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  • 18 Nov 2018 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    The iconic bends of Monza traced in the ancient sand of the Sahara.

    The new BMW X5 challenges the rugged desert of Morocco. The Monza circuit, one of the most famous in the world, reproduced on a 1:1 scale in the Sahara Desert for an incomparable undertaking. The new BMW X5 challenges one of the most hostile terrains on the planet. Between sand dunes and rocks, the Bavarian SAV has proved its ability off-road.

    For the launch of the new BMW X5 (fuel consumption combined: 11.6 – 6.0 l/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 264 – 158 g/km; provisional figures), BMW Italy has created an undertaking like no other: bringing the iconic bends of Monza into the secular sand of the Sahara. The historic Monza circuit was reproduced in Merzouga, in one of the most desert areas of Morocco: a route of 5,793 meters that stands out among the sands and rocks of the Sahara. Every bend, every straight section, every chicane has been faithfully reconstructed on a 1:1 scale, both in the radius of curvature and in the distances.

    For two weeks, more than 50 people including engineers, surveyors, technicians, workers and pilots have worked and contributed to realize this incredible project. It took 4 days of study and preparation with surveyors, engineers and architects, with 8 post for topographic design and simulation. For 9 days, 4 bulldozers and 4 trucks dug 24 cubic meters at a time to prepare the soil and remove excess sand; while 2 graders and 2 compactors have defined and compacted the track. Over 3500 cubic meters of earth have been moved to give life to the off-road track.

    A monumental work that culminates in an unprecedented challenge: the new BMW X5, after having crossed Europe on a journey in stages, has reached the circuit of "Monza, Sahara" in the impervious Moroccan desert where, in the dunes of sand and rocks, has challenged one of the most hostile terrain on the planet and faced Lesmo, Ascari and Parabolica, giving evidence of its off-road ability, thanks to the new xOffroad package, which makes its debut on this model. The new BMW X5 was welcomed in Morocco by the new BMW R 1250 GS, the enduro motorcycle par excellence of BMW Motorrad, recently renovated with a new boxer engine, which was the forerunner in this undertaking.

    The new BMW X5: the xOffroad package is an absolute news.
    The BMW X family originated from the BMW X5 and today, in its fourth generation, this model stands out as it has never done before, both in terms of aesthetics and its modernity. The new BMW X5 impresses with its wealth of innovations and represents the most convincing incarnation to date of the familiar Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) model: the ability to venture off-road perfectly combined with the pleasure of dynamic driving. Like its predecessors, the BMW X5 will be built at the Spartanburg BMW plant in the United States. The launch on the Italian market will be on 24 and 25 November 2018.

    The new design of the Bavarian SAV enhances safety and solidity, conferred by the bigger dimensions, if compared to its predecessor, that contribute to the impressive appearance and an enviable interior space. The new BMW X5 maintains the typical proportions of a SAV, clean surfaces and precise lines that accentuate the robustness, safety and grandeur of the car. Even the interiors, cared for in every detail, are characterized by a modern design and an exclusive atmosphere.

    The new chassis systems improve the off-road performance, sportiness and comfort of the new BMW X5. The SAV is equipped as standard with Dynamic Damper Control while the Adaptive M Professional suspension with active anti-roll stabilization and Integral Active Steering (making its debut in a BMW X model) guarantee extremely agile and dynamic driving characteristics. The air suspension of the two axles satisfies those looking for maximum driving comfort and allows the vehicle height to be adjusted by 80 millimetres by pressing a button or using the BMW Display Key.

    An absolute novelty for the model is the possibility for customers to choose the xOffroad package. A specific button gives the driver the choice between four off-road driving modes (xSand, xRocks, xGravel, xSnow), which automatically determine the ideal vehicle height settings, xDrive system, acceleration response and transmission control, and corrective inputs of the DSC system when you need to drive on sand, rocks, gravel or snow.


      For all information on the project and the new BMW X5, visit

    • 15 Nov 2018 9:16 PM | Anonymous

      Racetrack premiere for the new turbo generation: BMW M Motorsport completes first test with the new 2019 season BMW M4 DTM.

      The new turbo era in the DTM has begun. Following a successful rollout, the new BMW M4 DTM for the 2019 season has made its racetrack debut. BMW M Motorsport completed the first winter test with the next generation BMW M4 DTM modified to meet Class 1 regulations at Estoril (POR) this week. The two BMW DTM drivers, Bruno Spengler (CAN) and Marco Wittmann (GER), took it in turns behind the wheel during the three days of testing.

      The core of the BMW M4 DTM modified to meet Class 1 regulations is the newly developed and extremely efficient two-litre turbo engine. The cooling system was also modified for the new unit. The regulations provide for changes in some areas of the aerodynamics in addition. BMW M Motorsport used the test in Portugal to evaluate these innovations on the racetrack for the first time, thereby gathering important information for further preparations for the upcoming season.

      “The initial test days with the new BMW M4 DTM with a turbo engine were so much fun,” said Spengler. “It is also very interesting for us as drivers to be involved in the development of a new DTM racing car. I have been driving DTM cars with V8 engines for 14 years, and this was the first time that I’ve been on the racetrack with a four-cylinder turbo engine. This is totally new to me and is so much fun. The car feels great and I am looking forward to the next tests.”

      “The car feels really cool when you’re driving it and it is so much fun,” confirmed Wittmann. “You really can feel the performance and the torque of the new engine and the modified aerodynamics mean that the car behaves differently. I’m overwhelmingly positive after the initial test and I think that the fans really have something to look forward to. From the outside you can clearly tell that the cars are much faster than last year. This will definitely make for more of a spectacle. And I can reassure the fans: the sound remains as great as ever. Personally, I prefer it to the previous engines. It sounds a little different, but it is neither quiet nor bad. I like it and I think that the fans will as well. The changes to the cars for 2019 are definitely positive, and I enjoyed being in the car for the initial test and preparing the car for the season with the engineers and mechanics.”

      The next test drives with the new BMW M4 DTM are scheduled for 10th and 11th December at Jerez, Spain.


      • 14 Nov 2018 7:00 PM | Anonymous
        November Members Meeting | Shannons Insurance
        13 November 2018

        It was an interesting night - two police members brought their "beach theme" coloured Highway Patrol BMW 530d.

        We had Leading Senior Constable Mick McGill and Acting Sergeant Heather Allen (who occasionally can be seen on television in Highway Patrol).  They were more than happy to have club members drool and crawl all over their BMW.  Many took the opportunity to try it on for size and have photos taken in the driver's seat.

        They gave an interesting presentation encompassing the many fantastic features of the beast.  Also shared the information that cars in the fleet are being replaced as they reach their "use by date", rather than a blanket replacement of vehicles.

        We were also given insight into some of the new road laws as well as penalties to be incurred for breaching these, explaining about sliding scales, first offences and other variables.  

        Blue Ribbon Foundation had merchandise available, with The President of the Peninsula Branch explaining the concept behind the charity - it being all about raising funds through merchandise sales, donations and events - the money being raised used to provide facilities and equipment for hospitals. These then perpetuate and commemorate members of Victoria Police who have died in the line of duty.

        Shannon's had a light supper of sandwiches and pizza for us to graze on, and the rather hip combi van fridge was stocked with drinks.

        A Blue-Ribbon jacket was the raffle prize - won by Theo.

        Liga Smith Member #160 
        BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

      • 14 Nov 2018 11:08 AM | Anonymous
        Sandown Historics
        10 November 2018

        An enthusiastic group of BMWDCM members attended on the Saturday qualifying and events sessions of this year’s VHRR Sandown Historics race meeting. We had access to the area known locally as Red Hill which gave us an excellent viewing position. Red Hill is adjacent to the Penrite Bridge which the race cars pass under when coming out of Dandenong Road Corner into the esses ahead of the main straight. From this vantage point you can see most of the track, and due to its elevated position, there are not many obstructions either.

        Prior to arriving at the Sandown Circuit, we had assembled at a nearby hotel car park. We shared this meeting point with several other car clubs who had some magnificent machinery of their own – plenty of 60’s & 70’s Toranas (including some in replica war paint from the period), Mustangs old and new, some early 60’s Holden sedans and ute and 2 very exotic Prince Gloria sedans. Quite a sight, and we hadn’t even got to the track yet! Once we were credentialled and sorted by our intrepid leader, Lawrence Glynn, the BMWDCM convoy headed off to the circuit.

        We shared Red Hill with yet more historic and significant club cars, including early Toyota Celicas, a Studebaker Golden Hawk, a couple of Oldsmobiles, early Ford Cortinas and yet more Toranas & Holdens. You could spend a day just drooling over the machines in this car park, never mind those on the track. This is a really pleasing aspect of these events, with each car club happy to show off their cars and socialise with anyone who is interested.

        The early track events on the Saturday were practice and qualifying laps for each of the 21 classes for cars entered for the event. That sounds like a lot of racing and a lot of cars – and it is. There were 346 entries for this 2-day event, and although not all of them made it onto the track, most did. Some races included 2 or more classes, in particular the Group A and C Touring Cars 80’s and the earlier Big Bangers. But every class and race had its standout cars that many of us could remember the bygone era of our youth when motor racing was very, very big in Victoria (anyone remember the live ‘Brian’s Speed Shop’ ads when local motor racing was televised live on ATV0 ?). Sedans, Sports saloons and open types, MGs, Triumphs, open wheelers including Formulas V & Ford and the awesome Formula 5000 cars. Even some ‘Specials’ engineered and built by their privateer owners in the 50’s & 60’s. Pretty much any kind of racing car ever raced in Australia was represented on the day.

        The other great feature of these events is that the pits are open to everyone on track. No special permits or extra payments needed here – just go for a walk. The atmosphere is fantastic with race drivers and crews happy to invite us punters into their garages to look over their cars and equipment. They are just as enthusiastic and proud of their cars as what we are, and many are people like us with an interest in cars and racing. No big budgets on show, no factory teams just toilers & privateers having a blast on the track.

        These people should also be congratulated on how well these historic racers are presented and cared for. Some cars were championship winners in their day and still carrying their original signage and liveries (from an era when smoking was fashionable and tobacco advertising was amusing). Walking around the pits was a very nostalgic experience for me as when I was a child we lived in nearby Springvale and I was a frequent visitor (sometimes un-invited) to the Sandown track and to the old pits near the dam. We found openings in the fence when our pocket money had run out, and we would sneak into the pits from the trailer park that used to be behind the old pits. At least on Saturday I was a legitimate visitor so didn’t have to look over my shoulder too much!

        The on-track entertainment was first class, with plenty of noise, great driving and just a few mishaps. There is something almost magical hearing V8s and the high revving turbos screaming around, and nothing beats a Formula 5000. Thanks to Alfredo Costanzo & his mates for developing this class in the 70’s and still running them around today. They make the ground shake as they pass by at speed. It’s amazing what you get out of the humble GMH 308 V8 when its attached only to a couple of rails, a seat and a wheel on each corner.

        A great day of nostalgia, head to head hard racing and awesome machines and people. I can thoroughly recommend this event to everyone for next year. The Sandown Circuit itself has a significant place in our history. It is believed that Sandown hosted the very first official car race in Australia in 1904. The area was initially established in 1888 as a horse racing track named Oakleigh Park. It changed name in 1892 to Sandown Park in honour of a similarly named equine track in England. Sandown was shut down in 1931 due to lack of government funding. It was re-opened in 1961 for motor racing, largely on the current circuit layout although the pits have since moved to the current location (at a cost of $600,000 in 1982 as part of the failed alterations for international endurance sports car events! – Ed) and the Dandenong Road esses have been re-aligned as well.

        To round out a great day, we surprisingly also collected an award for Best Car Club Display on Red Hill. Really this was recognition for Lawrence’s tireless work to get us organised and well presented in the first place, and for his very savvy placement of our site, bunting and tent. Well done, Lawrence.

        Jim Tucker  Member #26
        BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

      • 13 Nov 2018 11:05 AM | Anonymous
        2018 Garagistic E30 Racing Championship

        The 2018 season started off with high hopes, confidence and only 1 goal, to win the championship!

        For several years I've wanted to join my brother and my dad as winners of the series.  I've never had the funds to do a full season, but have always done reasonably well.

        The year started as planned, winning the first round at Winton and then taking out second at Wakefield Park.  From then on is where all the troubles started for me this year.  In April I injured my back at work and was unable to walk properly, I was told that I couldn't drive a car or race for 3 months at a minimum.  I lost all independence, which then led me to losing my job after nearly 5 years, but somehow with the help of my amazing family and friends, many doctors, physiotherapy and many appointments, I managed to only missed round 3 of the championship at Sandown.  Luckily in the championship we are able to drop one round, this was it for me.

        I finally got back in the car for the first time at a BMWDCM sprint day, only to get through 3 sessions before having to sit out the rest of the day from the pain.  This was 2 weeks before my return to racing at Phillip Island for round 4, it was a huge step and achievement of how far I had come since the injury.

        Round 4 was a massive struggle for me mentally and physically with the high loads and demands of racing, yet a big tick for moving forward and pursuing the goal which was still in the back of my mind!  In trying conditions all weekend I managed 2nd for the round which was a huge achievement and success!

        Round 5 was the big one, two 1 hour races at Winton, which included a driver change!  With a month between events the body had a bit of time to improve again and although not all thatflash mentally and physically, Brett Dickie (my co-driver) and I managed to again bring the car home in 2nd for both races.  After several minor issues throughout the weekend, we weren’t going to let anything stop us from putting the car on the podium again!

        The sixth and final round came around pretty quickly on Melbourne Cup long weekend, finishing up again at Phillip Island with 3 races, including a 1 hour single driver endurance race to end the year.

        We did the calculations and going into the weekend, all I had to do was finish fourth for the round and we would win the championship by 1 point.  Friday practice was a typical day at the Island with heaps of rain but still some sunshine.  Of course the sunshine only came out when we weren't on track but we managed to top the timesheets during the day and all was looking good.  Saturday came, and we qualified fourth, then finished fourth and second in the 2 sprint races with some great battles all race with Cam Hudson!  With the body struggling to cope, I was not looking forward to the final race of 1 hour Sunday morning.

        I ran the season on an extremely tight budget and with a 3-yr. old engine that had been blowing smoke and down on power.  We knew that the 1 hour race was going to push the engine but we gave it everything we had.  Sunday morning's race came and we pushed hard for 55 minutes, holding down 3rd spot until the engine lost power, rattled and lost oil pressure.  At this point I thought it was all over, I got on the radio to Dad and told him I didn't think I was going to finish.  Dad encouraged me to keep going, I just needed to finish, we only had 5 minutes to go.  "Just do what you can to get it across the line.  Go as slow as you need" – Dad's encouragement kept me going.  Somehow, I was 3/4s of a lap in front of the next few cars, so I limped the rattling car around for 2 laps hoping the engine would hold together to cross the line.  These were the 2 longest laps I’ve ever done at Phillip Island and were probably the hardest of the year.  Eventually on the last corner, my sister of all people, passed me and crossed the line just before I was able to, making the moment even sweeter.  I HAD JUST WON THE 2018 CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!  By a solitary point!!

        Limping into the pits with a car and engine in about the same condition as my body was all made worth it when I saw so many of my close friends and family there all clapping, crying, popping party poppers and all dressed in t-shirts dedicated to me!  A moment I will never forget for so many reasons!

        There are lots of people that deserved to be thanked, but no more than my dad, Graeme Bell, this man has not only taught, encouraged and inspired me for as long as I can remember but continuously worked tirelessly to make sure I am happy on and off the track.  To not only put my name on the championship trophy next to his and my brother, but to also do it in the same car he did it in 15 years ago was such an amazing achievement for me and a moment/year I’ll never forget.

        For the rest of the family Jo, Jess, Sean, Jenna, Mum and Peter, I thank you for the endless love and support to get me through each day.  I've been a big pain with my moods and having to rely on you all and you have all stuck by me and I couldn’t ask for a better family!

        So many others have supported, encouraged and helped me through not only this years tough time, but through several years of racing and my life in general.  Thank you Tania and Adrian Read, Stephen Mattingly, Brett Dickie, Joshie Williamson, Benny Grice, Jasmine Fraser, Michael Monshing, Anton Bergman, Alex Jory, Jesse Bryan, Cam Dawes, John Mina, Les Small and all the extended Bell Motorsport family!!  Without everyone I wouldn’t be able to get up everyday, continue to have the strength to get better and still enjoy driving a race car and doing everyone proud.

        There's so much more I could say and more people to thank but if your attention span is like mine at the moment, you will be sick of reading!

        For me, this year was a success on the track but by far the toughest I’ve had personally, there is still a long road ahead for not only to be able to race at my best again but to also get my life back on track as well and hopefully when next season starts, we can be as good as ever and come back for a crack at back to back!!

        Chris Bell |  Member #6 - 2018 Garagistic E30 Racing Champion
        BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

      • 9 Nov 2018 4:12 PM | Anonymous
        8 Fest and Annual Show & Shine | Melbourne Cup Day
        6 November 2018

        8 Fest 1, despite weather most suited toward Melbourne Cup goers, the first Australian 8 Fest had a great turnout.  We had Chris Halliday drive down from Brisbane while Drew Herbert also from Brisbane flew in and out within 24 hours.  In all we had 16 cars and thanks to all who displayed cars and made it possible.  Eric Holton, Personal collection Manager for Lindsay Fox, gave up his day to bring the bosses 23,000 klm 850 Csi which was one of just two six speed manual car at the event.  Clarence Tang also attended in his deep blue 840 manual.

        The event saw V8's and V12's in all states of repair, most finished and Road Registered, at least one on the Club Permit Scheme and Con's 98 Individual (on trade plates for the day) which is awaiting a start on body repairs.  Con bought this one at auction with the intention getting it back on road and is currently collecting parts for the rebuild.

        Judged Best 8 at the show was David O’Dwyer’s immaculate Calypso Red 840 which also took out People's Choice Award.  Well done after so many years of being pipped at the post by cars that have the advantage of high kilometres. Higher klms means extra points so that everyone has a chance.

        We also had a fantastic array of other BMW’s and were lucky to have the Stilwell Groups Z8, thank you to David Stilwell for bringing that down in on a slightly damp day.

        Other members brought their exotic none BMW cars and it really made for some amazing viewing.

        Standby for details of the 2019 8 Fest which will coincide with the 30th Anniversary of the release of the E31.

        Theo Hoffs  Member #23
        BMW Drivers Club Melbourne

      • 7 Nov 2018 4:12 PM | Anonymous

        The new BMW 8 Series Convertible.

        BMW is forging ahead with its model offensive in the luxury segment with the presentation of an open-top sports car which explores the highest reaches of dynamic flair, emotionality and exclusivity. The new BMW 8 Series Convertible blends ultra-sporty driving properties with distinctive design elegance and offers an extremely exclusive passport to hallmark BMW driving pleasure and a full-blooded open-top driving experience.

        • Premiere for the second model in the new BMW 8 Series luxury-class line-up: New BMW 8 Series Convertible combines dynamic flair and serene long-distance ability with a sumptuous open-top driving experience.
        • Open-air driving pleasure for four people. Classical soft-top roof with fully electric, extremely quiet operation, minimised weight and outstanding acoustic comfort. Roof opens and closes in 15 seconds at the touch of a button and when travelling at up to 50 km/h (31 mph). Soft-top in Black as standard or Anthracite Silver effect as an option.
        • Standalone interpretation of emotionally rich exterior styling based on the new, clear and precise BMW design language. Familiar BMW proportions and elegantly flowing lines stand out particularly clearly with the roof down. Compact, taut soft-top generates distinctive “deck” silhouette.
        • Wide, sporty rear-end design underlines the low-slung stance of the new BMW 8 Series Convertible.
        • Exterior and interior design work together harmoniously. Gently rising shoulderline; surrounds for the side windows and soft-top lid merge. Front and rear seats embraced in a flowing movement. Sophisticated design for soft-top compartment with subtle domes and surfacing that takes its cues from the instrument panel and door shoulders.
        • Market launch in March 2019 with two model variants: BMW M850i xDrive Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 10.0 – 9.9 l/100 km [28.3 – 28.5 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 229 – 225 g/km)* with 390 kW/530 hp V8 engine and BMW 840d xDrive Convertible (fuel consumption combined: 6.3 – 5.9 l/100 km [44.8 – 47.9 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 165 – 155 g/km)* with six-cylinder in-line diesel engine and 235 kW/320 hp. Both engine variants meet Euro 6d-TEMP exhaust standard. Power transfer by eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission and BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive.

        • Unadulterated sports car character thanks to unwavering focus on maximising performance capability, powertrain technology and chassis in the development of the body structure. Developed alongside BMW 8 Series Coupe, BMW M8 and BMW M8 GTE endurance racer. Low centre of gravity, even weight distribution, lightweight construction using aluminium, magnesium and carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP), aerodynamically optimised, almost lift-free body.
        • Extremely stiff body and chassis structure with Convertible-specific underbody bracing. Special occupant protection measures, including strengthened windscreen frame and rollover bars behind the rear seats that extend by pyrotechnic charge.
        • Adaptive M suspension, Integral Active Steering and mixed-size tyres as standard. M Sport differential (with electronically controlled differential lock) fitted as standard at the rear axle of the BMW M850i xDrive Convertible and available as an option for the BMW 840d xDrive Convertible. Active roll stabilisation optional for the BMW M850i xDrive Convertible.
        •  Driving Experience Control switch with ADAPTIVE mode. Clearly noticeable difference in car set-up between COMFORT and ECO Pro modes at one end of the spectrum and SPORT / SPORT+ modes at the other. Carefully judged adjustment of the powertrain and chassis systems enables clear focus on dynamic sharpness or sumptuous comfort.
        • Adaptive LED headlights and LED rear lights as standard. BMW Laserlight with Selective Beam and high beam range increased to 600 metres available as an option.
        • M Sport package for the BMW 840d xDrive Convertible with specific design and equipment features: front apron with extra-large air intakes, distinctive side skirt and rear apron design, 19-inch M light-alloy wheels, M Sport braking system, multifunction seats, M leather steering wheel and illuminated door sills with M logo. BMW M850i xDrive Convertible also has a front spoiler extension, 20-inch M light-alloy wheels and high- performance tyres, specific M Sport braking system, exclusive exterior elements in Cerium Grey, interior trim strips in stainless steel mesh design and illuminated door sills with model badge. M Technic Sport Package available for the BMW 840d xDrive Convertible.

        • Further individualisation options provided by Chrome Line Exterior, M Carbon exterior package with air intake slats, exterior mirror covers and exhaust tailpipe embellisher in CFRP, plus BMW Individual features.

          • Convertible-specific equipment features designed to enhance comfort: Pop-up wind deflector in the rear fitted as standard, neck warmers integrated into the front head restraints are optional. Leather appointments with Sun Reflective Technology.
          • Low, sports-car seating position. Electrically adjustable sports seats with memory function and Vernasca leather trim as standard in the BMW 840d xDrive Convertible. BMW M850i xDrive Convertible fitted as standard with multifunction seats and Merino leather trim with extended features. Longitudinally oriented lines and surfacing, driver-oriented cockpit and clearly structured arrangement of controls sharpen the focus on the dynamically engaging driving experience. High-quality materials, stylish interior illumination courtesy of Ambient light feature. Instrument panel and door shoulders with fulled leather trim as standard.
          • Four seats, through-loading function with 50 : 50 split/folding rear seat backrest. Boot capacity: 350 litres. Automatic boot lid operation and Comfort Access including hands-free opening and closing of the boot lid as standard.
          • High-class options designed for modern luxury: telephony with wireless charging, BMW Display Key, Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, Heat Comfort package, active seat ventilation, Automatic Soft Close function for the doors, glass applications for selected controls.
          • Extensive range of driver assistance systems. Fitted as standard: High Beam Assistant, Driving Assistant including Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning system with City Braking function, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning systems, Speed Limit Info, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Collision warning, and Parking Assistant including Reversing Assistant. Optional: Active Cruise Control system with Stop & Go function, Driving Assistant Professional including Steering and lane control assistant, Lane Keeping Assistant with active side collision protection, evasion aid, distance information, Cross Traffic Alert, Priority warning and Wrong-way warning systems, as well as Parking Assistant Plus with Surround View, Top View, Panorama View and Remote 3D View.
          • Latest Generation of the BMW Head-Up Display and BMW Live Cockpit Professional including navigation system, fully digital instrument cluster and 10.25-inch Control Display (with identical modern graphics) as standard. New BMW Operating System 7.0 enables extremely fast access to settings and functions, customisable displays and multimodal operation via touchscreen display, iDrive Controller, steering wheel buttons and voice control.
          • BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: Digital co-driver and vehicle expert is controlled by natural voice commands. Integration of Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business. BMW Digital Key enables car access and engine start-up via smartphone. Remote Software Upgrades allow updating of vehicle functions over the air.

          BMW PRESS CLUB

        • 1 Nov 2018 11:00 AM | Anonymous

             MONTH IN REVIEW 

          With the cold weather slowly becoming a memory, we had a whole lot of fun in October!  

          We kicked the month off with our October Members Meeting at Essendon BMW where we were welcomed to check out the new dealership.  Unfortunately the miserable weather didn't make for a great night to be out and about but the team at Essendon gave us a fantastic night.  Read more about the night here.

          In mid-October we then spent our weekend at Motorclassica with a number of members cars on display.  We were lucky to also have an i3 from BMW GA and an M4 Competition from Hawthorn BMW.  Read more about our weekend here and here

          We then held our first Oktoberfest with Hawthorn BMW on a beautiful Friday night.  We also got to take a look at Walter's M5 Competition and Ange's M4 Competition which sat proudly outside.  Read more about the evening here.

          While we were at Hawthorn BMW we also announced our acceptance into the BMW Corporate Program, with our preferred dealer being Hawthorn BMW.  Members - you can login and find our more information about this program here.


          Welcome to all our new members, we can't wait to welcome you in person at the next event!

          For more about our month, catch up with our October update from Graeme Bell here.

            THE MONTH AHEAD 

          Christmas is rapidly approaching and our schedules are getting busier, but there's still plenty of time to squeeze in a quick catch up at one of our events in November:
          • Tuesday, 6 November
            8 Fest at Steeples, Mornington (Cup Day)
            This is not just for the 8 Series Register but an open Show N Shine day for all members whether you have a BMW or not.   Followed by lunch, some fun and games and watch the great race on the big screen.
            Although we will be having a feature display of the spectacular 8 Series cars, we would like you to come along and bring your beauty.  We are looking for special cars in the club to come out be shown off regardless of condition.
            You can even choose to join us after for Lunch, Cup Sweeps and some fun in Steeple’s Restaurant. 

          • Saturday, 10 November 
            Sandown Historics - Saturday Only
            Enjoy discounted entry into the wonderful world of historic motor racing featuring the glorious JPS Team BMW cars and other Group A and Group C cars from the 1980s.
            Parking will be on the grass mounds (called Red Hill) in one of the best vantage spots at the track.  You can watch the racing from the comfort of your own car if you wish.

          • Sunday, 11 November 
            Sandown Historics - Saturday Only
            Enjoy discounted entry into the wonderful world of historic motor racing featuring the glorious JPS Team BMW cars and other Group A and Group C cars from the 1980s.
            Parking will be on the grass mounds (called Red Hill) in one of the best vantage spots at the track.  You can watch the racing from the comfort of your own car if you wish.

          • Tuesday, 13 November 
            November Members Meeting at Shannons Insurance
            Members only event - members are invited to join us for a night you won't want to miss!  Click the event link above to login and see what it's all about.

          • Saturday, 24 November 
            Geelong Revival Display - Saturday Only
            BMW Drivers Club Melbourne has secured a prominent display area between two of the most prominent waterfront landmark; the carousel and the pier.  With plenty of foot traffic and cafes across the street this is the best parking area in town for the Revival.
            Be sure to come and show off your car - any BMW any age as long as its clean - and watch the sprints and other displays and activities.

          • Sunday, 25 November 
            Drivers' Championship: Round 3
            Winton Motor Raceway

          • Friday, 30 November - Sunday 2 December
          • High Country Drive
          • This is a 3-club drive, jointly organised by BMW Drivers Club NSW and BMW Drivers Club Melbourne, with BMW Car Club Canberra.  WE'll meet in Albury Friday night and spend the weekend in the High Country, heading in separate directions on Sunday afternoon.  Click the event link above to see what we'll get up to.

            EVENTS NOT TO MISS! 

          Keep an eye on our calendar for events coming up, we’re always adding something new.  

          Click on any of the following events for more information.
          • 9 Dec Drivers' Championship round 4
            Phillip Island
            (entries not yet available)
          • 20 Jan Eastlink Great Australian Rally
            The Great Australian Rally has returned for 2019. The rally is designed to promote the pleasures of historic motoring and providing much needed funds to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation for cancer research. Enjoy the display of vehicles and Cruden Farm historic gardens. Bring your lunch or purchase from the catering trucks and enjoy a picnic lunch on the manicured lawns whilst listening to the Royal Australian Navy Band emanating from the sound shell.

          • 31 Jan - 4 Feb Bathurst 12 Hour
            This is an all-inclusive package, with 4 nights’ accommodation, entry to the event, entry to the Museum, Dinner on Friday night with celebrities/Racing drivers, entry into the exclusive Bathurst Club on top of the Pits (overlooking the start/finish and main straight) with all you can eat and drink, incl beer and wine, merchandise, official program, etc. Price is $1,750 per person (twin share) and we have very limited spots left for this, let us know as soon as possible if you want to come!

            NEWS | BLOG 

          Our News | Blog page on the website is constantly being updated with not just club news, but everything BMW!  We welcome you to submit any articles of your own!

          Recent posts:

            SPECIAL OFFER!

          Minichamps are releasing a limited edition model of the Laser Racing BMW SRM GT3 M6 and you can order it here with us first!

          These models are very limited, with only 400 being made so make sure you get in quick.

          To order yours head to our Online Store today!  

            BMW Clubs Australia Nationals

          Every 2 years the BMW Clubs from all over Australia come together at the BMW Clubs Australia Nationals.

          It is a chance for Club Members from all the clubs to meet and share their love of their BMW’s with other people from all over the country.

          The BMWCA Nationals is held in a different location each time, with the last one held in Brisbane in 2017.

          In 2019 the Nationals is being held in Melbourne and hosted by BMWCCV.

          As BMWDCM is a member of Clubs Australia, we are invited to attend any of the events our members wish to enter.  Find more information here.

            BMW Classic Newsletter

          The official BMW Clubs around the world are supported by BMW through its BMW Clubs and Community Management section of BMW Classic.  They produce a fantastic newsletter which you may be interested in reading.  Click here to subscribe now.


          We now have a Member Services page on our website for members to share their business with other members.  We are all about supporting those who support us, so if you would like your business listed, email us with your details and we'll add you to the list!
          * NB: this page is exclusive to members, you must be logged in to view this page. 

          As always, thanks for reading.  We look forward to seeing you at some events this month!  If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch.

          President | Graeme Bell 0407 186 296
          Vice President | 
          Jo Mawson 0412 661 900
          Secretary | 
          Lawrence Glynn 0414 563 290 
          Treasurer |
          Shaaron Glynn

          BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc.

        • 31 Oct 2018 7:00 PM | Anonymous


          Dear Members,

          Wow! Only 6 months down and what an epic achievement, we've now got over 250 members!  So very proud of what we have achieved in such a short time.  Personally, I am very humbled with how many have come on board to support our little club, the passion people share for the Marque and the way you all come to support our events, it is just amazing!

          Looking at October, we have had some outstanding events:

          • Members Meeting at Essendon BMW - checking out the new dealership, huge and very modern, thank you to Essendon BMW for welcoming us with food and drinks and the door prize.
          • Motorclassica display - we had an excellent display at this world class exhibition.
          • Oktoberfest at Hawthorn BMW – we had a whole lot of fun on a Friday evening at Hawthorn BMW.  Thank you to Hawthorn BMW for hosting us, for the food and giveaways and for the support with our announcement about the BMW Corporate program.

          We had an amazing selection of cars in a prime location at Motorclassica this year and our display was fantastic, with each car displaying information cards with very interesting details of the history of that particular vehicle, and BMW in general.  Great work Lawrence!  We were also lucky to have an i3 from BMW GA and an M4 Competition from Hawthorn BMW included in our display - a very big thank you goes out to them both.

          Our big news for October was being accepted into the BMW Corporate program, which gives our members special deals when purchasing a new vehicle.  Better still, Hawthorn BMW have upped the offer from 3 years/60,000 km servicing, to 5 years/80,000 servicing on all vehicles purchase from them under the BMW Corporate program.  Anyone wanting to purchase a new BMW call Hawthorn BMW and ask for Riley Aickin.

          We are organising a club trip to the Bathurst 12 Hour, to support our #100 member, Steve Richards and the other BMWs again, from 31 January to 4 February.  This is an all-inclusive package, with 4 nights’ accommodation, entry to the event, entry to the museum, dinner on Friday night with celebrities/racing drivers, entry into the exclusive Bathurst Club on top of the pits (overlooking the start/finish and main straight) with all you can eat and drink, incl beer and wine, merchandise, official program, etc.  Price is $1,750 per person (twin share) and we have very limited spots left for this, if you want to come with us we need to know now, today!  Call or email for details as we have held this open for this newsletter and need to confirm our numbers.

          We will be doing a special edition shirt for the 2019 Bathurst 12 Hour, so if you want one of them we will be ordering them soon too.  Feel free to give Jo or I a call to order one! Our other merchandise is up on the website now too, so check that out and either buy online or come to an event and get some!

          Watch out for some more exciting news coming up in the new year, we are working on a few new things for 2019, so very excited about the year to come!

          Graeme Bell | President
          BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc.

          P.O. Box 81, TYABB, VICTORIA. 3913
          Incorporated in Victoria #A0102695G
          BMW Drivers Club Melbourne Inc is a member of:
          BMW Clubs Australia and the BMW Clubs International Council
          CAMS Affiliated Motorsport Club

        • 28 Oct 2018 12:03 PM | Anonymous

          50 years of BMW Turbo Power in motorsport: Roll-out of the BMW M4 DTM with two-litre turbo engine adds a new chapter and heralds a new era.

          Focus firmly on the 2019 DTM season: The BMW M4 DTM, modified to comply with Class 1 regulations and powered by the newly-developed BMW two-litre turbo engine, made its first appearance at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. With BMW works driver Bruno Spengler (CAN) at the wheel, the car completed its first kilometres with BMW Turbo Power.

          The turbo engine is a key component of the new Class 1 regulations, which come into force in the 2019 DTM season. The previous V8 engines are being replaced by efficient and significantly more powerful four-cylinder turbo engines with two-litre capacity. All the modifications required to fit the new engine, in accordance with Class 1 regulations, have already been made on the BMW M4 DTM. These include alterations to the air inlets and outlets, as well as the intake and exhaust system. Further evolutionary phases, based on the new regulations, will be implemented before the new car is homologated. 

          “BMW Turbo Power has enjoyed success in motor racing for almost 50 years. In the first year with a BMW turbo engine, back in 1969, Dieter Quester was immediately crowned European touring car champion with the BMW 2002 TI. In 1973, the BMW 2002 turbo became the first German production automobile to feature a turbocharger. We are now adding a new chapter to this story in the DTM,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “Our first few kilometres of the Class 1 era went very positively. We are happy with all the functional tests. The new turbo sounds awesome. However, its most impressive attribute is its efficiency – despite being considerably more powerful than its predecessor.”

          “After my first kilometres with the new DTM engine, I can hardly wait for next season,” said Spengler. “I can just imagine how much fun it will be to take to the track with so much BMW Turbo Power. You can feel the extra horsepower. We will put on even more of a show for the fans in 2019. The amount of time at full-throttle is reduced – but the top speed is higher than before. We will have to work even harder at the wheel.”

          The first ITR test in preparation for the 2019 season is scheduled to take place from 11th to 14th November 2018 at Estoril (POR).

          BMW PRESS CLUB

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