not only welcoming, but professionally kitted out with nice white wall with a count down timer and TV screen, floor matting and all the gear you could need neatly stowed - almost F1 level.

    Sadly the results on the track do not match the dedication of the team, stuck as they are with the rigid “balance of performance” settings, which are applied worldwide in GT3 racing.

    Basically all the GT3 cars from all the manufacturers are adjusted to give identical lap times on a FIA designated circuit with a FIA designated driver.  Those settings result in quite a variation in performance at any given track.

    The BMW M6 does well at Bathurst, especially over the top of the mountain, at Phillip Island and The Bend, where SRM finished third in Round 1.

    Sandown does not suit the M6 as well, but it is fearsome under brakes.

    Starting race 1 on Sunday in seventh spot, Steve had made up one place before the compulsory pit stops.

    Here is another form of handicapping unique to Australia - all drivers are graded.  Grade 1 drivers have to have a driver swap and a longer pit stop.

    Steve is a Grade 1 driver so the car resumed with Ricky Capo in the drivers seat in tenth.  Unfortunately he had a spin and finished the race in 13th.

    This meant a starting position of 13th for race 2.  Steve managed to work his way up to tenth before the pit stop.  Ricky then finished in tenth, not far behind ninth, being the fastest car on track in clear air.

    For the M6 overtaking at Sandown is tricky with the best spots being under brakes at the end of the back straight, or through the S bend to the start of the front straight.

    To make easier for spectators each car carries a digital display, just above the race number in the windscreen, which shows their race position in class or how long the car has been stopped in the pits (minimum pit stop times apply).

    The other race featuring BMWs was the Production Car race which was won by BMW in all four starts over the weekend. BMWs 1st and 2nd in the final race and 3 or 4 in the top 10 in each race.

    Sadly, due to the weekend being on Mother's Day, the crowds were low.  However we proudly showed our BMWs to the few who were there.

    The next round of the Shannons Nationals is at Phillip Island June 1 – 3.

    The Committee |  BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 
    The Ultimate Driving Club



  • 2 May 2018 9:52 AM | Anonymous

    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

    Launch Night Success!

    On Tuesday, 1 May 2018 we held our launch night at Antique Motorcycles in Cheltenham.

    After starting up our new club just under three weeks ago, we had a lot of planning to do for future events.  We decided to kick things off at the Naked Racer Bar at Antique Motorcycles in Cheltenham, feeling that it had something for everyone.

    With 57 registered attendees, we were very excited for the night.  Arriving just before 6.30pm people were already starting to follow, it was overwhelming with new members flooding in and more signing up on the night.  

    In the end, we had over 70 people attend, which was absolutely fantastic!   All attendees had a ball, chatted with friends, the night was a complete success!  We are so grateful for the support we have received from all of our members.  We are so very proud that in a little over a week after opening up for member registrations, we now have over 100 members!

    "I personally want to thank you all, you are the reason we have taken this road and all the work that has gone on over the last few weeks, which has been considerable, is more than worth it when so many people come out and enjoy the company of like-minded friends in such a great atmosphere!  Also thank you to John for hosting us, it is an awesome venue and we will be back again soon!" – Graeme Bell.

    We are now up and running 100% and looking forward to giving you the members, the ultimate club experience.  It is your club and we are here to run the club for you!  So please tell us if you have any ideas for any kind of events at all.  We mentioned at our launch night some of the events we have in store, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have something you think will be fun to do!

    "The last few weeks have seen a lot of work by some amazingly hardworking, dedicated, passionate people, it's not just me and Jo that have done all the work getting BMWDCM off the ground, initially yes, but since the word got out so many have come on board and helped be a part of this and get it up and running, I want to especially thank Lawrence and Shaaron Glynn, Jess, Chris and Sean Bell, Jenna Patan, Jason Gibson, Garett Sandeman, Alex Jory, Rob and Mia Pavlov, Andy Kaos, Peter Williams and anyone else I have forgotten to mention! (sorry) Also, I want to thank the Executive of BMW Clubs Australia and the International Council for their help, advice and assistance in getting BMWDCM off the ground and accepted as Member of the worldwide BMW Club family, I am incredibly proud and excited about the future with you all on board for the ride!" – Graeme Bell.

    Keep an eye on the website for updates on upcoming events.  We will send out notices to full financial members but non-members are also very welcome at our events.  So keep checking and see if there is something you might like to come along to, or even help organise or run.

    Thank you to all those who attended and gave their support, without you this wouldn't be possible.

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the next one! 

    The Committee |  BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 
    The Ultimate Driving Club


  • 26 Apr 2018 10:30 PM | Anonymous

    BMW Clubs Australia 


    It is this special enthusiasm that connects BMW enthusiasts with each other around the world. Whether on two wheels or four, BMW vehicles were and continue to be exceptional, the joy of driving is synonymous with BMW.

    BMW Club and Community Management publish a newsletter each quarter which showcases BMW Clubs around the world.

    Included in the latest Newsletter is a history of the BMW factory at Dingolfing, an hour's train ride from Munich.  

    The output from the Dingolfing plant is 1600 BMWs per day.  Each vehicle is bespoke. The painted body, wheels, trim, seats, arrive just in time. All marked by bar codes.  At a single point the 2 separate assembly lines converge.

    The painted body shell arrives from one side and the chassis with motor and differential from the other side.  The two are bolted together and continue on as you watch as electrics, interiors, seats, windscreens, wheels are installed on the assembly line.

    BMW Clubs Australia is able to assist in tours of the BMW  facilities.        

    These include:

    • BMW Museum
    • BMW Welt
    • BMW Classic building
    • BMW factories

    BCCM would love to receive an article from a club from BMW Clubs Australia to include in a future newsletter.

    Trevor Dean
    International Delegate | BMW Clubs Australia

    Be sure to register now to receive the BMW Clubs Newsletter by clicking here.

  • 25 Apr 2018 2:22 PM | Anonymous

    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne would like to invite all friends and family to attend our Launch Night at Antique Motorcycles, Cheltenham.

    Come and meet the team behind the new BMW Club in town and enjoy the wonders of some classic bikes and more.

    Entry is free to members, including those who sign up on the night, or $20 for non-members.

    To find out more and register see the event page here

  • 24 Apr 2018 2:17 PM | Anonymous

    It is our pleasure to announce that we are now on the Victorian Club Permit Scheme.

    Visit our Club Permit page to find out more! 

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