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  • 5 Jul 2018 9:02 PM | Anonymous
    July Members Meeting with the VFT 
    3 July 2018

    The BMWDCM July meeting was held on Tuesday night and was well attended. 

    Eric Rigg, David Thornbury and William Gaff from the Victorian flag Marshalling Team (VFT) were nice enough to come and give a presentation and answer questions. 

    It was quite interesting to hear why most people join as flag marshals (to get up close and be part of the action). 

    Far from just marshalling at a track or an event, there is quite a large scope both nationally and internationally to get involved as much or as little as you might like. 

    The team not only has a warm, friendly and supportive network but also has a well-developed training and certification process to induct new members.

    They described that at the track, the role a flag marshal performs can be a lot more varied and interesting than one might think.  Including possible assistance with incident fire, rescue and recovery, etc. as well as plenty of opportunities to mingle with drivers, see their cars up close and just be part of the action on track. 

    The VFT is part of a wider international network, Eric, David and William were very happy to point out that effectively they can attend any organised race meeting anywhere around the world and expect to see someone they know or at least someone who knows the VFT. 

    Marshalling is a key component to an organised race meeting and there is no racing without them.  So, if you’re interested in motor racing and getting a different view of a racing or just want to share a passion for cars with similar minded people, why not find out more?

    You can contact:

    Eric Rigg
    Victorian Flag Marshalling Team Inc
    0457 245 171

    David Ebeling   Member #24
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne  

  • 3 Jul 2018 6:03 PM | Anonymous
    Spectate and Pace Laps at Phillip Island
    30 June 2018

    As a member of different car clubs over time, it’s always refreshing to be involved in a club that is run by people who care about the members, even the new ones.

    It’s very easy in car clubs for members and organisers to band together in little groups and leave new members to the side unwelcome, but I’m very happy to say that the experience that my girlfriend and I had when going to our first BMWDCM event was terrific.

    Lawrence and Jo, who I’d only ever emailed, were so immediately welcoming and inclusive, of both me and Sarah, that it made the day very enjoyable, and made it easier on Sarah whilst I was on the track.

    It was great to see BMWDCM and AROCA working together to provide a great event that was well marshalled and supervised allowing novice weekend racers like myself to get around the track accident free.

    We look forward to taking part in many more events.

    Jason Biddell   Member #56 
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne  

  • 3 Jul 2018 2:11 PM | Anonymous
    AROCA Phillip Island Sprint Day
    30 June 2018

    On Saturday 30 June, a large contingent of BMWDCM members attended a sprint event at the famous Phillip Island GP circuit. The event was held and managed by AROCA – the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia who had invited us to take part as associates for the day.

    An early 7am start saw us arrive, unpack, get our cars running and through scrutineering by 8:30. The AROCA officials were terrific – helping us through the formalities and doing everything they could to ensure we got to run our cars on the day.  Then it was time for a drivers’ briefing with the Clerk of the Course and race officials providing us with the rules governing the event, the etiquette and responses required of us as drivers, and more detailed information for first time drivers at the Phillip Island track.

    As the rain bucketed down assisted by a howling wind, and the temperature plummeting, we got into our practice runs. The cars had been divided into 3 groups of approx. 20, with our BMWs grouped together (mostly) with some Mazda MX5s and a lone Alfa Giulia.  Practice on a wet and wild track had a few of us facing the wrong way coming out of some bends, but thankfully no excursions onto the grass.  Driving in these weather conditions in a controlled environment, on a purpose-built tarmac with gaps between competitors created the ideal opportunity for us to test our driver ability and responses and to assess our car set up and condition. Much better than finding these things out on the freeway at 100kph.

    The timed runs soon followed with the first couple in similarly wet conditions.  I think we all maintained good control, and no-one was trying for outright pace – just having an enjoyable time on a great track amongst others doing the same.  As the day went on, the track started to dry, and lap times started to tumble, especially for the better developed cars and racers amongst our group.

    Over the day, we had 6 timed runs of approx. 15mins each which gave us all plenty of track time.  The event wound up at about 5pm and weary but happy, we hit the road for home.

    One of the advantages of being a smaller club is that we can easily combine with larger or more established car clubs for sprint events – in this case it was AROCA.  The AROCA members were great and they had some fantastic cars on the track.  Even though we may be a bit BMW centric, it is good to be able to get up close to other marques and to share the track with them.  Our hosts for the day deserve a real pat on the back, and I for one look forward to sharing future events with AROCA. Great bunch of people.

    If I may, I would like to add some opinion about why I think these club level sprint days are such memorable and anticipated days and why I would encourage other BMWDCM members to give it a go (if you haven’t already) –

    • Organisation – we have fully trained, and very experienced officials involved in running the day.  Everyone knows their job and they give us confidence that we will be safe on the track.
    • Courtesy – all our drivers, regardless of experience level, follow the event rules and take care not to put other drivers or cars at risk of injury or damage.  The care these drivers take with their own cars is obvious and no-one wants to bend their, or anyone else’s, pride and joy.
    • Safety – on the track its very comforting to know that in each group there are a mix of experienced drivers (some are full-on door banging saloon car race drivers), those in the process of gaining experience and then the first timers and novices.  We all realise we had a first event once as well, and we understand that newer drivers may feel some apprehension before heading out on the track.  Rest assured, the other drivers will look out for you and look after you.
    • Support – all the drivers want the same thing – a trouble free day of driving fast in a controlled, alcohol free environment on a great track.  They won’t let you struggle.  Advice and physical help is freely supplied by the entire group.  Pro drivers and pit crews particularly are available and happy to help if you need it.  They will do some laps with you in your car as a mentor if you wish.
    • Community – we rented adjoining garages for the day, which accommodated four or five cars, and everyone attached to those cars.  Other BMWDCM members had a garage next door with another two or three cars.  Between us we shared space, equipment, advice, opinion, laughs, bad jokes and even some breakfast (thanks to Master Chef Phil Kolar).  This is what happens at these events, BMWDCM members are genuinely interested in making sure that everyone is welcomed and very much included in the days’ activities.
    • Family – in our garage, we had two father and son teams and next door a father and daughter pairing.  These events are a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with your children who have an interest in driving cars and/or racing.  The experience and knowledge these youngsters gain on the track will enhance their road driving abilities no end.  Some of our younger drivers are not yet old enough to hold a full road licence, yet their ability to control a car in adverse conditions like what we had on Saturday was there for all to see.
    • Inclusion – all members who want to put their road, modified or race cars on the track are welcomed.  I run a basically standard E30 road car and whilst I can’t match it with the developed cars or race cars, I don’t particularly want to.  My enjoyment comes from driving (reasonably) fast on real race tracks in a car that I largely maintain myself.  I am not ever going to be a full race driver, just an old bloke who likes to drive around some race tracks for a bit of fun.  Everyone, regardless of driver or car level is welcome and will be assisted all the way, as I have been.

    Jim Tucker   Member #26 
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 

  • 3 Jul 2018 12:32 PM | Anonymous

    MINI model revision measures as of summer 2018.

    All MINI petrol engine models will be fitted with a particulate filter and will therefore meet the requirements of the Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard – Petrol engine variants of the MINI Clubman and the MINI Countryman with enhanced efficiency and optional 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch – New Connectivity Package for the MINI Clubman.

    Numerous new features in the area of drive technology enhance driving fun as well as reducing emissions in the current MINI models as of summer 2018. Emission control in all petrol-engine variants of the MINI 3 door, MINI 5 door and MINI Convertible as well as the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman will include a particulate filter as of July 2018. The models of the British premium brand with this feature meet the particularly rigorous requirements of the Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard. This demonstrates how MINI consistently continues to pursue the optimisation of emissions in its current models. The diesel engine variants of the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman have met the Euro 6d-TEMP standard since March 2018. Their emission control system includes not just a diesel particulate filter and an NOX storage catalytic converter but also an SCR catalytic converter which features a special urea injection (AdBlue) for highly effective reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions.

    In addition, the relevant model variants of the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman will be fitted with enhanced petrol engines as of July 2018. Here, optimised MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology especially benefits fuel consumption and emission levels. As an alternative to the standard manual transmission, the petrol engine models of the MINI Clubman and MINI Countryman will be available with a 7-speed Steptronic transmission in future.

    Thrilling shift dynamics, a high level of comfort, optimised convenience:
    7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch.

    Fast gear changes and a high level of internal efficiency are the properties of the 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch available as an option for further variants of the successful MINI models in the premium compact segment from July 2018 onwards. The use of two clutches when changing gear enables particularly sporty acceleration without torque interrupt. In addition to enhanced driving fun, the design principle adapted from motor racing also has all the comfort features of an automatic transmission. It ensures harmonious and acoustically barely perceptible changes in drive position, free of load change reactions in the engine – not just when sprinting but also when decelerating. The 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch also enables use of the auto start/stop function and the coasting function to increase efficiency. Furthermore, the transmission control is networked with the navigation system if the vehicle is fitted with one. In this way, navigation data can be used to adapt the choice of gear perfectly to the route. Operation of the 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch is by means of an electronic gear selector switch. This transmits the driver's instructions by means of electrical impulses to the transmission control.

    From July 2018 onwards, the 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch is also available as an option in combination with the enhanced petrol engines for the MINI Clubman and the MINI Countryman. The efficiency-optimised petrol engines fitted as standard with a particulate filter meet the requirements of the Euro 6d-TEMP emission standard. With the 7-speed Steptronic transmission, the combined fuel consumption figure for the MINI One Clubman and the MINI Cooper Clubman is now 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres in each case (CO2 level: 130 g/km). The figures for the MINI Cooper S Clubman are 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres and 133 g/km. The combined fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions level of the MINI One Countryman with 7-speed Steptronic transmission are 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres and 135 – 134 g/km. For the MINI Cooper Countryman the figures are 5.9 to 5.8 litres per 100 kilometres and 134 – 132 g/km). The corresponding figures measured in the MINI Cooper S Countryman are 6.0 litres and 138 – 136 g/km (figures depend on the tyre format selected). All fuel consumption and emissions figures were arrived at using the new WLTP measuring procedure and then adapted to NEDC for comparison purposes by means of correlation.

    Even faster gear changes are enabled by the 7-speed Steptronic sports transmission, available as an additional option for the MINI Cooper S Clubman and the MINI Cooper S Countryman. Shift paddles are available at the steering wheel in this version of the automatic transmission for manual intervention in the choice of drive position.

    Thrilling sound, perfect connectivity: MINI Clubman with Connectivity Package.

    The new Connectivity Package is available for the MINI Clubman from July 2018, providing the very highest level of entertainment pleasure and intelligent connectivity. It includes especially high-quality fittings for navigation, communication and sound, combined with perfect operation and functionality. The central component of the package is the option Connected Navigation Plus with 8.8-inch touchscreen and MINI Touch Controller, Real Time Traffic Information and automatic navigation map update via mobile phone connection, established by means of the integrated SIM card. The Connectivity Package likewise includes Apple CarPlay preparation, MINI Connected XL and telephony with Wireless Charging, allowing cable-free charging of mobile phones with this capability.

    In addition, a DAB tuner allows reception of digitally transmitted radio programs in particularly high sound quality. An inspiring sound from all audio sources is also guaranteed by the Harman Kardon hi-fi speaker system that is also included in the new Connectivity Package – with 12 speakers, an 8-channel digital amp and an output capacity of 360 watts.

    As standard in the MINI Clubman and the MINI Countryman: automatic driving lights control.

    An addition to the standard range of fittings for the MINI Clubman and the MINI Countryman from summer 2018 serves to enhance both comfort and safety. In future, the two MINI models in the premium compact segment will be fitted with automatic driving lights control as standard. This function ensures needs-oriented activation and deactivation of the headlights and rear lights depending on the light conditions in the environment of the vehicle. For this purpose, the driving light switch in both models can be turned to an additional position from July 2018: it is marked by a graphic symbol containing the letter "A". When using the automatic driving lights system, the lights are not only activated at night but also when dusk is falling and when visibility is poor due to the weather conditions, as well as when passing through tunnels or in dark multi-storey car parks.

    Fuel consumption, CO2 emission figures and power consumption were measured using the methods required according to Regulation (EC) 2007/715 as amended. The information is based on a vehicle with basic equipment in Germany; ranges take into account differences in wheel and tyre size selected as well as optional equipment.

    The information has already been calculated based on the new WLTP test cycle and adapted to NEDC for comparison purposes.

    BMW Press CLub

  • 2 Jul 2018 2:25 PM | Anonymous
    Christmas in July
    1 July 2018

    Sunday the 1st July began with the sun shining, air crisp and the winter woollens on.  I was off onto The Royal Hotel Mornington for the Christmas in July gathering deciding to leave the e30 tucked away and take the e46 for an appearance.

    Over 20 cars arrived and 40+ members to enjoy a big breakfast.

    The theme of the day was Christmas attire, whereby I was surprised with the effort and extent some members went to and was quite impressed to say the least.

    Judging for the Christmas dress was very funny with Jess Bell winning the prettiest Christmas outfit in her complete elf outfit, the Gigliotti family winning best dressed family, Olivia Mayworm winning most twinkly and Jo Mawson winning funniest outfit.

    Everyone had a giggle and laugh which was also great to see.

    After being handed out the driving instructions and some fantastic photos taken of the cars, we all headed off on the cruise with the crisp air still present but the sun beaming down on all the BMW’s.  There were some great stops along the way at Arthurs Seat and Flinders Pier allowing us to enjoy some pretty amazing views.

    Our final stop was at the Hastings Marina, with all attending for coffee and cake/Christmas pudding, beer and a wine where the fun and laughter continued.

    It was great to catch up with friends and people who I have never met before and just really enjoy the company of people who are genuine, love their cars and the club.

    Thank you to all involved in organising the day.

    Sam O’Neil   Member #17
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne 

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  • 1 Jul 2018 10:00 AM | Anonymous

       MONTH IN REVIEW                    

    Graeme and Jo are now back from their 6 week stint in Europe and are busy planning the rest of the year out in motorsport and events.  

    "We are now a couple of months old and WOW, what a couple of months it has been!

    When we first started down the road of building a new club and all the work it took to get it off the ground, we thought it would be great if in six months or a year we had 100 members, maybe a couple of years we might even make 200.  I can’t tell you how proud and grateful I am, that it only took few short weeks to welcome our 100th member and now we are well on our way to 200.  I am amazed.  Thank you for joining and we hope we can give you what you want from a club.  If there is anything you want to do, or think might be fun for us to organise, please drop us a line and you never know, we might just run with the idea.  Our door is always open, and we are always looking for ideas.  It is your club after all." - Graeme Bell.  Read the full President's Report here.

    Over the last month we have been doing a lot of work on our website.  Our motorsport pages are now up and running and we have dates set for our "mini" Drivers' Championship for 2018!  Special thanks to AROCA, who have allowed us to run our championship at their rounds this year.  

    There is also now a 'members only' area, where our members can find committee meeting minutes, our Drivers' Championship rules, information on BMW Clubs Australia and member services.  We are keen to support those who support us, so if you would like to feature your business on our member services page we'd love to hear from you!

    We had a number of events in June - we had our first members meeting at Shannons Insurance with our "Have you ever wondered why?" themed night.  It was a great success and created some great discussion!  Read more on the night here.

    We then enjoyed a fantastic day at SkyHigh, Mount Dandenong on Queens Birthday!  The weather certainly put on a show and our members had a fantastic day!  You can read more about our trip to SkyHigh here.

    We also had a number of members attend the AROCA sprint day at Phillip Island on 30 June to compete and also do the pace laps!  The weather wasn't the best but that didn't deter anyone.  Keep an eye on our website to read more about this.

      THE MONTH AHEAD                    

    July is looking exciting with the first round of our Drivers' Championship!  Christmas in July is happening as we speak with a fantastic turn out of almost 40 so unfortunately you've missed out on that one if you're not there.  If you are there, we hope you had a great day!
    • 3 July 2018
      On Tuesday night we've got a fantastic night planned at Shannons Insurance with the Victorian Flag Marshalling Team.  If you've ever wondered about becoming an official and getting closer than anyone else can to the track action - this is the night for you!  Find out more and register your attendance here.
    • 28 July 2018
      On Saturday, 28 July our Drivers' Championship will kick off at Broadford Motorcycle Complex!  This is a brilliant little track and a whole lot of fun for anyone who has never driven it!  Entries aren't out yet, however we'll let you know as soon as they are.  You'll want to enter as soon as possible to avoid missing out!
    • 29 July 2018
      On Sunday, 29 July we've been invited to Cars & Coffee with the Mercedes-Benz Club VIC in Port Melbourne.  A great excuse to get together with some other clubs who share the same passions as us.  Registrations are requested so we can get an idea of how many cars to expect.  You can do so here.

      EVENTS NOT TO MISS!                   

    Keep an eye on our calendar for events coming up, we’re always adding something new.  

    Click on any of the following events for more information. 

      NEWS | BLOG                    

    You may or may have not seen our News | Blog page on the website.  This is constantly being updated with not just club news, but everything BMW!  We welcome you to submit any articles of your own to feature! 

    Recent posts:
    As always, thanks for reading.  We look forward to seeing you at some events this month!  If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch.

    PresidentGraeme Bell 0407 186 296
    Vice PresidentJo Mawson 0412 661 900
    SecretaryLawrence Glynn 0414 563 290 
    TreasurerShaaron Glynn

    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc.

  • 30 Jun 2018 7:00 AM | Anonymous

    A visit to BMW Munich

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    As many of our members know, Graeme and I took a few weeks off and went to Europe.  Prior to leaving Graeme had met with Eva Priller from BMW Classic at the recent BMW Clubs Australia AGM and she had mentioned that if we had the time it would be nice for us to visit BMW whilst we were in Europe.  This was an invitation we did not want to turn down so after a little tweaking of the itinerary and Graeme forgoing driving Nürburgring (again), we managed to squeeze four days in Munich.

    We were lucky to be invited to join a “Wheels & Weisswursht” morning, which is just like our “Coffee and Cars” mornings, except they have beer and sausage instead of coffee and cakes!

    They are very fortunate to have such an amazing venue to hold such events, with BMW Classic opening their doors on a Saturday to invite the clubs to join them to enjoy everything BMW and other brands as well.  All classic cars are invited to these mornings and there were some exceptional examples on display.

    It was so refreshing to see so many cars in all different conditions and just see like minded members who love their cars, standing around chatting and enjoying the day.   Cars rolled in and out all morning and it was amazing what turned up.

    If you are ever thinking of visiting Munich, make sure you let us know and we will be able to assist you with gaining access to some of the amazing facilities that are available for members to visit whilst in Munich.

    We also visited BMW Welt, had a private ‘white glove tour’ at the BMW Museum and were lucky enough to also have a private tour of BMW Classic.

    If you love the brand, I really encourage you to try to make the pilgrimage to Munich and visit their amazing facilities and take a tour or two with their dedicated staff and learn more about everything BMW - from their history to their plans for the future.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, they are so helpful and full of knowledge.  Also, if you have been before, its worth going back again as every time we have been the museum has different cars on display and we learn more interesting things each time we go there.

    Our visit was over before we knew it and we sadly had to leave, but we will be back and there might even be a BMWDCM trip in the planning for the future..

    Jo Mawson  Vice President
    MW Drivers Club Melbourne 
    The Ultimate Driving Club

  • 29 Jun 2018 2:10 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Members,

    We are now a couple of months old and WOW, what a couple of months it has been!

    When we first started down the road of building a new club and all the work it took to get it off the ground, we thought it would be great if in six months or a year we had 100 members, maybe a couple of years we might even make 200.  I can’t tell you how proud and grateful I am, that it only took few short weeks to welcome our 100th member and now we are well on our way to 200.  I am amazed.  Thank you for joining and we hope we can give you what you want from a club.  If there is anything you want to do, or think might be fun for us to organise, please drop us a line and you never know, we might just run with the idea.  Our door is always open, and we are always looking for ideas.  It is your club after all.

    I apologise if Jo and I have been a bit hard to get in touch with through most of May and into June, we were off on holiday road tripping around Europe.  We covered 9,980km in 6 weeks touring around France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco (for a little race they have there), into Italy briefly (where I almost died, literally, but that’s another story), Switzerland, Germany (where we spent 4 days in Munich), Belgium and back into France.  There were a few other countries we popped into as well, but the bit most here would be interested in, was our visit to Munich.

    When I went to the Clubs Australia AGM, just before our launch night, I met Eva from BMW Classic in Munich.  Eva works for BMW and was not only the person that was responsible for approving our new club logo, but is pretty much in charge of all the BMW Clubs in our region.  When Eva heard Jo and I were going to Europe she asked if we were coming to Munich and if we were, she would be very happy to look after us and organise some special things to do whilst we were there.  So, I quickly got on to Jo and said we had better change our itinerary to include Munich, because at that stage we weren’t planning on going there this time, and well, when BMW wants you to visit, you visit.  After a little juggling, which meant I gave up spending another day at the Nurburgring, we were able to fit in 4 days there.  I'm very glad we did!  Thank you so much Eva, for your hospitality and all your help.

    We just happened to be in Munich over the weekend of the Wheels and Weisswurscht meeting at BMW Group Classic, so Eva invited us to come along too.  This is a little like our Cars and Coffee days, just a casual event where people turn up and chat and check out each other’s cars.  Except it is at the home of BMW Classic, where they have brought out a few of their cars as well and as well as coffee, there is German sausage for everyone to enjoy.  This was a great event, with a group driving up from Italy and club people from Munich and all over Germany just coming down for the drive.  Lots of nice cars and plenty you will never see on the road in Australia.  It was fantastic to be invited to the day and see some beautiful cars and meet some more people with the same passion as we have.

    Eva also organised a couple of very special tours for us.  We had our very own ‘white glove’ guided tour of the BMW museum, where our guide opened bonnets and boots, unlocked doors and showed us lots of things up close that you don’t normally get too close to.

    We felt like celebrities being allowed to get very close to some of BMW’s prized collection and it is always great to hear the stories about each exhibit from someone that knows all about them, instead of just wandering around and seeing things on our own.  If you are going to the museum, let us know and we can help organise a tour for you too.  So much better than just wandering around.

    Our second ‘special tour’ was at BMW Classic.  We were very lucky to have Eva personally show us through the archives and then the collection itself.  The archives are amazing, all the original drawings and designs going back to the earliest models, even the original patent application document for the first roundel!  All sorts of original items and photos, we could have spent all day in there alone.  Best thing was we were allowed to open every drawer and look at everything up close and even touch some.  Just amazing.  Thank you, Eva!

    After spending time in there we were taken into the original workshop building where BMW began making cars.  Here they house about a third of the BMW collection.  So many amazing vehicles, right back to the very first road going vehicle to have a BMW engine in it, a horse drawn fire brigade pump that was powered by a BMW aircraft engine.  Elvis’ freshly restored 507 is there, along with a BMW Mclaren, a couple of F1 cars, lots of different race cars and loads of classic BMWs of every type imaginable.  Must say, I was in heaven, only thing better would have been if I could have driven a few of them.  Eva mentioned that if she had more notice, she might have been able to arrange a drive as quite a few of the cars in the collection actually do get driven quite often - either loaned to special guests or driven in special events all over Europe.  It is great that they actually do get used and not just sit there gathering dust, as Eva said, they were built to be driven, so they still are!  Fantastic!

    I plan to put together a slide show of our visit to Munich and all the things we saw there, as me being me, I took hundreds of photos at each of the places we visited.  Might even put one together of our whole trip, as some that followed us on facebook would know, we don’t just tour around and see a few sights.  We saw and experienced a whole lot in our 6 weeks, in 13 countries and almost 10,000km of driving.  Jo and I are a bit crazy sometimes, we jumped off a mountain in Switzerland, hiked out on a glacier at 12,000 feet altitude at -9 deg, rode the longest rodelbahn in the world, in Andorra, and the steepest as well, in Italy.  We also went to some amazing places and took in some incredibly moving moments, that will stay with me forever.  Like the last post ceremony at the Menin Gate and the Australian War Memorial at Villers Bretonneux.

    Anyway, that is a bit off track, so back to the club and Melbourne now and full steam ahead.

    We have a busy week ahead. We will be at Phillip Is tomorrow for the Alfa Club Sprint and some pace-car laps for our members, thanks to Neil and the Alfa Club for inviting us along. Then Sunday is our first Christmas in July event. Looking forward to that with lots of you coming along. Tuesday will also be our next monthly meeting and I, for one, am looking forward to hearing from the VFT about the benefits and opportunities available in becoming a CAMS official.  I have been a CAMS Official for nearly 20 years now and have enjoyed lots of events from the other side, so come along and see what you can get involved in too.

    Look forward to catching up with you all one way or another over the coming months.

    Graeme Bell | President
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc.

    P.O. Box 81, TYABB, VICTORIA. 3913
    Incorporated in Victoria #A0102695G
    BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc is a member of:
    BMW Clubs Australia and the BMW Clubs International Council
    CAMS Affiliated Motorsport Club

  • 27 Jun 2018 11:45 AM | Anonymous

    The all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe. 

    The presentation of the all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe adds a brand new chapter to the Bavarian premium carmaker’s long history of sensational sports cars – and gets its current model offensive in the luxury segment off to a particularly dynamic start. 

    See slideshow below for highlights: 

    1 / 8


    • BMW presents the redefinition of the sports car. The new BMW 8 Series Coupe combines imposing lateral and longitudinal dynamic performance with poise, assurance and luxury over long distances. The new BMW 8 Series Coupe opens a further chapter in the brand’s successful sports car history and kicks off the premium manufacturer’s model initiative in the luxury segment. 
    • An unrivalled combination of inspiring sportiness and contemporary luxury, assured long-distance comfort and innovative user-operation, driver assistance and connectivity technology. 
    • Market launch in November 2018 with two model variants: The BMW M850i xDrive Coupe M Performance model with new, 390 kW/530 hp V8 engine (fuel consumption combined: 10.5 – 10.0 l/100 km [26.9 – 28.3 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 240 – 228 g/km)* and BMW 840d xDrive Coupe with six-cylinder in-line diesel unit developing 235 kW/320 hp (fuel consumption combined: 6.2 – 5.9 l/100 km [45.6 – 47.9 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 164 – 154 g/km)*. Power transfer in both cases is via a further developed eight-speed Steptronic transmission. Both engines comply with exhaust emission standard EU6d-TEMP.
    • Body structure, drive technology and suspension focus squarely on achieving the elite dynamic performance expected of a top-class sports car. Development parallel to the BMW M8 and the BMW M8 GTE endurance racer. Low centre of gravity, well-balanced weight distribution, lightweight construction using aluminium, magnesium and carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), aerodynamically optimised and virtually lift-free body, powerful engines, sports exhaust system, rear axle differential lock, extremely stiff body and suspension structure. Adaptive M suspension, Integral Active Steering and mixed-size tyres come as standard. Active roll stabilisation optionally available for the BMW M850i xDrive Coupe.
    • Emotionally powerful styling with new, pared-back design language, elegantly flowing lines, low-slung body, long bonnet, heavily tapered glasshouse, powerful shoulderline, distinctive “double-bubble” roof contouring, long rear window widening towards its lower edge, typical sports car proportions with an exterior length of 4,843 mm, a width of 1,902 mm, a height of 1,341 mm and a 2,822 mm wheelbase. Options include M carbon roof and M Carbon exterior package with air intake slats, exterior mirror covers, rear spoiler and rear diffuser in CFRP.
    • Slimmest headlights of any BMW model to date. LED headlights as standard, Adaptive LED Headlights and BMW Laserlight with Selective Beam and extended high beam range of up to 600 metres available as options.
    • Relaxed and luxurious interior ambience, longitudinally oriented lines and surfaces direct the eye forward onto the road. Clearly structured arrangement of controls underscores the focus on the driver and the importance attached to delivering a sporty and dynamic driving experience. High-grade materials, sophisticated interior lighting, trim surfaces rising from the centre console to the instrument panel. Fulled leather trim as standard for the instrument panel and door shoulders. 
    • High-quality options for contemporary luxury: telephony with wireless charging, BMW Display Key, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System and glass applications for specific control elements.
    • Low seating position on redesigned sports seats, Vernasca leather trim as standard. Two rear seats also have a low seating position, rendering headrests unnecessary. Automatic boot lid operation also standard; luggage capacity: 420 litres. 50 : 50 spilt/folding rear seat backrest for increased stowage space.
    • M Sport package with specific design and equipment features that additionally emphasise the car’s dynamic character: generously dimensioned air intakes, 19-inch M light-alloy wheels, M Sport braking system, multifunction seats, M leather steering wheel, illuminated door sills with M logo. The BMW M Performance model comes with features including 20-inch M light-alloy wheels and high-performance tyres, specific M Sport braking system, exclusive exterior elements in Cerium Grey, stainless steel mesh interior trim strips and illuminated door sills boasting the model designation. Also available at market launch are the M Technic Sport Package and model-specific BMW Individual features.
    • New generation of the M Performance TwinPower Turbo V8 engine combines addictively dynamic power delivery with a characteristic eight-cylinder engine sound. 4.4-litre displacement, newly developed twin-scroll turbochargers located within the V-shaped space between the cylinder banks, optimised petrol direct injection, VALVETRONIC and Double-VANOS, maximum output up by 50 kW/68 hp without weight increase, maximum torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) available between 1,800 und 4,600 rpm. Sports exhaust system with flap control. Exhaust gas treatment includes gasoline particulate filter.
    • Six-cylinder in-line diesel engine with the latest BMW TwinPower Turbo technology including multi-stage turbocharging and common-rail direct injection with piezo injectors and maximum pressure of 2,500 bar. Optimised emissions thanks to exhaust gas recirculation; Diesel particulate filter, NOx adsorption catalyst and SCR catalyst.
    • Driving Experience Control switch including ADAPTIVE mode. Clearly perceptible set-up differentiation between COMFORT and ECO Pro modes at one end of the spectrum and SPORT and SPORT+ modes at the other. Neatly judged management of powertrain and suspension systems enables clear focus on dynamic performance, as well as effortless handling in urban traffic and a high level of long-distance comfort.
    • Standard equipment includes new BMW Operating System 7.0 display and control concept. BMW Live Cockpit Professional including fully digital instrument cluster and 10.25-inch Control Display with consistent, modern graphics. Flat, touch-oriented menu structure for fast access to settings and functions. Customisable display adapts to the situation at hand and provides the driver with the right information at the right time. Enhancement of driving experience through display of lateral acceleration data during dynamic cornering. Intuitive operation thanks to multimodal use of touchscreen display, Controller, steering wheel buttons, voice control and BMW gesture control.
    • Latest version of the BMW Head-Up Display has a 16 per cent larger projection surface, optimised 3D graphics and additional display content.  
    • Innovative driver assistance systems enhance safety and comfort. Further progress towards automated driving, with Driving Assistant Professional including Active Cruise Control and Stop & Go function, Steering and lane control assistant, Lane Change Warning and Lane Departure Warning, side collision protection, evasion aid, distance information, Crossing traffic warning, Priority warning and Wrong-way warning.
    • Parking Assistant – automated guidance for parallel and perpendicular parking. Reversing Assistant steers the vehicle when reversing over a distance of up to 80 metres on the same course as the last completed forward parking manoeuvre. Parking Assistant Plus additionally with Surround View, Top View, Panorama View and Remote 3D View.
    • Complete range of services from BMW ConnectedDrive. Full connectivity between customer’s vehicle and digital devices via BMW Connected personal mobility assistant. BMW Digital Key permits access to the vehicle and engine start by smartphone. Hazard warning via link-up with other BMW vehicles. Software updates “over the air”. Integration of Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business.


  • 19 Jun 2018 11:47 AM | Anonymous

    Mixed emotions for BMW M Motorsport after its return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA). The pair of BMW M8 GTEs were able to match the pace of the GTE Pro front-runners over the course of the 86th edition of the endurance classic, with both running in the top-three for long stretches of the race. 

    Le Mans. Mixed emotions for BMW M Motorsport after its return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA). The pair of BMW M8 GTEs were able to match the pace of the GTE Pro front-runners over the course of the 86th edition of the endurance classic, with both running in the top-three for long stretches of the race. While car #82 – driven by Augusto Farfus (BRA), Alexander Sims (GBR) and António Félix da Costa (POR) – had to retire from ninth following an accident in the early hours on Sunday, the #81 BMW M8 GTE made it to the finish after 332 laps. Martin Tomczyk (GER), Nick Catsburg (NED) and Philipp Eng (AUT) finished 12th.

    Following strong race starts, both driver-trios lost ground on the 13.626-kilometre track due to damper failures, which caused additional pit stops for repairs. The race was then ended for car #82 after an accident on Sunday at about 6:30 hrs. Shortly after that, the radiator of the sister car had to be changed after being hit by debris on the track. 12th place was the highest possible position after the extended stops. The #92 Porsche secured victory at the “Circuit de la Sarthe”.

    The Le Mans 24 Hours was the second round of the 2018/2019 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). The season will resume on 19th August with the 6 Hours of Silverstone (GBR). 

    “Our return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans turned out to be an emotional rollercoaster. First, it was great to see that were able to battle it out at the very front of the fiercely-fought GTE Pro class in terms of pace. Our drivers were involved in plenty of gripping duels with the competition and were even running in second place for some of the race. The BMW M8 GTE left a really strong impression. A podium seemed to be in reach but, unfortunately, technical issues and an accident cost us the chance to be rewarded for all the hard work in the build-up to this event. However, the positives outweigh the negatives: The fans were treated with action galore in the GTE Pro class. We were able to prove the full potential of our new car. In addition, we experienced the world premiere of the all-new BMW 8 Series Coupe on this unique stage. That’s another reason why this event will remain a good memory and give extra motivation to come back here even stronger for the Super Season finale in 2019. A big thank you and a lot of respect to everyone involved in this exciting BMW project with a lot of passion.”  - Jens Marquardt | BMW Motorsport Director

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